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Jean and Myrtle on skis

Jean Tapley (left), Myrtle Philip (right) & unidentified woman (centre) on skis.

Tapley family

Group photograph of the Tapley siblings in 1956 including Myrtle Philip, Jean Tapley, Frank Tapley and Margaret Tapley.

Doreen and her aunts

Doreen Tapley (on right) seemingly supporting her aunts Myrtle (left) and Jean (centre). Rainbow Lodge cabins in background. Inscription on verso: "Pull the Prop away and there would be an accident"

Jean, Rhi, Maison & Myrtle

Jean Tapley and Rhi, Maison and Myrtle Philip standing on the porch of Sewall's cabin.

Tapley family

Photograph of the Tapley family at Rainbow Lodge: From L-R: Jean, Phil, Edith with Frank Tapley Jr; two unknown women, Virginia, Margaret Esworthy (nee Tapley) & Sewall Tapley.

Wishing well at Coleman House

Myrtle Philip, Mrs. Wilbur Floyd Coleman, Jean Tapley, and one unknown person beside wishing well at Coleman house in California. Inscription on verson reads "Wishing well and one bedroom cottage at El Encanto."

The Tapley sisters

Margaret Tapley Esworthy, Myrtle Tapley Philip, and Jean Tapley (L-R). Dogs Skookum, a pup & Kihi. Myrtle is 28 yo; Jean is 19 yo. Annotation on verso: "Myrtle / Margaret / Jean / 1919 / Skookum & Ki (the dogs)"

Boating with Olie Kitteringham

Myrtle Philip, Margaret Tapley Esworthy and Jean Tapley in a boat with Olie Kitteringham at the helm.

Flying U Ranch

Film of a woman on horseback riding in front of Rainbow Lodge, the woman appears to be Jean Tapley; horses in a corral - probably Myrtle's horses at Rainbow Lodge; a woman, possibly Myrtle Philip and an unknown lodge, probably the Flying U Ra...

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