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Week of February 18, 1982

Photographs including but not limited to cars; snowblowing; fire; firemen; Mercedes band playing; cross-country skiing; buses; Whistler Founder's Dinner
Appears in February 25, 1982 issue:
02-221-88. Pg. 14. Caption: Residence on Tyrol Crescent in Alta Vista stands as mute testimony to heavy snowfall.
Appears in February 18, 1982 issue:
02-221-19. Pg. 1. Caption: It was nearly one month to the day since fire raged through the Whistler Village Inn, when Whistler's Volunteer Fire Depart. was called out to a blazing cabin in Alpine Meadows.
02-221-58. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom] Ken Farquharson of Sigma Consultants (far left) discusses details of the proposed Hydro line with Lyle Fetherstonbaugh.
02-221-82. Pg. 11. Caption: Testimony to the durability of the Toro snowblower. One wheel points to the sky but the machine is still in one piece after being struck and dragged 200 meters by a BCR train.
02-221-44. Pg. 14. Caption: Kermit Joins the happy gang at Stoney's who celebrated their first birthday Monday, Feb. 15. Ball team members are (l to r) Bruce Fox, manager; Jack Cram and Lance Fletcher who co-own the restaurant with Dick Gibbons; and Fetah Benali, chef.
02-221-50. Pg. 15. Caption: Doucette & Co. It was Jerry Doucette (right) all the way at the Mountain House Monday, Feb. 15 -- and the crowd knew it. Doucette rocked until the morning hours after a couple of hot sets from Mercedes.
02-221-87. Pg. 16. Caption: With the reddest of heart and fleetest of foot, a be-winged Cindy Woods turned into cupid for a day (guess which one) to deliver flowers throughout the valley for Valley Vines & Petals.
02-221-72. Pg. 18. Caption: [top left] Don Murray, Assistant to the General Manager, Whistler Mountain Ski Corporation, Pemberton Resident.
02-221-69. Pg. 18. Caption: [top middle] Debbie Cook, Adult Ed Coordinator, West Side Resident.
02-221-67. Pg. 18. Caption: [top right] Hugh Smythe, President of Blackcomb Skiing Enterprises, White Gold Resident.
02-221-65. Pg. 18. Caption: [bottom left] Paul Mathews, Ecosign Planners, Westside Resident.
02-221-74. Pg. 18. Caption: [bottom middle] Ross Smith, Manager of L'Apres, Gondola Area Resident.
02-221-63. Pg. 18. Caption: [bottom right] Bob Colebrook, writer, Alta Vista Resident.
02-221-23. Pg. 19. Caption: [left] Fire in Alpine!, The fire fighters subdued the blaze at 8340 Needles Drive in about 35 minutes.
02-221-9. Pg. 19. Caption: [right] Whistler's volunteer fire department was on the scene within minutes of receiving the call. They received a hot greeting (above right).
02-221-7. Pg. 20. Caption: [Sno Blo Advertisement]
02-221-91. Pg. 21. Caption: Spring comes early to Whistler Village. This large puddle appeared this week north of the Clock Tower.
02-221-84. Pg. 22. Caption: [bottom] Dr. Hugh Upjohn -- one of the partners in the Whistler Veterinary Clinic.
02-221-79. Pg. 23. Caption: All bagged up and ready to go -- Sue Spurrell, Dave Barnes, and Leslie Christmas, all from Newfoundland, try out the X-country skiing at Whistler Village wearing Blackcomb bags for protection.
02-221-101. Pg. 24. Caption: Bus depot? Nope -- Lake Placid Road on a typical Sunday afternoon. Crowds, busses and the usual on-slaught of skier traffic add up to a three-ring circus every weekend at 4:00 p.m.
02-221-41. Pg. 26. Caption: Maureen Reid of Mercedes always comes across as a hot crowd-pleaser and one listen to her gutsy Joplin-like voice will tell you why. Together with Dan Basrett (right), Greg Reid and Trevor Davies (not shown) she cranks out another adrenalin-loaded number.
02-221-58. [From left to right: Pauline Wiebe and Glenda Bartosh]

Week of March 1, 1984 [2]

Photographs including but not limited to accordion player; bar; drinking; flowers; drinks; Black Forest Restaurant grand opening; McConkey's Cup
Appears in March 1, 1984 issue:
02-366-12. Pg. 1. Caption: Ernest G. Rilling, accordion players, kept everyone tapping to the Bavarian beat last Thursday in the Black Forest Restaurant's grand opening. Whistle rites crowded Herbert Niemann's new location in Whistler Village's Crystal Lodge and enjoyed champagne and hors d'oeuvres.
02-366-68. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom] The unsafe safe.
02-366-75. Pg. 9. Caption: Live entertainment continues at Mountain House Cabaret with Juan Trak through until Sunday evening.
02-366-63. Pg. 12. Caption: Jean Louis Arsenault takes off for some air time at Tod Mountain.
02-366-37. Pg. 17. Caption: Potter Ron Tribe, recently returned from Italy, is displaying some of his work at Inge's until March 15. His latest work, above, was completed last week and uses some fresh new techniques. The two part piece actually has a tin metal skin and a texture Tribe describes as "inviting to the touch". The North Vancouver artist has avowed a modernist and marine-influenced style.

Week of February 16, 1984

Photographs including but not limited to portraits; tennis; drinking and eating at a restaurant; dancing with balloons; Sparkling Apple band playing; grooming the ski hills; apartment buildings; lodge; Pyjama Party at the Brass Rail; Miss Ski Japan
Appears in February 16, 1984 issue:
02-368-2. Pg. 1. Caption: Myrtle Philip School students, fortunate enough to have a tennis bubble right next door, began receiving tennis lessons Monday. Former international tennis coach Lex Vinson, left, leads the program which allows each student two three-quarter hour group lessons a week during school hours. Whistler Tennis International supplies the lessons free, and hopes to continue with them until summer break.
02-368-23. Pg. 3. Caption: [top] Thirty years together is a long time for two people, and on Monday Whistler Alderman Bernie Hauschka and his wife Donna celebrated their 30th year of marriage with dinner at the Sundial. Why did the couple marry on Feb. 13, the day before Valentine's Day? The 14th was a Sunday in 1954.
02-368-108. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom] For $1 million you too could become a partner in Delta Mountain Inn's phase 2. Peter Gregory, Delta Mountain Inn developer, says that the site is not for sale -- he's just looking for an investor. About 100,000 square feet of hotel space is planned for the property located in-between Mountain Square and Phase 1 of the Delta.
02-368-99. Pg. 8. Caption: [left] Douglas Irvine, Gas Station Attendant, Brio.
02-368-25. Pg. 8. Caption: [middle] Dick Francisco, Union Carpenter, Fairbanks, Alaska.
02-368-102. Pg. 8. Caption: [right] Hall Hunter, Businessman, Alpine Meadows.
02-368-51. Pg. 9. Caption: Sparkling Apple was rocking the Mountain House Monday night. They are continuing there this week as Mountain House continues with its live entertainment.
02-368-36. Pg. 13. Caption: Despite the sleeping gear Monday's Pyjama Party at the Brass Rail was no yawner -- except for Lori Glover (Centre), who took a quick nap. But Laurie Young and Stew Muir managed to stay awake through the whole affair, which featured not only balloons and pjs, but a draw for two-night stay at the Granville Island Hotel in Vancouver. Jeff Kisschuk of Winnipeg was the lucky winner.