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Week of November 22, 1984

Photographs including but not limited to the Beauvallon Club; winter traffic; fashion show; band playing; darts; group photo; drinking at the pub; portraits; chairlift; downhill skiing; family photo; evening event at bar; Whistler Winterhawks Benefit; Whistler Valley Housing Society Project
Appears in November 22, 1984 issue:
02-389-69. Pg. 1. Caption: [bottom] Bill Herdman of North Vancouver takes major airtime on Blackcomb Saturday, just off Catskinner. There was some new snow over the weekend and skiers responded by hitting the slopes in favorable numbers -- Whistler and Blackcomb report that in the first 10 days of skiing, more than 27,000 skier-days were recorded. Both lift companies are this winter offering a number of special programs, including lessons, orientation days for destination tourists, and speciality clinics for already accomplished skiers. Blackcomb is still offering a special discount rate on season's passes for valley employees. Conditions to qualify for the $340 pass ($100 off) are that the employee works for a member of the Whistler Resort Association and Chamber of Commerce, and works a minimum of 20 hours a week.
02-389-46. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom] Seppo Making won a prize at Friday's Whistler WInterhawks Benefit at Dusty's but decided to let organizers draw another name for ski lessons on Whistler. That's the spirit Seppo.
02-389-13. Pg. 7. Caption: Five models -- four women and a man -- modelled 30 new outfits at a fashion show at the Sundial Friday night. The models came from Blanche MacDonald modelling agency in Vancouver, and according to owner Sharon Donair, they were the best available, one of them recently returned from Japan, another from Milan and others destined for great success in the modelling world.
02-389-87. Pg. 8. Caption: Nello and Jenny Busdon, as well as their two children, Nicholas and Melanie, bid farewell to Whistler Nov. 30 when the family moves down to Sun Valley in Idaho. After 17 years in Whistler, where the couple saw the community develop from 100 residents to more than 1,800 r, the couple caught the travelling bug after seeing many of their friends in Whistler move to other areas. A special roast in honour of Nello and Jenny's involvement in the community was held Wednesday evening in The Black Forest. Details of the roast, which saw 150 turn out to recall the couple's involvement in Whistler, will be in next week's paper.
02-389-42. Pg .11. Caption: The Whistler Winterhawks raised more than $1,800 at an overwhelmingly successful fundraiser Friday in Dusty's. One hundred and fifty team supporters turned out for the event and danced to the music of The Questionnaires. Nearly one quarter of the supporters also wen home with prizes ranging from a Whistler Mountain season's pass and ski lessons to computer courses and hats. Werner Defilla, Whistler food services manager, and Margi McGraw, valley food service manager, also helped organize the most successful fundraiser in the history of the squad.
02-389-29. Pg. 12. Caption: Whistler Springs won't open until 1985 after below freezing temperatures and heavy snow caused construction workers to halt pouring concrete for the facilities outdoor soaking pools.
02-389-62. Pg. 13. Caption: During the first 10 days of ski season, Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains combined for a total of 27,311 skier days. Meanwhile, the Whistler Association reports room bookings for December, January and February which are already ahead of last year's actual. December is 56 per cent booked, January 60 per cent and 72 per cent of the rooms are already spoken for in February.
02-389-55. Pg. 16. Caption: W.P. Kinsella.

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Slide film of Orange Chair, Roundhouse, L'Apres dining room, parking lot at Creekside, Midstation, avalanche control, George Benjamin with his canoe, the River of Golden Dreams, Wedge Mountain, Ski Patrol making explosives and cornice blasting, Whistler Peak, avalanche blasting, windsurfing on Alta Lake, and aerial photographs of the Whistler area.

Week of May 24, 1984

Photographs including but not limited to Great Earth Snow Water Race; portraits; speeches; chairlift; singing and dancing in costume; construction; children presenting school projects; band playing in Whistler Village; baseball; houses; Extraordinary Clown Band; Whistler Mountain's Media Appreciation Day
Appears in May 24, 1984 issue:
02-404-I-20. Pg. 1. Caption: [top] The long weekend was highlighted by dozens of events including a gruelling mountain bike race Monday (Top)
02-404-I-11. Pg. 1. Caption: [bottom left] Three days of serenading by a group of wondering minstrels, The Extraordinary Clown Band (above left)
02-404-F-23. Pg. 1. Caption: [bottom right] and the existing, ninth annual Great Snow, Earth, Water Race (above right). Although the weather was great Sunday and Monday, Saturday was a damp one and its actually snowed on Tuesday.
02-404-B-10. Pg. 3. Caption: Team X (above) won the Great Snow, Earth, Water Race for the second year in a row Sunday. Left to right are Brent Muddy, Matt White, Cindy Hamilton, Lee Vogel and in front is Lynda Hicks. The five are from Vancouver, but close on their heels were a number of local teams that made equally outstanding showings in the four-event (skiing/running/cycling, canoeing, running) are that attracted 170 five person-teams. Team X plans to defend its title next year, so expect to see people practicing all years long'!
02-404-B-14. Pg. 6. Caption: [left] Jack Roberston, Recuperating bartender, Whistler Cay.
02-404-B-16. Pg. 6. Caption: [middle] Jean-Jacques Aaron, Nightclub owner, Whistler Village.
02-404-B-17. Pg. 6 . Caption: [right] Larry Broadway, Mechanical Contractor, White Gold.
02-404-G-20. Pg. 6. Caption: [bottom] How do different colors absorb heat? and What does a barometre measure? were some of the questions students from Myrtle Philip School had to answer in the third annual Science Fair Wednesday, May 16 in the school. All children, including kindergarten students took part in the fair which was designed to give students a chance to use research skills, art talent and writing and speaking abilities together on one area of science in which they show interest. First place winners for each gard include:Grade Seven, "Lasers" by Lisa Morten and Karen Wylie; Grade Six, "Colors and Heat Absorption" by Michelle Rennie and Andrea Wuolle; Grade Five, "Weather Reporting" by Stephanie Fosty,; Grade Four, "Guinea Pigs" by Jennifer Croghan and Melanie Busdo; Grade Three, "Eclipses" by Madeline Domries; Grade Two: "Volcanoes" by Briton Liakakos; Grade One, "Monkeys" by Justine Adams, Davey Blaylock, Marco Feller, Casey Greenwood, Aaron Gross, Cory Gudmundson, Yosuke Hamazaki, Jake Humphrey, Mark Jennings and Heather Paul and "Pulleys" by Christopher Systad; Kindergarten, "The Seashore" by James Balfour, Armen Evrensel, Sarah Fennell, Noah Fordham, Christopher Forrest, Moriah Johnston and Tyler Manson.
02-404-D-25. Pg. 13. Caption: [top left advertisement] We've go your number ... and a lot of other winning shots, too!
02-404-D-21. Pg. 13. Caption: [top middle advertisement] Stop by the Whistler Question Office to see if we've put you in the picture.
02-404-D-29. Pg. 13. Caption: [top right advertisement] See captions above Whistler Question
02-404-D-28. Pg. 13. Caption: [bottom left advertisement] See Captions above Whistler Question
02-404-E-3. PG. 13. Caption: [bottom middle advertisement] See Captions above Whistler Question
02-404-B-6. Pg. 13. Caption: [bottom right advertisement] See Captions above Whistler Question

Week of August 23, 1984

Photographs including but not limited to running race; car accident; weightlifting in Whistler Village; tug of war; portraits; City Hall; roof; construction; Dave Murray Summer Camps; Alpine; summertime on Whistler Mountain; Lorne Borgal; Rodger McCarthy; skiing; Groundbreaking ceremony Pika's Rest; Mr. Mountain competition; Battle of the Travel Stars;
Appears in August 23, 1984 issue:
02-420-B-24. Pg. 1. Caption: [right] Seven athletes competed over the weekend for the Mr. Mountain title, which was eventually won by defending champ Ken Hardy. Events included golfing, kayaking, cycling, weightlifting and a series of timed calisthenics.
02-420-A-2. Pg. 3. Caption: [top] Municipal Clerk Kris Shoup Robinson packs it in Friday, Aug. 17 for the big move to bigger and better facilities at the new municipal hall in Whistler Village. Staff have been waiting five years for the move.
02-420-C-31. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom] This Baxter condotel unit may seem out of place on West Georgia Street in Vancouver, but marketing consultant Mel Grebinsky says it's one of the "highest profile" corners in the city. The Baxter Group is marketing 165 of the $50,000 units inside the buildings, which will be built near the Whistler gondola, and according to Grebinsky, everyone from office clerks to lawyers is interested. Admission to the downtown show unit is by donation to the Variety Club.
02-420-F-14. Pg. 5. Caption: Now that;s breaking ground! Whistler Mountain's new addition to its Squarehouse got underway last Wednesday with (L to R) Roger McCarthy, project manager; Lorne Borgal, WMSC president; and Dave Murray, director of skiing. The initial phase of the project, slated for a December completion, includes a 350-seat dining area and 186 sq. m kitchen designed to produced baked goods, soups and a variety of other items. Additional improvements scheduled for the 1985/86 ski season include a 250-seat mezzanine and the balance of a full production kitchen.
02-420-B-29. Pg. 8. Caption: About 120 travel agents flocked to Whistler Saturday for a fun-day event appropriately titled Battle of the Travel Stars. These office athletes completed obstacle courses by foot and by canoe, set new records in swimming.dress-up event at Delta Mountain Inn's pool and ended the day with a rousing banquet at the hotel. The tug-of-war (above) had the added excitement of a pool of Mazola between the two teams.
02-420-F-25. Pg. 9. Caption: A healthy group of 30 young skiers is taking part in a month-long Whistler Mountain Ski Club ski camp. Skiing sessions are held on the Whistler Mountain glaciers using the club's rope tow, but the skiers also spent a week drylands training before starting the technically-oriented camp directed by coach Jacques Morel. Skiers are taking a one-week break before starting the slalom session.

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