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Wilhelmsen, Franz Creekside File
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(4) Judy Keeler Proof Prints From Alta Lake/Whistler

Photographs of Duncan Bell-Irving (3/2/70/1), Gordie Allen (3/2/70/3), Drew Tait (3/2/70/2), interior of Tokum Corners, Pat Carleton (Whistler's first mayor), Zube's Mushroom House, the base of Creekside, Drew Tait fly-fishing at Tokum Corners dock (3/2/70/18), George Benjamin (3/2/70/19), the Great Snow Earth Water Race (3/2/70/21), the Tokum Corners sign, an avalauncher gun, Wedge Mountain, Dusty’s (3/2/70/30), Franz Wilhelmsen, and Roundhouse.

Loose Prints #8

Photographs of the Burns Lake bust (3/2/213/1), Steve Podborski, dynamite cash on Whistler Mountain (3/2/213/4), Duncan Bell-Irving in the back of a police car, a flood at Alpine Meadows and 19 Mile Creek, an avalauncher, Roundhouse, the parking lot at Creekside and the Gondola Barn, the Tokum Corners sign, Franz Wilhelmsen, Armchair Glacier, and Jordan's Lodge covered in snow.


Photographs of skiing in Whistler's back bowls, the base of Whistler Mountain at Skier's Plaza, tracks in Ziggy's Bowl on Blackcomb, fresh snow in Whistler Village, skiing alpine bowls, Whistler Valley in autumn, Joffre Lake in summer, Howe Sound, Skier's Chapel in Creekside in 1979, Franz Wilhelmsen on Whistler Mountain in 1980, Skier's Plaza at night, Whistler Heli-ski rider Antonin Lieutaghi, Omar Lundie heli-boarding on Powder Mountain, Andrew Murphy heli-boarding on Powder Mountain, an ice sculpture of the 2010 Inukshuk, meadow that eventually became Nicklaus North Golf Course, aerial shot of the Horstman Glacier on Blackcomb Mountain, and Hugo Harrison skiing the backcountry of Whistler Mountain.

001: "Skiing Whistler Back Bowls <M.R.>"
002: "Base of Whistler/Blackcomb Whistler B.C. Canada"
003: "Tracks in Ziggy's Bowl Blackcomb"
004: "Whistler-Winter Fresh snow fall Whistler Village"
005: "Skiing Alpine Bowls Whistler B.C. [M.R.]"
006: "Summer Whistler Whistler Valley In Fall"
007: "Summer - Whistler Joffre Lake B.C."
008: "Summer- British Columbia Howe Sound"
009: "Creekside Area Whistler B.C. 1979"
012: "Whistler Village at base of Whistler @Blackcomb Mts at dusk"
013: "Whistler Heliski/T&C Rider: Antonin Lieutaghi"
014: "Heliboarding Powder Mtn Whistler area Rider: Omar Lundie"
015: "Heliboarding Powder Mtn Whister area Rider: Andrew Murphy"
018: "Aerial Horstman Glacier Blackcomb Mtn."

The Whistler Mountain News - Winter 1993/94

  • YANISIW-01-01-007
  • File
  • 1993-1994
  • Part of CJ Yanisiw

The Whistler Mountain News newsletters given out to guests and passholders in the Winter of 1993/1994. Articles include:

  • What's New
  • Pika's Window on the World
  • Great Deals
  • Numbers Game
  • Whistler Mountain Ski Club
  • Telling us what you think
  • Customer Service Comes First
  • A Night in the Life [on snow-grooming]
  • Who names these runs anyhow?
  • It's never too late to have a happy childhood
  • Boarder Lines

Week of December 20, 1978

Photographs including but not limited to Myrtle Philip Elementary School Choir; Myrtle Philip School "A Christmas Story" Christmas Play; Gondola Barn; Whistler Mountain; Skiing; Creekside Gondola
02-027-19. Pg. 1. Caption: The season's first skiers lining up to buy tickets on Friday, December 15, 1978.
02-027-07. Pg. 6. Caption: Caroline Richard sings 'Silent Night' at the Brownie Christmas Concert while Jodi Rustad accompanies her.
02-027-17. Pg 6. Caption: One of the first gondolas full of skiers to go up the mountain this year.
02-027-04. Pg. 10. Caption: "A Christmas Story' - sheep in the foreground with a shepherd and the Wise Men behind.
02-027-05. Pg. 11. Caption: The Myrtle Philip School Choir in full voice.
02-027-11. Pg. 14. Caption: Santa is surrounded by children at the school concert.
02-027-10. Pg. 16. Caption: Betty Shore shares a joke with Santa after the concert.