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Jinny Ladner Fonds
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Cheque to Garibaldi Lifts Ltd

A photocopy of a cheque from T.E. Ladner made out to the Garibaldi Lifts Ltd. for the purchase of 6 annual passes at $65.00 each and 1 annual pass at $32.50 each on August 30, 1968. The total was $422.50. The names of all of the Ladner family members receiving ski passes (T.E., Janet, Peter, Christopher, Stephen, Janet C. and Wendy) are listed at the top.

Garibaldi Climbing and Hiking School Pamphlet

A two sided pamphlet for the Garibaldi Climbing & Hiking School on Whistler Mountain. The front contains the Garibaldi Lifts Ltd. logo, a photo of a hiker in the mountains, contact information for the school and facilities such as accommodations and shops associated with the school. The back gives a short description of what the school offers and the rates for tours and climbing lessons.

Garibaldi International Summer Ski Camp Information Package

A Garibaldi International Summer Ski Camp at Whistler Mountain information package of four pages. Page 1 features a picture of a skier and advertises guest coach Art Furrer. There is also information about the dates of the sessions, the camp and coaching staff, the locations, the instruction and the age range of participants. The second page gives short biographies of 4 coaches: Ornulf Johnsen, Art Furrer, Al Menzies and Joe Csizmazia. It also covers the purpose of the camp and details what kind of equipment to bring and insurance to have. The third page is an application form for the camp with a stapled attachment indicating the dates of the second session have been moved to July 1- July 10. The fourth page features three images: "The gondola-chairlift complex will take students up 4000 ft. to the upper T-bar slopes", "The 3/4 mile long T-bar will take students to 6420 ft. above sea level where snow conditions are good even in July", and "Ornulf Johnsen practices slalom on the upper slopes of Whistler Mountain." The fourth page also contains a letter from the director Ornulf Johnsen about the naming of the camp, qualifications necessary to attend, camp schedule, age limits, evening activities, supervision, and end of camp races.

Garibaldi Lifts Ltd.

Documents relating to Garibaldi Lifts Ltd., donated by Jinny Ladner, including a certificate of purchase and receipts for annual ski passes for the Ladner family.

Garibaldi Lifts Ltd. Certificate

A certificate from the Garibaldi Lifts Ltd to purchase a special seasons pass for the seasons from 1965 to 1970. The terms and conditions of the certificate are listed. The back contains handwritten notes by the Ladner family about the ski passes purchased for each member over the 5 seasons and the ticket number of each pass. It also gives the dates of birth of each of the children. The certificate is held by Newlyn Holdings Ltd and T.E. Ladner.

Garibaldi Lodge Pamphlet

A pamphlet from Garibaldi Lodge at Lake Lucille in 1947. The front panel features three hikers with a view of Black Tusk Meadows and a short description of the Lodge. The inside panels feature images of of the lodge, fishing, riding, Black Tusk, and a small map. They contain information about accommodation options, swimming, fishing, horseback riding, hiking, mountain climbing, and transportation. The back panel has information about rates for accommodation, horses, boats, and round trip fares. The accommodation rates have been added to the pamphlet on a small piece of blue paper.

Garibaldi Ski School Information Letter

An information letter sent to Janet Ladner from Ornulf Johnsen of the Garibaldi Ski School regarding the Summer Ski Camp. The letter addresses commonly asked questions by parents including arrival information, pocket money, activities besides skiing and their prices, equipment necessary for both skiing and other activities. It also asks that parents who have not supplied the camp with health certificates do upon arrival.

Garibaldi Ski School Information Letter

An information letter to skiers potentially attending the Garibaldi Ski School, sent April, 1967. It explains there will be two sections of the Whistler Mountain Summer Ski Camp: the Racing Section with Toni Sailer and the Ski Technique section with Art Furrer. It also gives arrival instructions, including recommended flights into the Vancouver airport for attendees. The letter is signed by the director Roy A. Ferris. A handwritten note in the top right-hand corner reads "Dep. $50.00 x 2 for S and J for June 18-27/67."

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