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Whistler Peak
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Photographs of groups of people hiking up and skiing down mountains with fresh powder, alpenglow on areas of Blackcomb Mountain, Big Red Express and Franz's Chair with Peak Chair and Whistler Peak in the background, the moon over mountain peaks, sunset over the Coast Range, and Roundhouse Lodge on Whistler Mountain with Green Lake and Whistler Valley in the background.

004: "Alpenglow Diseased Ridge Blackcomb"
005: "Alpenglow on Blackcomb Mtn Whistler"
006: "The Peak Whistler Mtn"
008: "Winter/Whistler Sunset over Coastal [sic] Range British Columbia, Canada"
009: "Coast Range Whistler Area"
010: "The Peak Whistler, B.C."
011: "Roundhouse Lodge Whistler Mtn"


Photographs of Joe Lammers skiing Whistler Peak and Cake Hole, Olivier Roy snowboarding Blackcomb Mountain, Greg Daniels snowboarding Whistler Mountain and 7th Heaven on Blackcomb Mountain, John Kindree skiing Sun Bowl, a snow-covered building in Rainbow Park [Rainbow Lodge?], Dave Gauley skiing Blackcomb Peak, Tim Rickli skiing Whistler Peak, Flute Shoulder in Symphony Bowl, Glacier Creek Lodge with skiers and Jersey Cream Chair in the foreground, a sunrise or sunset over a mountain, a skier in mid-air, and Clocktower Building in Whistler Village under snow.

001: "Whistler Cique [sic] cliffs Whistler Peak Skier:Joe Lammers"
002, 013: "Whistler, B.C. Peak. Skier:Joe Lammers"
003: "Rider: Oliver Roy Blackcomb B.C."
004: "Snowboarding Whistler Rider:Greg Daniells"
005: "Whistler, B.C. Rider:Greg "Cheezeball" Daniells"
008, 010: "Sun Bowl Whistler Mt. Skier: John Kindree"
009: "Rainbow Park Whistler, B.C."
011: "Blackcomb Peak Skier:Dave Gauley
012: "Whistler-Winter The Cake-hole Whistler Skier:Joe Lammers"
014: "Whistler, B.C. Peak. Skier:Tim Rickli"
015: "Winter/Blackcomb/Ski Blackcomb Mtn. 7th Heaven Snowboard: Greg Daniels [sic]"
016: "Flute Shoulder Symphony Bowl Whistler Mt."
017: "Glacier Creek Rest. Blackcomb"
018: "Clearing Storm Whistler Mt."


Photographs of freestyle skiing on Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain, the inukshuk on Whistler Peak, Birkenhead Peak, and views of locations on Whistler Mountain. Skiers include: Joe Lammers, Hugo Harrison, Kevin Langlois, Chad Hendren, Cara Dollan, and Dan Treadway.

Blackcomb Whistler Higher Ground Booklet

Promotional booklet advertising upcoming developments on Whistler Mountain, made possible by the investment of $24 million in the resort by Intrawest. These include a new high-speed detachable quad chairlift for the peak, improved alpine trails, the reintroduction of Franz's Chair, the complete renovation of the Roundhouse Lodge, and the redevelopment of Creekside base. The pamphlet includes modern photographs of the peak, archival photographs (Myrtle and Alex Philip and others on Whistler Mountain; Alan White, Nancy Greene, Roy Ferris, and Toni Sailer; and Rob Boyd) and concept art for the new Creekside.


Photograph of a group of skiers having a picnic near Whistler Peak.

"Picnic on Peak at Whistler"


Photographs of people skiing on Whistler and Blackcomb Mountain (skiers include: Stephanie Sloan, Herb Bleuer, Dean Stone, Brad Vancour, Scott Nicholson, and John Everson), areas on the mountains include: Whistler back bowls, Decker Glacier, Whistler Peak, Burnt Stew Basin, 7th Heaven, and Saudan Couloir. Also includes photographs of a group of skiers on Whistler Mountain with Black Tusk in the background, an aerial view of Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains with Whistler Village and Whistler Valley below, and two people riding a 2-person chairlift.

006: "Winter/Whistler/Ski Whistler Back Bowls Skier: Stephanie Sloan"
011: "Winter/Whistler/Ski Powder on Peak Skier:"
014: "Winter/Whistler/Ski Back Bowls-Burnt Stew Basin Skier: Dean Stone"
019: "Winter- Whistler- Ski Saudan Couloir- Blackcomb Skier: John Everson"
020: "Winter/Whistler/Ski Powder Skiing, Blackcomb SKIER: DEAN STONE"


Photographs of various skiers on Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains including the areas: Harmony Ridge, Flute Peak, Whistler Peak, Ziggy's Bowl, Blackcomb Glacier, and Roundhouse Lodge (skiers Duncan McKenzie, Richie Schley, Joe Lammers, and snowboarder Oliver Roy), a view of Harmony Express Chair near Harmony Ridge, Whistler Village near St. Andrews House with a view of the Whistler Visitor Centre, skiers making ski tracks in fresh powder, a snow sculpture of the an Inukshuk, a cross-country skier near [Green Lake?], fresh snow in Whistler Village near Clocktower Building, and Crystal Lodge.

001, 004-005: "Harmony Ridge Whistler Mountain, BC Canada Skier- Duncan McKenzie"
007: "Flute Peak with Blackcomb Ski [R?] Skier : Ritchie Schley Whistler Mtn, BC Canada"
008: "The Peak Whistler Mtn, BC Canada Snowboarder: Oliver Roy"
009: "The Peak Whistler Mountain, BC Canada Skier- Duncan McKenzie"
010: "Ziggy's Bowl Blackcomb Mountain B.C. Canada Skier:Ritchie Schley"
012: "The Peak Whistler Mountain B.C. Canada Skier: Joe Lammers"
013: "Winter/Whistler Fresh Powder on Whistler Peak"
015: "X-C Skiing Whistler B.C."
016: "Fresh snow Whistler Village B.C. Canada"
017: "Blackcomb Glacier"
018, 019: "Roundhouse Lodge Whistler Mtn"
020: "Whistler Mt viewed from Blackcomb"


Photographs of people skiing and ski racing, a group of people having a picnic at Whistler Peak, and people riding a 3-person chairlift.


Photographs of the inukshuk on Whistler Peak, skiers in the Roundhouse area with Whistler Peak in the background, freestyle snowboarding on Whistler Mountain, and Whistler Village at dusk under snow.

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