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Green Lake Com objeto digital
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Three lakes

View of three lakes from the mountains. Inscription on verso : ""from Top of mtn showing 3 lakes" from Top - Green, Alpha (Alta), and Nita." [the "ph" in Alpha is marked over with a heavy "t"]

Alex in a dugout canoe

Alex Philip with a paddle in a dugout canoe on Green Lake (2 copies). Copy 1 : inscription on verso : "Alex Philip on Green Lake on dugout canoe / 1911 or 1912" Copy 2 : inscription on verso : "Canoe on Green Lake. 1913."


View of Parkhurst Mill across Green Lake with mountains in background. Inscription on face : "Compliments of Northern Mills, Ltd." Inscription on verso : "Parkhurst"

Gorrie's cabin

Gorrie's cabin on Green Lake. Three people sitting at top of ramp. Inscription on verso : "Gorries chalet / Green Lake / Picnic ride"

Jack on horseback

Jack Baker on horseback at Green Lake. Mountains in background; boat tied to shore at left of photo. Inscription on verso : "Green Lake / Jack Baker."

Green Lake general store

Photograph of a group of people standing outside the Green Lake store owned by James C. Rougier. The woman second from the right is undoubtably Myrtle Philip. The identity of the others is disputed. See General note, below, for details.

Aerial photograph of Green Lake

  • PHILIP-3-1986-0095
  • Item
  • 15 Jun. 1958
  • Parte de Philip Fonds

BC Government air photograph of Green Lake. Narrow Angle 20 chains = 1 inch (approx.). Reference number: BC 2429: 25.

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