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Toni Sailer Summer Ski Camp Skiing 1978

Photographs of campers at the Toni Sailer Summer Ski Camp ski racing, relaxing, and using the T-bar they built on Whistler Mountain in 1978.Identification according to ADOUGLAS_03_011:001 (56-1) – July 1978, “Dual slalom – large shoot.”002 (56-2) ...

Douglas, Alex 'Axel'

Dave Murray Summer Ski Camp 1990s

Photographs of Dave Murray Summer Ski Camp participants skiing and congregating on Whistler Mountain in the mid-to-late 1990s.

"Sword of the Lord"

Video is a National Film Board of Canada documentary about Olympic ski racer and Crazy Canucks member 'Jungle' Jim Hunter. Official NFB summary: "This documentary records the extraordinary determination of Jungle Jim Hunter to be th...

Walker, Giles

Mar 84

Slide film of Lawson Hay hang-gliding off Sproatt Mountain, a downhill ski race, Tokum Corners, Drew Tait looking at empty beer bottles, Judy Fisk, George Benjamin (2/3/21/7), Bruce Watt with children (8), Rod MacLeod and children (2/3/21/15), Ren...

Crazy Canucks in Aspen 1981

Slide film of the Crazy Canucks in Aspen, Colorado, including Dave Murray (2/4/2/8), Chris Speedie standing near a results board (2/4/2/29), Steve Podborski (2/4/2/43), and a downhill ski race.

WC 84 People

Photographs of Chris Stethem (3/2/80/34), Tokum Tonic homebrew, Drew Tate in Tokum Corners music room, and the 1984 World Cup Downhill event on Whistler Mountain.

World Cup Farce Race

Photographs of the World Cup farce race, Molson World Cup, Spring skiing, and Coach’s Corner (3/2/91/49).

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