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Burns, Terry Skiing (recreational)
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Week of March 28, 1983

Photographs including but not limited to skiing; Yukon Jack Pro Tour; alcohol; putting on ski gear; Blackcomb Mountain; Ken Beatty; Todd Brooker; Willie Whistler and fellow mascots skiing; ski race; podium; Snowcat; meeting; children's activities; winter golf; policeman; band playing; first annual mascot race; Yukon Jack Challenge; first annual snow Golf Tournament; Whistler Mountain Masters Downhill Classic
Appears in March 31, 1983 issue:
02-319-122. Pg. 1. Caption: E. Bunny and his mascot friends get a free lift up Blackcomb Mountain, where they were participating in the first annual mascot race March 26. E. Bunny will be out on the slopes again over the Easter holidays.
02-319-189. Pg. 2. Caption: Const. Rene Defosse, the newest addition to Whistler's RCMP detachment gets ready for his line of duty in this resort town. Const. Defuse replaces Const. Dan Gadabout who was transferred to Ottawa.
02-319-97. Pg. 3. Caption: [top] Ross Dinwoodie, a lineman with the Squamish office of B.C. Hydro, shows Myrtle Philip School children how to avoid some shocking experiences during a demonstration last Wednesday.
02-319-103. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom] Anthony Brummet, B.C's minister of Lands, Parks & Housing announced March 25 that $9 million dollars will be made available to complete Whistler Village facilities.
02-319-3. Pg. 6. Caption: [top] Todd Brooker and Dave Murray take a shot at the Yukon Jack Challenge course.
02-319-19. Pg. 6. Caption: [middle left] Gilles Blackburn streaks dow upper Springboard enroute to victory.
02-319-163. Pg. 6. Caption: [middle right] Jean Jacques Aaron take the pause that refreshes during the waiters' race.
02-319-72. Pg. 6. Caption: [bottom left] furred and feathered mascots enjoy a little get together
02-319-105. Pg. 6. Caption: [bottom right] and a pro tour racer leaps while he's looking.
02-319-51. Pg. 8. Caption: Up and coming Crazy Canuck Todd Brooker talks skiing with local aficionado Dave Robarts while John (J.C.) Colpitts sizes up the champ's feet for Super Feet foot beds at The Downhill Shop on Thursday, March 24 during Brooker's ski vacation here.
02-319-195. Pg. 10. Caption: Smashing and splashing at Whistler's First Annual SNow Golf Tournament held Wednesday, March 23 on the practice fairway were (l-r) Jeff Cotter, Lois Patterson, Kathy Adams and Harry Dean. Oversized balls gave these swingers a bit of an advantage.
02-319-125. Pg. 13. Caption: The moment of discovery of the stolen furniture in Howe Sound Drama Club's production of "Black Comedy" held at Brackendale Art Gallery the past two weekends. (L-R) Mrs. Furnival (Doreen Ramus) expresses her horror at the light-fingered deed done by Brindsley Miller (Richard Cudmore) and his fiancee Carol Melkett (Louise Fox).
02-319-57. Pg. 18. Caption: Chris Atkinson, Lift operator, Adventures West.