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Blackcomb Mountain
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Week of December 5, 1979

Photographs including but not limited to Whistler Mountain; Blackcomb Mountain; Construction.
002-01-36 caption: Blackcomb Mountain pictured from 12,500 feet taken November 27, 1979; appears on page 1.
02-01-10 appears on page 4. Construction.
02-01-22 appears on page 8. Caption: Another view of the Town Centre with the Blackcomb access road in the background.
02-01-35 appears on page 11. Caption: The runs of Whistler as they appear from the air.
02-01-16 appears on page 12 Caption: The new snow and sunshine shows to advantage on Blackcomb Mountain.

Week of May 29, 1980

Photographs including but not limited to town planning; Blackcomb Construction; cars;
May 29, 1980
02-113-44. Pg. 1. Caption: [top] Construction camp trailers shape up in Town Centre as workers (background) excavate sewer line trenches.
02-113-15. Pg. 1. Caption: [bottom] Jim Carlberg, architect-developer, spotlight's his presentation to Council with model of Package 18 while Chris Green, No. 17 developer, looks on.
02-113-39. Pg. 5. Caption: Singing Pass parking lot, about three miles from the highway through Town Centre, with new map and visitor register.
02-113-28. Pg. 6. Caption: [above] Cast and Crew of Gold Key Entertainment's movie "Up River" waif for the next take.
02-113-24. Pg. 6. Caption: [below] a Cabin is ignited for a dramatic scene ready to shoot.
02-113-18. Pg. 7. Caption: Jim Bradley assisted by Peter Grant and his truck prepares to move this building off a duplex lot near Whistler Centre.
02-113-66. Pg 8. Caption: Hydro use giant trailer and steering unit to move new transformer into Rainbow substation at Mons.
02-113-5. Pg. 11. Caption: Package 16 is quick to start work. The first of the Phase II parcels to start work in the Town Centre this year. Jim Cook's pumper truck helps fill forms with cement from Cardinal Concrete.
02-113-72, 43. Pg. 14. Caption: Here today, gone tomorrow -- the continuing battle of graffiti artists on the old firehall at Mons was finally ended Tuesday May 27 when municipal crews tore the building down.
02-113-16. Pg. [16]. Caption: The uphill, sunny east side of the new Blackcomb daylodge waits for glass and interior work to be done.

Week of February 23, 1981 [2]

Photographs including but not limited to Blackcomb opening season skiing
Appears in February 26, 1981 issue:
02-128-40. Pg. 1. Caption: [bottom] The Prime Minister gets a lesson from Nancy Raine.
02-128-57. Pg. 6. Caption: Greg D'Amico.
02-128-44. Pg.8-9. Caption: B.C. Cup racer heads through G.S. gates on Blackcomb.
02-128-55. Pg. 9. Caption: Race winners Susan Hagen, Elke Socher & Sandy Howe.
02-128-49. Pg. [16]. Caption: Nancy Raine, Prime Minister Trudeau, and Doddy Myers ride up the Blackcomb lifts on February 21.

Week of April 13, 1981 [3]

Photographs including but not limited to Blackcomb buildings; car accidents; children's activities; group photos; skiing Blackcomb Mountain; chairlift
Appears in April 16, 1981 issue:
02-141-23. Pg. 9. Caption: Nonie Bredt, 6, of Miss Pauliuk's class at Myrtle Philip Elementary School tells the world what spring means to her. Spring is nice. Spring is flowers blooming. Spring has bees.
02-141-27. Pg. 17. Caption: Gord Voncina of Whistler directs traffic around Dept. of Highway vehicles that are doing their annual spring cleaning of the ditches along Highway 99.

Week of December 11, 1980

Photographs including but not limited to opening day on Blackcomb; Hugh Smythe; Pat Carleton; skiing; fire; chairlift; liquor store; cars; High Forest Properties
02-151-27. Pg. 1. Caption: [middle] telephone workers patch up the burned cables the next day as the hall remnants still burn.
02-151-17. Pg. 1. Caption: [bottom] Chainsaw-wielding Mayor Pat Carleton cuts the ribbon on the first Blackcomb Mtn. Chair.
02-151-46. Pg. 3. Caption: Icicles hang down from the roof of Blackcomb Lodge after the recent cold spell.
02-151-9. Pg. 4. Caption: All smiles -- Jean McEwan receives her award from Capilano College Principal Paul Gallagher as Ross Smith looks on.
02-151-23. Pg. 7. Caption: The 18 foot cake prepared by Gourmet for the opening of Blackcomb Mountain.
02-151-115. Pg. 8. Caption: Powder hound enjoys the deep under lift 4 on Blackcomb last week.
02-151-125. Pg. 9. Caption: 1980 Citizen of the Year, Chamber of Commerce President Drew Meredith.
02-151-62. Pg. 11. Caption: [no caption provided]
02-151-73. Pg. 12. Caption: Kelly Maxwell passes a box of oranges to driver Sonny King while Matt Satre packs two into the school.
02-151-105. Pg. 12. Caption: [portrait of Ski-ed on Blackcomb; repeates] Jose (Pepo) Hanff.
02-151-55. Pg. 13. Caption: [top] while the shelves start to fill up in the new Whistler Liquor Store.
02-151-67. Pg. 13. Caption: [bottom] Managers Dennis Lamarche and Glen Holdner stock shelves (liquor store).
02-151-92. Pg. 14. Caption: [top] One of the happy table groups at the Chamber of Commerce Dinner.
02-151-88. Pg. 14. Caption: [bottom] Bracketed by two attractive ladies -- Graeme O'Neill enjoys the Chamber of Commerce Dinner Dance with his wife Deanna (left) and Thuy Nguyet.
02-151-38. Pg. 16. Caption: Constable Fred Pinnock (left) and Corporal Larry Killaly are Whistler's newest members of the RCMP detachment here.
02-151-119. Pg. [20]. Caption: The first chair up Blackcomb -- President Hugh Smythe loads the first skiers up the lift on December 4 while others wait to get up into the untracked snow.

Week of October 9, 1980

Photographs including but not limited to car accidents; houses; horse-drawn wagon; roads; mountain views; construction; Whistler Village; Harold and Evelyn Cullen; square dance or show; dancing; drinks
02-160-25. Pg. 1. Caption: [top] The Brandywine crossing -- Open arrows & asterisk show path of Mercedes, while dark arrows shows skid marks of pickup truck which ended up off the picture to the left.
02-160-19. Pg. 1. Caption: [inset top] Mercedes
02-160-18. Pg. 1. Caption: [inset bottom] Pickup Truck
02-160-58. Pg. 1. Caption: [bottom] RCMP & wrecker crews remove the van from the fast flowing Lillooet River on Oct. 4.
02-160-86. Pg. 2. Caption: Kelly and Max Maxwell with their new daughter Fiona at the Community Club dinner.

Week of April 20, 1981

Photographs including but not limited to tennis; cars; children playing; construction; Easter Egg Hunt; chefs at catering; band playing saxophone and guitar; baby; Holland Landscapers Ltd.; Rendezvous Rest Blackcomb; snowman; Blackcomb Mountain; skiing; one-legged skier; drinks; liquor store; Whistler Village
Appears in April 23, 1981 issue:
02-188-95. Pg. 1. Caption: Debris and ashes are all that remain after the Manson cabin burned to the ground Good Friday. The large flat metal sheet in the lower left was once a 100-gallon propane tank that exploded and then was flattened after the blast.
02-188-41. Pg. 4. Caption: Brand new Adam Smythe, the youngest pass holder on Blackcomb Mountain, shares a look with his mom Debbie.
02-188-86. Pg. 8. Caption: [top] It was a skiing Bunny up on Blackcomb Easter Sunday passing out eggs (no, not frozen ones) to mini-skiers.
02-188-107. Pg. 8. Caption: [bottom] Dennis Lamarche, manager (right) and Glen Holdener, assistant manager picket outside Whistler's Liquor Store Saturday, April 8.
02-188-60. Pg. 9. Caption: Some of the may Easter Weekend visitors who enjoyed (or over-enjoyed) festivities and decided to recharge their batteries with a few quick winks in the sun.
02-188-38. Pg. 10. Caption:At the Mountain House Cabaret, the Doc worked his magic once again for Whistlerites for six straight nights. Remember him 'way back when? Biminis? The Ankor?
02-188-112. Pg. 10. Caption: [Stoney's Advertisement]
02-188-108. Pg. 13. Caption: The beachcomber comes to the ski slopes: Bruno Gerussi and Alderman Mark Angus enjoy the sun outside of Stoney's Saturday, April 19.
02-188-28. Pg. 14. Caption: [top] (l to r)Lee Moors, Bob Pearson and Steve Atkinson of Russell's rightfully enjoy some of their marvelous creations -- made especially for Easter Brunch.
02-188-71. Pg. 14. Caption: [bottom] nal sculpture by Christine Longo, 4.
02-188-80. Pg. 15. Caption: New mechanic [Ken Domries]
02-188-33. Pg. 17. Caption: [top] Near the Mountain Inn at Whistler lift base.
02-188-66. Pg. 17. Caption: [middle] On the training wall by the Blackcomb access road.
02-188-55. Pg. 17. Caption: [bottom] Nmber 2 day skier parking lot at Whistler Village.
02-188-88. Pg. [20]. Caption: [top] Now you see it -- now you don't. The cornice in Blackcomb Bowl was blasted off on schedule Easter Sunday before it fell of its own accord on some unfortunate skier.
02-188-83. Pg. [20]. Caption: [bottom] The cornice in Blackcomb Bowl.

Week of January 10, 1982

Photographs including but not limited to hot air balloons; Whistler Mountain; Blackcomb Mountain; skiers; mountain views
Appears in January 14, 1982 issue:
02-192-7. Pg. 15. Caption: Up, up and away! Hot air balloons takes off from Whistler Village.

Week of November 18, 1981

Photographs including but not limited to broken road; cleaning; driving; police; dinner; mountain views; car accidents; restaurant; drinking; construction
Appears in November 17, 1981 issue:
02-197-61. Pg. 1. Caption: [left] Looking good big old Softie...
02-197-64. Pg. 1. Caption: [right] ...and you too, Blackcomb with your new coats of snow.
02-197-20. Pg. 3. Caption: Oops -- didn't think that telephone pole looked like that last night. This one took a nose-dive in the early morning hours of Saturday, November 14, knocking out power in the southern part of the municipality for several hours. B.C. Hydro said that the rain-soaked earth was at the root of the problem.
02-197-86. Pg. 4. Caption: Dept.of Highways worker stands on one of the 44,000 lb. concrete beams that will make up the base of the Bridge at River of Golden Dreams.
02-197-47. Pg. 8. Caption: [top left] Chris Speedie, Whistler Cay.
02-197-46. Pg. 8. Caption: [top middle] Rita Knudsen, St. Anton's Village
02-197-43. Pg. 8. Caption: [top right] Murray R. Dawson, Alpine '68.
02-197-45. Pg. 8. Caption: [bottom left] Kevin Rose, Nesters Road.
02-197-49. Pg. 8. Caption: [bottom middle] Iole De Carlo, Emerald Estates.
02-197-48. Pg. 8. Caption: [bottom right] Rocco, Alta Vista.
02-197-14. Pg. 11. Caption: It was the last breakfast -- a fitting occasion for Jan Systad to serve son Christopher. Champagne poured with the orange juice as friends bid farewell to the five-year tradition of the Cookhouse.
02-197-36. Pg. 12. Caption: Back to offer you Chinese culinary delights, one Edmond Wong and crew of the Alta Lake Inn. (l to r) Law, Tse, Kwang -- your cooks; Gilbert, president; Peni, waitress; Edmond; and Jeannie, waitress.
02-197-80. Pg. 13. Caption: John and Kris Robinson with Bernie and Donna Hauschka at the re-opening of Beau's.
02-197-25. Pg. 14. Caption: Al Raine displays his broadjumping skills for sons Charlie and Willie, an unidentified family friend and the family dog.
02-197-101. Pg. 15. Caption: [top] Oh happy days -- frosted slopes and free season's passes from each mountain. Roland Kentel (left), president of Whistler Athletic Society, was pleased to present Rod MacLeod with a pass to Whistler and Cheryl Devine with one to Blackcomb for their top efforts in raising money for the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope, Rod raise $1,260 and Cheryl raised $1,134.
02-197-28. Pg. 15. Caption: [bottom] Constable Gordon A. Sims has just joined the Whistler Detachment after 6 1/2 years in North Vancouver.
02-197-39. Pg. 19. Caption: Treasurer Gary Raymond plays at the keyboard of the municipality's new $60,000 Basic MAI system 210 computer. The system is capable of printing 150 lines per minute and storing up to 14 million characters. Tax accountant Kathy Hicks and MAI system analyst Gene Wong look on.
02-197-7-8. Pg. 20. Caption: Aftermath of recent flooding. Lost Lake Trail cut in two by raging water at Beaver Dam tree.

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