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Dogs and kittens

Dogs Skookum and Kii and three kittens on the deck of Rainbow Lodge

Sewall and Jean Tapley Skating on Alta Lake

This photograph shows Sewall and Jean Tapley skating on Alta Lake. Also in the photograph are an unidentified man and a dog.This photograph appears to be in a stage for making a postcard out of the original image. It is a mirror image of 1986-0037...

Flood at Rainbow Lodge

Photograph of a flood at Rainbow Lodge with Myrtle Philip and a dog standing in a boat and an unknown man wading in the water beside her.

Myrtle Philip with a rifle

Myrtle Philip with a rifle and a dog Kiyi<sup>1</sup>, outside Alta Lake post office and store."I was going out shooting grouse."<sup>2</sup> -Myrtle Philip

Flood at Rainbow Lodge

Myrtle Philip, an unknown man and two dogs in a boat paddling past Rainbow Lodge cabins through spring flood water on the grounds of Rainbow Lodge.

Flood at Rainbow Lodge

Myrtle Philip standing on a boat polling her way past a flooded Rainbow Lodge cabin.

Boy with a foal and a dog

A boy, possibly Maison Philip with a foal and a dog in front of the cabins west of Rainbow Lodge.

Workshed and cabin

Workshed and cabin, Sewell Tapley and two dogs sit on the steps of the cabin in the summer.

Sewall Tapley and others sitting on the steps of a cabin

Sewall Tapley sitting on the steps of a cabin with Myrtle Philip, another unidentified man, and two dogs. An unidentified woman is standing holding a rifle and two birds that she has presumably shot. The photograph has been made as a postcard.

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