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Crofton, Rich Lakes
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Week of September 11, 1980

Photographs including but not limited to Union Talks 1980; construction; wedding; town planning; landscapes
02-093-20. Pg.1. Caption: Crowd begins to mass for Town Centre rally organized by the Whistler Contractors Association. Over 300 people took part in the September 4 rally and march through Town Centre.
02-093-29. Pg. 1. Caption: Crowd marches past the still uncompleted Resort Centre.
02-093-75. Pg. 3. Caption: (none) RV park waits for ministerial approval (story title)
02-093-64. Pg. 5,. Caption: Recently created public access to Alta Lake in the Alta Vista subdivision. This area is unknown to many Whistler visitors and residents.
02-093-74. Pg. 6. Caption: Bob Wick points out golf course feature to a group of appreciative horticulture students from Langley. Students toured the course on September 5.
02-093-59. Pg. 7. Caption: Not a skateboard ramp but the Olive Chair`s newly-paved loading and discharge platform at the Gondola Station.
02-093-77. Pg. 8. Caption: NO PARKING! Itinerant pickup decides to use the new Olive chair ramp as a parking spot.
02-093-1. Pg. 9. Caption: Alex Marshall addresses the students at the opening assembly.
02-093-8. Pg. 9. Caption: Aileen Shaw -- new teacher for the Myrtle Philip Elementary School.
02-093-51. Pg. 11. Caption: Graeme O'Neill and Deanna Chan married in West Vancouver.
02-093-12. Pg. 11. Caption: David O'Keefe, Director of Skiing Services for G.B.L.
02-093-6. Pg. (16). Caption: Elementary students listen to the proceedings at the first school assembly at the Myrtle Philip School on Tuesday September 4.
02-093-22. [The furthest man to the left is Earl Carrol, the man in a white T-shirt in the centre is Anton Horvath, the two men above and to the right of the 'Our community is not a common site' sign are Bob Currie and Bill Currie, their parents are to their left (Kim + ? Currie), Larry "Leather" Strangland is behind Bob and Bill, the man to their right is Ralph Kennedy, and to his right is Bryan Faerge]
02-093-032. [From left to right: Rich Crofton, Cam McNab, and Doug O'Mara.
02-093-058. [Hugh Hall]