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Black Tusk
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Rod Wants A Print.

Photographs of T-Bar #2 after it was moved from the bottom of the mountain, Black Tusk, Red Chair, and skiing on Whistler Mountain.

Glass Slides

Photographs of mountaineering and other mountain adventures in Garibaldi Provincial Park, the Cariboo Range, Coastal British Columbia, and the United States.

There is 1 slide that was removed from broken glass (0093) and another that is not a glass slide (0099).

These slides seem to be colour-coded through using tape to frame the slides:
Blue is the Garibaldi region.
Yellow or Red seem to be other areas in British Columbia, and possibly Washington, but for different years (red = 1949, yellow = 1950).
Green indicates areas in the United States, such as Arizona and Colorado.

There are some slides that have 2 different tape colours.

Black Tusk

Photograph of man standing beside Black Tusk peak. Photographer's shadow cast on ground. Glass slide framed with blue tape.

[Black Tusk?]

View of [Black Tusk?] from grassy hill. Glass slide framed with blue tape.

Valley view of Black Tusk

Photograph of 2 people standing in valley near stream looking up at Black Tusk. Glass slide framed with blue tape that has yellow label with the number 4.

Black Tusk and valley

Black Tusk and surrounding mountains reflecting in a stream in the valley. Glass slide framed with blue tape.

Snow-covered valley near Black Tusk

Photograph of person standing in snow in valley looking at snow-covered mountains that include Black Tusk. Glass slide framed with blue tape.

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