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Museum Correspondence Folder 1

Board meeting minutes and notes. AGM agendas. Correspondence with the Resort Municipality of Whistler. Letters and correspondence about the opening of the museum, follow up thank you letters. Other assorted correspondence about the Whistler Conference Center as a casino site, Spirit/Super hosting with the Whistler Chamber of Commerce, archival order, income tax, speaking events, books, photos, Ice-Break Up Fundraising Raffle. Invoice of photo prints.

Board Meeting November 22, 1989 Summary

A summary of the Whistler Museum and Archives Society Board Meeting on November 22, 1989. It lists the members who attended the meeting and the following topics were discussed: Minutes, the Bake Sale, Correspondence with the Pemberton Secondary School, Trev Roote, the Chamber of Commerce, Sea to Sky Enterprise Centre, Snowline Restaurants Inc., Reed Stenhouse, Oak House Publishing, Jenny Betts, Mr. and Mrs. George McRae and Agnes Bruce, the Treasurers Report, Weekend opening of the museum, Winter Work Bees, Showcases, Spirit Courses, Venetian Blinds, Presentation Equipment and fundraising. The summary is signed by President Florence Petersen and Secretary Kris Shoup.

Summary of WMAS

A summary of the Whistler Museum's exhibit rooms and facilities, as well as some details about the collections. It also lists the corporate bodies who have used photos and textual material from the Archives for their publications.

Whistler Economic Profile

The Whistler Economic Profile booklet produced by the Planning Department of the Resort Municipality of Whistler in 1986. The booklet gives a community profile, an overview of the businesses and services that affect the economy in the area, facilities and services maintained by the Resort Municipality of Whistler and opportunities for growth and development in the community.
Table of Contents:
The Community:
Introduction 1

  • Purpose of Economic Profile 1
  • Location 1
  • History 5
    Human Resources 7
  • Population and Characteristics 7
  • Employment 7
    Administrative Basis 11
  • Framework of Municipal Government 11
  • Destination Resort Community Planning 13
  • Chamber of Commerce 13
  • Whistler Resort Association (W.R.A) 13
  • WLC Developments Ltd. 14
  • Regional District 15
  • Provincial Emergency Program (P.E.P.) 15
  • Provincial Law Enforcement 16
    The Economy:
    Businesses and Hotels 17
  • Businesses 17
    Conference Centre 18
  • Meeting Facilities 18
  • Food Services 18
    Recreational and Cultural Services 23
  • Winter Recreation 23
  • Summer Recreation 24
  • Year-Round Activities 28
  • Year-Round Festivals and Recreational Events 29
    Business Services 31
    Construction and Development 37
  • Building Permits and Values 37
  • Housing and Accommodation 40
    The Facilities:
    Transportation Services 41
  • Local 41
  • Regional 42
  • National/International 44
    Utilities and Power 45
  • Telephone 45
  • Hydro 45
    Financial Institution 46
    Community Services 47
  • Newspapers 47
  • Radio and Cable Television Services 47
  • Dental and Medical Facilities 47
  • Daycare 48
  • Schools 48
  • Church 51
    The Opportunities:
    A Year-Round Tourist Resort 54
  • Whistler Tourism in Demand 54
  • Winter Tourism Increasing 54
  • Summer Tourism Expanding 55
    Community Growth and Diversification 56
    Real Estate Market 56
    Development Opportunities 59
  • Blackcomb Benchlands 59
  • Blueberry Trail Estates 59
  • Village North 60
  • Gondola Area 60
  • Whistler General 61
    Development Programs 61
  • Federal Programs 61
  • Joint Federal/Provincial Program 61
  • Provincial Programs 62
    Appendix 1 Climate 64
    Appendix 2 Chronology of Whistler's Development 65
    Appendix 3 The Relationship Between the Resort Municipality of Whistler Act and the Municipal Act 69
    Appendix 4 Contacts for Further Information 70

President's Report

A President's Report for the Whistler Museum and Archives from January 26, 1989. The report covers various topics including upgrades to the museum space, new staff, an Exhibit Design workshop, ordered photographs and photographs taken of museum artifacts, fundraising nights, newspapers being collected in the archives, donations and written accounts from early settlers received by the museum, an Open House at the museum, the arrival and work of summer student Sally Mitchell, a display at the Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner, grants received by the museum, memberships sold, and the Society of the Whistler Express official opening, as well as a thank you to the board members. The report is singed by the President Florence Petersen.

Board Meeting Agenda and Notes, November 22

The Whistler Museum and Archives Society Board Meeting agenda from November 22, 1989. The agenda includes a call to order, minutes, correspondence, treasurer's remarks, new business. Numerous handwritten notes annotate the agenda and a page with information for Whistler Spirit and Super Host Courses is attached.

Correspondence to Ron Davies (North Shore Credit Union) Re: Grant Application, Jan 18 + duplicate

A letter from Florence Petersen of the Whistler Museum and Archives Society to Ron Davies of North Shore Credit Union, cc'd to Jack Bright and Merv Kennedy. The letter is a follow up to a conversation between Elaine Wallace and Merv Kennedy about the society's application for a grant. One duplicate.

Board Meeting Agenda Sept. 27

5 pages of handwritten and photocopied notes from the Board Meeting Agenda of the Whistler Museum and Archives Society from their meeting on September 27, 1989. The agenda included a Challenge '89 Report, Municipal Grant-in-Aid Report, Craft Fair - Home Bake Stall Update, Note Cards, and revised opening hours. The notes on subsequent pages touch on the the need to add to the Ski and Nature rooms, questions about changing the layout of the gallery, advertising for the donation of glass cabinets, coffee and tea for visitors, items to sell to visitors, filling up empty space in the pioneer room, membership sign-up desk at the Bake Sale, more items to display at the Bake Sale table or a theme, having some of Florence's cards on sale at the Bake Sale, contacting Anne Poole at Pemberton Secondary to bring her students to the museum, getting Jim Budge to do a video of the museum's slide show to sell in the future, slides for the Dual Mtn. Program. The Society also discussed ideas for more awareness, including contacting the Chamber of Commerce, inviting the front desk staff of hotels and management for a Wine and Cheese event, allowing small groups to use the Pioneer Room for meetings, have the Whistler Arts Council put on a showing in the museum, setting up a photo taking corner in the museum, having mountain bike tour operators stop at the museum on their valley tours, contacting both mountains about having their staff training include the museum and the museum's slide show, hosting a Chamber of Commerce meeting at the museum and getting the Japanese winter visitors from Delta and CP to see the slide show and museum.

2004 Negatives [3]

Photographs of the museum's opening on February 13, 2004, a tour on Blackcomb and Lost Lake on February 26, 2004, and the Whistler Chamber '6 years to go' until the 2010 Olympics cake cutting in 2004, with Rob Boyd and Claire Ogilvie in the foreground.