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Week of April 25, 1979

Photographs including but not limited to Roundhouse Whistler Mountain; Construction; Skiing; dog
02-012-27 on pg. 1. Caption: It's spring again! Part of the late afternoon crowd at the Roundhouse over the weekend.
02-012-21 on pg 3. Caption: The screening plant in operation at the Town Centre.
02-012-07 on pg. 4. Caption: Water runs down Emerald Drive from a broken water main.
02-012-25 on pg. 7. Caption: The first roof to go on this year -- Rod McLeod prepares to roof the house being built by Heinz Wango for Casey Van Spandonck in Alpine.
02-012-12 on pg. 9. Caption[L]: Curt & Carl Petersen wait to film the Pro Patrol who are waiting for the weather to break.
02-012-19 on pg. 9. Caption [Top R]: The ice is gone -- the view of Alta Lake looking across from the Christiana to the Hostel on April 19.
02-012-31 on pg. 9. Caption [bottom]: Springtime on the mountain -- no comment necessary!
02-012-10 on pg. 11. Caption: Cat working on the proposed service station site across from the Post Office at Mons.
02-012-33 on pg. [16] or back cover. Caption: The end of the season. Skiers walk down the mountain at the bottom of the Olympic Run on Sunday, April 22.

Week of December 6, 13, 1978

Photographs including but not limited to Alpine Building at Whistler Mountain; Skiing; Chairlifts; Lodge; Myrtle Philip School; dinner event; Squamish RCMP; T-bar bowl; Red Chair; car accident; Ridge Run; Pat Carleton; logging truck accident; municipal skating rink;
Photographs 040-056 show the Citizen of the Year ceremony with Drew Meredith, Wendy Meredith, Pat Carleton, and Grace McCarthy present.

December 13, 1978 issue:
02-028-20. Pg. 1. Caption: New Whistler Council elect share a joke with Judge S.M. Toy. Alderman Horsey, Judge Toy, Mayor Carleton, Alderman Young, and Alderman Raine. Missing was Alderman Watson.
02-028-11. Pg. 3. Caption: Only at Whistler -- local top-hatted chimney sweep at work in the snow!
02-028-24. Pg. 4. Caption: The new municipal skating rink recently constructed adjacent to the school.
02-028-22. Pg. 8. Caption: New district staff members of the Squamish R.C.M.P. detachment, Cst. C. Doherty and Cst. R.W. Krenz.
02-028-26. Pg. [12] or back cover. Caption: Whistler skiing December, 1978 style. Making a few turns at Rainbow!
December 6, 1978 issue:
02-028-08. Pg. 1. Caption: The T-Bar bowl with the "Little Red" Chair in the foreground. Saturday Dec. 2/78.
02-028-42. Pg. 3. Caption: Municipal 4X4 tries to get motorist out of ditch on Thursday.
02-028-02. Pg. 3. Caption: The new service building on the top of Whistler Mountain. The "Little Red" Chair runs past it.
02-028-06. Pg. 6. Caption: The Rotary Exchange students on the steps of the Roundhouse.
02-028-60. Pg. 8. Caption: All smiles! John Howells (left) receives the Citizen of the Year award from Paul Burrows while Drew Meredith looks on.
Pg. 9-10 are missing.
02-028-37. Pg. 11. Caption: Low cost housing! The Blue Goose now located in Whistler Village!
02-028-43. Pg. 13. Caption: Thursday was not a good day for some! On the left, Squamish Freightways truck tangles with the school sign.
02-028-35. Pg. 13. Caption: While the concrete curbing on the right was taken out by persons unknown early on Thursday morning.
02-028-27+38. Pg. 14. Caption: Mrs. Lawrence presents awards to Shylo Mekerson (left) and Andy Naylor while they proudly display their posters.
02-028-05. Pg. [16] and back cover. Caption: The Way It Is -- View from the Roundhouse looking towards a rather bare Ridge Run on Whistler. Saturday, Dec. 3/1978.

Whistler's Crazy Canucks

A 5 minute film directed by Liz Thomson for the 2009 Whistler Film Festival. Whistler's Crazy Canucks tells the story of Steve Podborski, Ken Read, Dave Murray and Dave Irwin and how they became the Crazy Canucks.

Ski Whistler Pamphlet

A Ski Whistler pamphlet from 1970. The front panel has the Ski Whistler logo and a photograph of skiers riding a chairlift. The back panels contain a Whistler accommodation guide, a listing of dining facilities, a map of how to get to Whistler and instructions for access via road, rail, ship, air, bus and car rental services. An inside spread is a map of Whistler Mountain's ski runs which indicates the difficulty of each run. In the middle of the pamphlet is a large Ski Whistler spread that gives an overview of Whistler Mountain's ski facilities and village amenities, and 12 photos of skiers and locations on the mountain.

International Summer Ski Camp Pamphlet

A pamphlet from the International Summer Ski Camp. The front panel shows a drawing of a man with a broken leg and a crutch saying "So then I said who needs the International Summer Ski Camp at Garibaldi's Whistler Mountain B.C. Canada with guest coaches Toni Sailer & Art Furrer for junior skiers of intermediate-advanced racing ability under the direction of Roy Ferris & Alan White and all that jazz". The inside panels feature images of the T-bar used for the camp, Toni Sailer, Art Furrer and four non-skiing activities available at the camp (water skiing, sailing, horseback riding, and barbeques). It also contains short biographies of Roy Ferris, Heidi Obrecht, Alan White, Jo Csizmazia, Toni Sailer and Art Furrer. The other panels have information about the camp itself, such as the qualifications for attending, the schedule, the equipment needed, transportation and insurance.

Mogul Bash Registration Team 8

Mogul Bash Registration sheet for Team 8, including members Robin Siggers, Steven Dunn, Hank Flegg, and Ivan MacMorris.

Mogul Bash Registration Team 17

Mogul Bash Registration sheet for Team 17, including members Danny Yoja, John Colpitts, James Fee, and Paul Rowe.

Whistler Blackcomb 2004-2005 Pamphlet

A pamphlet published by Whistler Blackcomb for the 2004-2005 ski season. It includes information about improvements made on the mountains, the terrain parks, run maps and mountain facts, gear rental options, demonstration equipment, family activities, ski and snowboard school, camps, activities and options for children, food and drink options close to the mountains, and a calendar of events for the season.

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