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Com objeto digital Inglês WMSC Collection: Donated 1989
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From Lookout Down

This photograph shows the view down the hill from the lookout that was the proposed site for the Roundhouse Lodge on Whistler Mountain.

From Lookout To Bowl #1

View taken from the lookout, which was to become the site for the Roundhouse, toward Bowl #1. This photograph appears to have been taken during the spring, when much of the snow was melting.

Gerry Renaldi Racing in the 1969 Canadian Championships

This photograph shows a Garibaldi racer airborne as he comes off a bump. Notes on the photocopied record read, "Gerry Renaldi from Kimberly," and "1969 Canadian Championships Whistler Mountain."

The annotation on the reverse of the print reads, "Early racer GLC late 60s".

Gondola in the Sky

This photograph shows a gondola with passengers and skis in the sky between towers, with mountains in the background. Leysin, Switzerland.

Group of Skiers at top of Lifts

This photograph shows several skiers at the top of the lifts. Three people are in the distant background, with two people standing in the middle ground, and two in the foreground. The man on the left in the foreground is arranging his clothing, while the woman looks into the camera, pushing forward with her ski poles.

Eagland, Deni

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