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Gay Cluer Fonds
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5593 Alta Lake Road

A form and extra sheet of notes from Sheila Sherkat and Mark Beaven about 5593 Alta Lake Road, Lot "B". Details who the previous owners of the property were and how the two of them came to the Whistler area.

5597 Alta Lake Road

A form filled out by Denis and Pat Beauregard about their home at 5597 Alta Lake Road, Lot "C". Also contains a sheet of handwritten notes with anecdotes about raising their family in Whistler and their work and volunteer roles in the community.

5598 Alta Lake Road

Contains two forms for 5598 Alta Lake Road filled out by Bea Searle and Bob Penner, and by Don and Joyce Gow and Bill Russell. It contains information about how the PGE owned the property and about how the various owners came to own to the property.

5601 Alta Lake Road

One handwritten note and two forms filled out by Don Noyes and Judith Bromley about 5601 Alta Lake Road. The note lists the only owner of the property, Don Noyes, and the forms detail how he bought the property from BC Rail and built a house there for the views of Alta Lake.

5602 Alta Lake Road

A form filled in by Bev and Ron Kitteringham at 5602 Alta Lake Road, Lot 39. They write about how they purchased the property from the Fairhursts and their family history in the area. Also included in a different package is one page of typed notes with extensive handwritten annotations and two double sided pages of handwritten notes. The notes are from Bev and Ron Kitteringham and include numerous small anecdotes about traveling to and from Alta Lake on the train, as well how they lived before the town became more accessible.

5610 Alta Lake Road

Research and correspondence related to 5610 Alta Lake Road, lot 37. It includes two emails between Florence Petersen and Paul "Spud" Mathews, as well as a form filled out about the lot and how the house was purchased, as well as a description of how Mathews came to the Whistler area.

5638 Alta Lake Road

Notes on 5638 Alta Lake Road, Lot 30. One handwritten note listing owners of the property and two pages of handwritten notes by Jacquie Pope about how she first came to the area and the first owner of the lot who was an unknown PGE employee.

5642 Alta Lake Road

Two handwritten notes and a form filled in by Adrian and Hedy Hartmann about 5642 Alta Lake Road, Lot 29. They list the previous owners of the house and mention that Jacquie Pope would be a good person to talk to for further information.

5662 Alta Lake Road

A page of handwritten notes about 5662 Alta Lake Road, Lot 24. The information however is the story of the Brock family and several others that were killed in a plane crash in the Alta Lake area. Lieutenant-Colonel Reginald Walter Brock is often referred to as Dean Brock due to his position at the University of British Columbia.

5670 Alta Lake Road

A form filled out by Dave and Kathy Burrus about their property at 5670 Alta Lake Road, Lot 22. They discuss how they built the house on an empty lot and how they found an unidentified apple tree growing on their lot.

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