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Toni Sailer Summer Ski Camp People + Events 1978

Photographs of campers at Toni Sailer Summer Ski Camp mingling outside, playing games, playing tug-of-war, sailing, and swimming in Alta Lake.

Identification according to ADOUGLAS-03-011:

  • 001 (50-18) – June 1978, “Field day at the school, dizzy stick contest.”
  • 002 (50-20) – June 1978, “Greg’s team, Floyd, Lori.”
  • 003 (50-21) – June 1978, “Wendell, Gary, Bill, Susan (white, green shirt).”
  • 004 (52-9) – June-July 1978, “Chris Herdman, Wayne Wong, Donny Mc.”
  • 005 (52-13) – June-July 1978, “Chris Herdman in the water, [?] in the Kayak.”
  • 006 (52-19) – June-July 1978, “two of the campers sailing.”
  • 007 (52-21) – June-July 1978, “the boys back from canoe trip, [Dish?], Jeff Zeligen.”
  • 008 (53-1) – July 1978, “Canoe race, 1 down 3 to go.”
  • 009 (53-2) – July 1978, “Canoe race participants waiting.”
  • 010 (53-4) – July 1978, “Greg Lee after the dizzy stick.”
  • 011 (53-5) – July 1978, “Laura Adler going for it.”
  • 012 (53-9) – July 1978, “Dizz stick teams cheering everyone on.”
  • 013 (53-10) – July 1978, “Toni Sailer just a bit dizzy.”
  • 014 (53-13) – July 1978, “Sharon and Shelly cheering on Donny Mc tug of war team”
  • 015 (53-14) – July 1978, “[Group?] shots poor shadows.”
  • 016 (53-15) – July 1978, “Not many on the tug of war rope.”
  • 017 (53-16) – July 1978, “Ken, Ken, Bill, Niaomi, Steve, ?, Jim.”
  • 018 (53-19) – July 1978, “Vancouver trip group at Stanley Park.”
  • 019 (56-12) – July 1978, “Steve pouring water on Niamia.”

Douglas, Alex 'Axel'


Aerial photographs including but not limited to Whistler Creekside, the Pacific Great Eastern railway, Green Lake, the River of Golden Dreams, Nesters, the Boot Motel (2/4/8/2), Tokum Corners (2/4/8/3), Alta Lake, Adventures West Lodge, Blueberry Hill, Whistler Village, the original Myrtle Philip school (2/4/8/13), the road to Base II (11), Rainbow Mountain, Roundhouse, and Alpha Lake.

World Cup Preliminary

Photographs of Snow Slides on surprise, North Face High (3/2/89/42), Whisky Jack (3/2/89/45), Orange chair, Roundhouse, Goats Gully run, Red Chair, Alta Lake, a helicopter dropping hay bails for a ski race, Course Marshall (3/2/89/55), Rainbow Lodge (3/2/89/59), and the original Myrtle Phillip School (3/2/89/60).

CFOW Annual Report 2015-2016

Annual report for the Community Foundation of Whistler for 2017-2018. Includes statistics, strategic planning, grant information, events, community development, finances, Vital Signs information, Citizen of the Year announcements, and sponsors.


Photographs of Whistler Mountain Red Chair/Big Red Express with people skiing underneath, someone [Greg Griffith?] is riding a horse in a corral with skis on, different buildings in the Whistler area including: a steep-roofed cabin or shop, Myrtle Philip Elementary School, and Food Plus (a grocery store) with two dogs waiting outside of the shop. Also includes photographs of a group of people walking in the woods, a cabin in the woods with a pile of firewood on the porch, windsurfing on Alta Lake, a landscape of Alta Lake with cabins on the edge, children playing on a playground, Wedge Mountain, children playing in Alta Lake, the Sea to Sky Highway, a group of people on a patio, people walking through a meadow with wildflowers, a golf course green, and grooming equipment grooming a ski run.

002: "Greg Griffith"
020: "Grooming equip't"


Various aerial photographs of early Whistler Village construction from the 1980s. Buildings include: Whistler Conference Centre, Myrtle Philip Elementary School, Hearthstone Lodge, Rainbow Building, Blackcomb Lodge, Fitzsimmons Lodge, Executive Inn & Suites, Clocktower Building, Crystal Lodge (under construction), Delta Mountain Inn, Carleton Lodge (under construction), Mountainside Lodge, Pan Pacific Mountainside, and the Police and Fire Hall.

001: "Whistler Village Early 80s"


Photographs of people going up 7th Heaven Express on Blackcomb Mountain, the Chateau Whistler Resort, a group of people gathered around a fireplace and a bar at restaurants [possibly The Wildflower & The Mallard Lounge?], snow-covered houses with Blackcomb Mountain in the background, 'The Gables' Condominiums, Whistler Village Stroll (buildings: Clocktower Building, Executive Inn & Suites, Carleton Lodge, Sundial Hotel, and Longhorn Saloon & Grill), aerial photographs of early Whistler Village (buildings include: Blackcomb Lodge, Hearthstone Lodge, Rainbow Building, Whistler Conference Centre, Fitzsimmons Lodge, Crystal Lodge, Sundial Hotel, Carleton Lodge, Pan Pacific Hotel, St. Andrews House, the Police station, Fire Hall, and Myrtle Philip Elementary School), other aerial photographs of Whistler Village that include a residential housing and Whistler and Blackcomb Mountain in the background, a group of people eating and drinking at a picnic on top of Whistler Mountain, Whistler Village Gondola cars with mountain views, Pika's Restaurant on Whistler Mountain with large crowds out front, two people cross-country skiing with residences and mountains in the background, an entertainer juggling on Whistler Mountain with a crowd watching, and fireworks going off from Blackcomb Mountain with Whistler Village lit up in the background and Wizard Express in the foreground.



Photographs of a man standing next to a tree in a forest, an information sign about bears that states: "QUIET! BEARS SLEEPING", aerial photographs and close up views of early Whistler Village under construction (buildings include: Whistler Conference Centre, Blackcomb Lodge, Hearthstone Lodge, Rainbow Building, Delta Mountain Inn/Hilton Whistler Resort, Executive Inn & Suites, Clocktower Building, Crystal Lodge/Tapley's Neighbourhood Pub, Fitzsimmons Lodge, Carleton Lodge, Mountainside Lodge, and Myrtle Philip Elementary School), and a Whistler Village sign in front of the construction.


Photographs of early construction of Whistler Village (buildings include: Delta Mountain Inn/Hilton Whistler Resort, Carleton Lodge, Whistler Conference Centre, Hearthstone Lodge, Rainbow Building, Blackcomb Lodge, St. Andrews House, Fitzsimmons Lodge, Executive Inn & Suites, Clocktower Building, Mountainside Lodge, Crystal Lodge, Myrtle Philip Elementary School), Whiski Jack condominiums in Nordic, an bird in the snow, a snowman with a 'Ski Blackcomb' baseball cap on, a ski race with a large crowd watching on the sidelines, a shirtless man skiing [possibly Frank Papenburg - as labelled by John Lee], a view of many skis standing in the snow, a man windsurfing with ski boots on, docks on Alta Lake, a portrait of a man on the mountain in winter, a landscape of a snowy creek, a radio mascot skiing a race, and a man installing a mat around a chairlift tower.

006: "Whiskey-Jack"


Photographs of Santa Claus visiting children at Myrtle Philip Elementary School in December 1986.

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