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Paula Shackleton Fonds Blackcomb Mountain Mountain views
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Prints 19-20

Photographs of children learning how to windsurf with Whistler Kids Windsurfing summer camps on Alta Lake.

Captions on verso:
WA_2016_002_01_03_007_01: "Good to have a wetsuit on the cooler days! These are alpine lakes and tho[ugh] they warm quickly in the latter [sic] summer, early summer is frigid!"
WA_2016_002_01_03_007_02: "Eager to get out in the deep water! Each student first learns to 'self rescue' by [bulaning?] to sail on the back of the board & paddling on their stomach to shore 50 metres!"

Prints 23-24

Photographs of children and an instructor sitting at a picnic table at Rainbow Park for a 'dry land class' with the Whistler Kids Windsurfing summer camp and children learning to windsurf on Alta Lake while swimmers look on.

Captions on verso:
WA_2016_002_01_03_009_01: "James - Students become a focal point of beach traffic and bathers"
WA_2016_002_01_03_009_02: "Dry land classes - Students learn how to measure the wind according to land and water cues: -ripples in water -wavelets -white caps -etc."

Prints 27-28

Photographs of children learning to windsurf with Whistler Kids Windsurfing summer camps on Alta Lake with mountains in the background.

Captions on verso:
WA_2016_002_01_03_011_01: "These are BIC windsurfers W[histler] K[ids] W[indsurfing] had 14 complete rigs in varying size for different ages & strengths - MINI BIC with 1.3 m - 1.7m sales [sic - should be 'sails'] 3 metre - 4 metre - 4.5 and 5 metre"
WA_2016_002_01_03_011_02: "This little chap is in sailing position : lead toe beside the mast foot - Back foot over the dag[g]erboard"