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Room for Everyone

This photograph shows six skiers heading down a slope.

Notes on the back give a category ("General Skiing") as well as a title ("Room for Everyone").

McTaggart, Dorse

Storytelling at Lunchtime

This photograph shows a group of people sitting around at the top of the lifts on a sunny day, enjoying lunch and stories.

Notes on the back give a category ("Relaxation") as well as a title ("Storytelling").

McTaggart, Dorse

Close-up of Gondola Mechanism

This photograph shows a close-up of the mechanism that attached the original Creekside Gondola to the cable it runs on.

McTaggart, Dorse

Scenic Chairlift Ride in Summer

Several people are seen riding single chairs on a chairlift during the summer.

An annotation on the reverse of this print reads, "Chairlift with total length 2000' high difference 725' capasity [capacity] 300 person/h "one seats" chairs with fixed clamps".

Looking East from Top of London Mountain

A hiker is seen looking out toward surrounding peaks in the spring or summer, when the snow has melted significantly. The annotation on the front reads, "Looking East from top of London Mountain," so this photograph must have been taken before London Mountain was renamed as Whistler Mountain in 1965.

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