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Black Tusk
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Garibaldi Park

Photographs of Garibaldi Provincial Park, including but are not limited to ski touring, mountaineering, snowshoeing, photography, camping, scenery, a floatplane on a lake, a plaque in memory of William J. Gray (first ascended Black Tusk in 1912), ...

Garibaldi Park

Photographs mostly of mountaineering, camping, trail-building, construction, and ski touring in Garibaldi Park, but also in Maple Ridge and Golden Ears.

Prints 4

Photograph of a group in front of a cabin, and a man hiking through Garibaldi Park (Black Tusk and Garibaldi Lake in one photograph).

Prints 13 - mountaineering

Photographs of Garibaldi Park including mountain climbing, and Black Tusk in the background of FEN_03_02_014_03.

Prints 24

Photographs of a man standing in forest near tent, plane wreckage in a forest, a man standing in Black Tusk Meadows, and the main trail sign for Black Tusk Meadows.

Prints 33 - ski touring and snowshoeing in Garibaldi Park

Photographs of two men sitting in snow in front of trees, 2 men standing in snow (one in skis) with snowshoes propped in the snow, Black Tusk Meadows in winter, and a man standing on a snowy hill with gear (snowshoes, poles, skis, and bags) on the...

Garibaldi Provincial Park map brochure

BC Parks' 1991 Garibaldi Provincial Park brochure that includes map of the western section and information about areas within map and other information about the park.

B.C. Motorist Magazine, July-August 1965

The July-August 1965 (Vol. 4, No. 4) issue of B.C. Motorist Magazine published by B.C. Automobile Association containing the following articles:"Tips to Car Commuters""The Safest Way to School""Chinatown - Vancouver"...

B.C. Motorist Magazine, January-February 1967

The January-February 1967 (Vol. 6, No. 1) issue of B.C. Motorist Magazine published by B.C. Automobile Association containing the following articles:"Teenage Drivers""Whistler - Hottest Ski Area in Canada""The Driving Less...

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