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Black Tusk File Mountaineering
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Black Tusk

Photograph of man standing beside Black Tusk peak. Photographer's shadow cast on ground. Glass slide framed with blue tape.

C[harles] T. T[ownsend] on the summit of Mt [James] Turner - Sept. 12, 1923

  • WMA_P88-01-050
  • File
  • September 12, 1923
  • Part of Neal Carter

Photograph taken by Neal Carter of Charles Townsend on the summit of Mt. James Turner on September 12, 1923.

Caption: "C[harles] T. T[ownsend] on the summit of Mt. [James] Turner - Sept. 12, 1923."

[Neal Carter has also traced the tips of mountains in view on the back of the photograph with labels written backwards so that if you hold the photo up to the light, the labels appear superimposed on the image. The labels read Pyramid Peak, Wedgemount Valley, [James] Turner Glacier [now known as Chaos Glacier], and Black Tusk.]

Cloudburst Mountain - May 22 + June 4, 1961

  • WA_2019_030-01-148
  • File
  • May 22 - June 4, 1961
  • Part of Dick Chambers

Photographs of Joe Hutton on Cloudburst Mountain, Black Tusk as seen from Cloudburst Mountain, and Cloudburst Mountain as seen from the hike up in May and June, 1961.

001: "Joe Hutton on Cloudburst [Mountain] - May 22, 1961"
002: "Cloudburst [Mountain] from Ridge - May 22, 1961"
003: "Pond on Cloudburst [Mountain] Ridge - June 4, 1961"
004: "Black Tusk from Cloudburst [Mountain] - June 4, 1961"


  • WA_2013_026-01-03-001
  • File
  • [1927-1928]
  • Part of Brooks fonds

Photographs of mountaineering, female mountaineers, hiking, climbing, Luxor, Pitt Valley, Sphinx, Garibaldi Lake, crevasse, Garibaldi, Gentian Ridge, Black Tusk, alpine flowers, Sentinel, Castle Towers camp, and The Table.


Photographs of the Alpine Club of Canada camp, hiking, camping, mountaineering, female mountaineers, Black Tusk, Garibaldi Lake, Castle Towers, Guard Mountain, The Table, Black Tusk meadows, Helm Glacier, Mount Price, and Eric Brooks.

Garibaldi Camp

Photographs of Camp Garibaldi (at Garibaldi Lake), Alpine Club of Canada camp, tent camping, Sphinx Bay, The Table, Garibaldi Meadows, female mountaineers, Hiking, mountaineering, summit cairn of Castle Towers, Castle Towers, Black Tusk, a picnic during a climb, and Emmie Brooks.

Garibaldi Park

Photographs of Garibaldi Park that include mountains, Black Tusk, climbers, Garibaldi peak, and a crevasse.

FEN_02_07_001_01 labelled "# BGZ 55" and has Fenner's address stamped: "1010 Keith Road West Vancouver, B.C.".
Caption on FEN_02_07_001_02: "[Mary] II | Oliver | Mary N. | Harris | A crevasse | Garibaldi Peak in background. Sept/51"

Garibaldi Park B.C.

File contains 1 large print of 8 photographs of mountaineering in Garibaldi Park.

Each photograph has label with the code "BGZ" and a number from 6-11 or 55-56.
Labelled on back as "Garibaldi Park B.C." and has 2 stamps of Fenner's address at the time: "1010 Keith Road West Vancouver, B.C."

Garibaldi Park activities

Photographs of Garibaldi Park that include camping in a meadow, Black Tusk, a dining area, a mountain slope, cave, and a snowcat.

Film also contains test photos.

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