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Philip, Myrtle Dossier
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Phil & Myrtle

  • PHILIP-3-1986-0740
  • Dossier
  • [1949?]
  • Fait partie de Philip Fonds

Philip Tapley and Myrtle Philip on the shore of Alta Lake. Inscription on verso: "Mrs. Philip + Phil Tapley (her brother) / 1949"

Whistler - The Magazine, Winter 1982

Whistler-themed magazine, published by Paul Burrows, containing the following articles:
"The view from here" by Paul Burrows
"Don't leave Whistler without... : A few must-do suggestions" by Michael Maloney
"Jumping the gaps of time and space: Welcome to the world of heli-skiing" by Michael Maloney
"Somewhere over the rainbow: The dreams of Whistler's oldest resident" by Glenda Bartosh
"Keeping an eye on Whistler: And keeping both eyes on three of its finest photographers" by Glenda Bartosh
"The World comes to Whistler: Excitement mounts for two of the greatest races on earth" by Paul Burrows
"Kings of the mountain: Stefan Ples, Franz Wilhelmsen, and their views from the top" by Michael Maloney
"Twin Lakes... Twin living: A dash of urbane in the middle of the mountains" by Glenda Bartosh
"Fashion on the up and up: A Vancouver ski wear company takes to the slopes"
"How to find it: Doctors, lawyers, dog catchers...your guide to finding it in Whistler"
"Maps - for the skier... : A bird's eye view of both mountains"
"...and for the shopper: Finding your way through Whistler Village"

Whistler - The Magazine, 1985

Whistler-themed magazine, published by Paul Burrows, containing the following articles:
"A Letter From the Editor"
"Whistling Jack"
"A Town in the Making"
"Whistler Village - It's all by Design"
"Whistler Accommodation Guide"
"Reflections on Whistler"
"The Year in Revue"
"Shop Talk"
"Top of the Table"

Prints 090-112

Photographs given to Janet Love Morrison by Intrawest.

Photographs of Franz Wilhelmsen skiing with Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, a Garibaldi Lifts Ltd. Summer Camp ski pass, Whistler Village in the midst of construction from Whistler Mountain, a ski school group photo with children posing with Willie Whistler, Garibaldi Olympic Development Association (GODA) notice of annual general meeting form 1966, Garibaldi Lifts Ltd. Subscription Agreement, a letter from Franz Wilhelmsen to Florence Strachan notifying the sending of the Garibaldi Lifts Ltd. Subscription Agreement, a flyer about Jim McConkey and Bob Dufour's Garibaldi Ski School, a group of children in ski school with their instructor, a baby on skis, a group photo of Yosemite Ski School from Winter 1948 (including, from left to right, Bob Berelsford, Ross Moore, Norm Palmer, Jim McConkey, Chuck Freshwater, Nic Fiore, Tony Freitas, Bill Cahow, and Luggi Foeger), Alta Lake train station on the PGE, Myrtle Philip in her elder years walking with Gary Watson, a sign on Whistler Mountain listing the town services in the 1970s [post-it reading "For Sure"], Roundhouse, Eric Beardmore and the Woodward family skiing Whistler Mountain, Jim McConkey skiing Whistler Mountain, the front cover of the September/October 1963 issue of Skier Magazine showing Willy Schaeffler and Franz Wilhelmsen inspecting the mountain, skiers posing, Whistler T-bar, skiers from Garibaldi Ski School posing for a portrait, children posing with their instructor, and a woman from Ski Patrol.

5714 Alta Lake Road

Notes relating to 5714 Alta Lake Road, lots 10 and 11. Includes notes from a chat with Roger Stacey, correspondence with Florence and Andy Petersen, correspondence with Roger Stacey, and handwritten note from Ray Dove, and a memoir from Ray Dove about Woodbine Cottage.

5730 Alta Lake Road

Four sheets of handwritten narrative about 5730 Alta Lake Road, also known as Whispering Leaves. The narrative talks about the successive owners of the property and how the owners came and went form the Whistler area.

5690 Alta Lake Road

Typed notes and anecdotes from J'Anne Greenwood, the owner of 5690 Alta Lake Road, Lots 17 and 18. The same stories are laid out several different times in slightly different formats, and cover stories about train travel and how the family came to buy a lot of Alta Lake Road and a general family history.

Photo Album of Isobel MacLaurin's Paintings

Photo album contents related to local Whistler artist, Isobel MacLaurin. Items in the file include:

001: 9.5 x 13.5 cm colour photograph showing a "B.C. Rivers Day” mural. Caption: "Presently, I'm painting another 4' x 6' mural for the Burnaby municipality. Above is (1) of (4)."
002: 9.5 x 13.5 cm colour photograph showing a mural of a grizzly bear and salmon. Caption: "One of six murals for the B.C. Institute of Technology."
003: 15 x 10.2 cm colour photograph showing a floral wall mural. Caption: "One of two floral murals at the entrance to Chateau Whistler's Wildflower Restaurant." (WA_1986_083_05_001_001_003)
004: 10.1 x 15.1 cm colour photograph showing a mural of bears at a golf course. Caption: "2 of 10 paintings Whistler Golf Club."
005: 15 x 10.1 cm colour photograph showing Isobel MacLaurin standing beside a mural of a golfer. Caption: "2 of 10 paintings Whistler Golf Club."
006: 9.5 x 13.5 cm colour photograph showing Isobel MacLaurin painting a mural of fish in a lake. Caption: "These paintings are so new, they will be on (1) Blackcomb (2) Chateau Golf Course."
007: 11.8 x 10.1 cm colour photograph showing Isobel MacLaurin holding up a painting of a golf course. Caption: "These paintings are so new, they will be on (1) Blackcomb (2) Chateau Golf Course."
008: Newspaper article, “A Prime Minister’s Christmas,” with a sketch of the Skier’s Chapel by Isobel MacLaurin.
009: Card with colour painting of the Skier’s Chapel by Isobel MacLaurin.
010: 10.2 x 15.1 cm colour photograph of people with the Skiier's Chapel in background. Marked "Pierre T. 1968."
011: Thank-you card with a drawing of Myrtle Philip c. 1919 on front (signed Isobel MacLaurin, 1987) and information about Myrtle on back.
012: Page about Isobel MacLaurin from Whistler Winter/Spring 1994 magazine.

Slides of Isobel MacLaurin's Paintings

Slides depicting murals and paintings by Isobel MacLaurin. These may have been a submission to Millennium Place.

001: Still-life painting of vegetables. Caption reads: "Watercolours Menkes". Slide appears to be dated "July 2000".
002: Mural depicting a heron standing in the River of Golden Dreams with mountains in the background. Caption reads: "muni[cipal] sign". Slide dated "Jun[e 19]87."
003: Mural beside gondolas showing a grouse in a mountain setting. Caption reads: "Whistler M[oun]t[ai]n. Mural with local birds". Slide dated "Aug[ust] 28, 1989". Back of slide says "I[sobel] MacL[aurin]".
004: Mural depicting a Stellar's jay flying above Nita Lake with mountains in the background. Marked "On west side rd. above Nita Lk Isobel MacL." Slide dated Jun. 87.
005: Two men carrying a mural depicting tree stumps and trunks. Caption reads: "Forestry Mural B.C.I.T." Slide dated "Apr[il] 3, 1992".
006: Woman painting waves on a mural. Caption reads: "Mural in Cook Islands." Slide dated "Mar[ch 19]83".
007: Woman painting a mural of flowers and palm trees. Caption reads: "Mural in Fiji".
008: Mural of flowers. Caption reads: "1 of 4 North Shore Credit Union". Slide dated "Mar[ch] 9, 1993".
009: Mural of pond with birds and island in the centre. Caption reads: "BCIT. One of 6 Murals". Slide dated "Aug[ust] 23, 1993".
010: Painting of Whistler Mountain. Caption reads: "Whistler M[oun]t[ai]n Watercolour". Slide dated "Nov[ember 19]96".
011: Painting of a mountain goat. Marked "1st Western Canada Nat[ional] Hon[ourary] mention. Chrysler Competition". Slide appears to be dated "Jul[y] 88T03".
012: Painting of a stream with snowy banks. Caption reads "Reflections. River of Golden Dreams. H2O colo[u]r. I[sobel] MacLaurin Whistler". Slide appears to be dated "May 23, 1990".
013: Oval drawing or painting of a woman and child looking at the legs of a passing woman. Caption reads: "Eve-olution? Col. - Brackendale A.G.".
014: Painting of a young boy. Caption reads: "Cook Island lad". Dated "Apr[il] 30, 1990".
015: Painting of an elderly Myrtle Philip. Caption reads: "Myrtle Philip at 95. Pastel". Appears to be dated "Nov[ember 19]86".
016: Painting of an elderly woman. Marked "Mountain woman "Thai" Oct[ober 19]85. Royyylic". Slide dated "Jan[uary 19]86".
017: Painting of flowers. Caption reads: "Watercolour. Menu Chateau. Wildflower scene watercolour for mural".

MacLaurin, Isobel

Letter from Myrtle Philip to Sonya McCarthy

  • WA_2018_021-03-001
  • Dossier
  • [1982-1986]
  • Fait partie de Sonya McCarthy

Letter from Myrtle Philip to Sonya McCarthy from the 1980s regarding Christmas and attending a concert.

001a: Addressed envelope containing Myrtle's address in Squamish (Hilltop House) and Sonya McCarthy's address.
001b: Letter from Myrtle to Sonya in messy handwriting.

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