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Alex and Myrtle in Vancouver

  • PHILIP-3-1986-0771
  • Pièce
  • 1964
  • Fait partie de Philip Fonds

Myrtle and Alex Philip outside Vancouver apartment. Myrtle is wearing a coat with fur collar and sunglasses. Alex is in an overcoat and hat. Date stamp in lower margin : MAR 64. Inscription on verso : "Myrtle & Alex in Vancouver"

Myrtle and Alex Philip in Vancouver

  • PHILIP-3-1986-0201
  • Pièce
  • Mar. 1965
  • Fait partie de Philip Fonds

Annotation on the reverse of the photo reads: "Alex and Myrtle Philip, Vancouver, B.C. March 1965 on balcony of their apt in Cambie Plaza, taken on Mattie Moore, Bill and Alma Philip's trip there."

Wilhelmsen fonds

  • WIL
  • Fonds
  • [1950s?]-1998

Documents, photographs, films, and other graphic material relating to the career, accomplishments, interests, and family life of Franz Wilhelmsen, including:

  • Awards and honours he received
  • Organizations and Corporations he ran or was involved with
  • Personal photographs
  • Newspapers and magazine articles
  • Personal and professional correspondence
  • VHS Videos

Week of November 1, 1978

Photographs including but not limited to Community Club social dinner; drinking; musicians; acting; car accidents; houses; Vancouver Ski Show
02-033-16. pg. 1. Caption: Suzanne Wilson and Nello & Jenny Busdon enjoy dinner while the chow line in the background looks on. The scene was the Community Club's social at the school on Saturday.
02-033-23. Pg. 4. Caption: One more vehicle unloads its contents onto the large pile of building material debris collecting under the power line at Function Junction.
02-033-30. Pg. 8. Caption: The western pine log home nearing completion in Alpine Meadows - construction by Canadiana Homes Corp.
02-033-27. Appears in Nov. 15, 1978 issue. Caption reads: Package #7 - The new Post Office site is identified at the Town Centre with the school in the background.
02-033-09. Appears in Nov. 8, 1978 issue. Caption reads: Gordon "Bush" Turner calculates while Candy Rustad parades at the Community Club skit on October 28.

Week of October 20, 1983

Photographs including but not limited to portraits; Whistler Village town planning; band playing at Brackendale; chairlift; Vancouver Art Gallery; children outside; childreb cross-country running at Myrtle Philip School; protest in Vancouver; building a stage in Whistler Village; construction of a lodge; cars; Whistler Convention Centre; B.C. Ski Team;
Appears in October 27, 1983 issue:
02-351-142. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom] Connie Kutyn, dismantles the stage in Village Square that helped feature entertainers all summer long. She and Al Bosse built it earlier this spring.
02-351-36. Pg. 10. Caption: Winners of the Fire Prevention Week poster contest are, left to right, Madeleine Domries (gr. 3), Nicola Dedeluk (gr. 6), Jocelyn Willoughby (kindergarten) and Rachel Roberts (gr. 5), all students at Myrtle Philip Elementary School.
02-351-160. Pg. 11. Caption: [top] Building a log cab is traditional work using a minimum number of modern conveniences. David Stary, left, chisels a section to fit precisely the log beneath. Above and below builders prepare the log house destined for Whistler Cay Heights.
02-351-156. Pg. 11. Caption: [middle] Caption: See above.
02-351-252. Pg. 11. Caption: [bottom] Caption: See above.
Appears in October 20, 1983 issue:
02-351-114. Pg.1. Caption: [top] Whistler residents were delighted Wednesday to hear of $7.8 million worth of completion plans for the long empty convention centre. Plans for the building (left) include a completely refurbished roof, atrium, theatre and tall, bright banners to orient visitors to its location.
02-351-32. Pg. 1. Caption: [bottom] Planner Mike Vance.
02-351-228. Pg. 2. Caption: Tim Bendle cleans his Datsun 510 only an hour before the car flipped end over end, destroying any chances of the Western Regional finals.
02-351-107. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom left] as their classmates get started in the meet.
02-351-101. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom right] Two friends watch from the stands...
02-351-177. Pg. 5. Caption: [advertisement] Coastal Mountain Excavations.
02-351-16. Pg. 6. Caption: [left] Doug Greenwood, Hotel Manager, Whistler Cay.
02-351-42. Pg. 6. Caption: [middle] Ron McReady, Restaurant Manager, Whistler.
02-351-8. Pg. 6. Caption: [right] Laurie Vance, Hotel employee, Alpine Meadows.
02-351-19. Pg. 8. Caption: [top] Convention Centre
02-351-17. Pg. 8. Caption: [bottom] Convention Centre

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