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Bell-Irving, Duncan Tokum Corners Dossier
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(4) Judy Keeler Proof Prints From Alta Lake/Whistler

Photographs of Duncan Bell-Irving (3/2/70/1), Gordie Allen (3/2/70/3), Drew Tait (3/2/70/2), interior of Tokum Corners, Pat Carleton (Whistler's first mayor), Zube's Mushroom House, the base of Creekside, Drew Tait fly-fishing at Tokum C...

WC 84 Tokum Party

Photographs of Tokum Corners, Greg Griffith, Bob and Kelly Maxwell (3/2/75/35), Bruce Prentice, Drew Tait (3/2/75/39), Duncan Bell-Irving (3/2/75/40), and home-brewed alcohol up in the rafters (3/2/75/41).

Loose Prints #8

Photographs of the Burns Lake bust (3/2/213/1), Steve Podborski, dynamite cash on Whistler Mountain (3/2/213/4), Duncan Bell-Irving in the back of a police car, a flood at Alpine Meadows and 19 Mile Creek, an avalauncher, Roundhouse, the parking l...