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Model Release Forms

Model Release Forms to take photographs of Rene Widmer and Anna Urhahn in various areas of Garibaldi Park.

3 forms from August 3, 1960.
6 forms from August 4, 1960.
2 forms August 31, 1961.
1 blank Model Release form.
1 blank Photographer's Release form.

These forms were originally in envelope with title and description "Model Release Forms for Photographs | Rene Widmer was in Garibaldi Park Photos and was a Park Employee".

Details of transparencies and negatives

Subseries contains details (description, dates, and purchases) of transparencies and negatives. Fenner coded these descriptions to correspond with photographs in the collection.
The codes in this subseries are:
A (Alaska Highway)
C (Coastal)
G (Garibaldi)
G.W. (Garibaldi Whistler)
L (Local)
VI (Vancouver Island)
B (Buildings)
NAR (Article Negative)
TAR (Article Transparency)
LN (Night)
REC (Recreation)
RE (Resorts)
SP (Sports)
NSP (Sports Negative)
WF (Wildflowers)
NWF (Wildflowers Negative)
NF, FN, FNL (Flowers)

B.C. Motorist Magazine, July-August 1965

The July-August 1965 (Vol. 4, No. 4) issue of B.C. Motorist Magazine published by B.C. Automobile Association containing the following articles:
"Tips to Car Commuters"
"The Safest Way to School"
"Chinatown - Vancouver" (Photo story)
"Point Roberts and Its Tree"
"City of Lights and Flowers"
"Story of Road Signs"
"How to Use Car Owner's Guide"
"Savary - Island Paradise"
"Kicking the Tires Isn't Good Enough"
"Slow-Moving Emblem"
"Engine Temperature Affects Performance"
Cliff Fenner used tabs on the cover page and on page 23 to indicate his photographs used in the magazine. These photographs are of Black Tusk Meadows and a dear.

Garibaldi [2]

Photographs of Garibaldi Park including but not limited to mountaineering, Garibaldi Lake, and wild flowers.

Each transparency has the code "GZ" with a respective number.
FEN_02_03_03_002_02 is coded with "MZ".

Mt Baker | Beacon Hill Park | Garibaldi

Photographs of Mount Baker, Beacon Hill Park, and Garibaldi Provincial Park. Subjects include but are not limited to mountains, birds, wildflowers, and floatplanes.

5 transparencies have the code "MZ" and 4 have the code "GZ".
Each has a number with the code.

G. 7

Photograph of 2 people [Rene Widmer and Anna Urhahn] in [Black Tusk Meadows] with [Tantalus Range] in background.

G. 9

Photograph of people sitting in a meadow near a stream with tents and camping supplies. Black Tusk is in the background.

G. 15 (INT)

Photograph of a woman sitting on a rock near a stream in Black Tusk Meadows, with Black Tusk in the background.

Various numbers written on back of prints.

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