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Cliff Fenner Fonds
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Obituary of Clifford Fenner. Taped to page is a receipt of $47.62 with a "THE CHIEF" stamp.

Canadian Citizenship Certificate

Certificate of Canadian Citizenship of Clifford Fenner. Front has signatures of the deputy minister and the minister, and the back has details about Fenner.


Series contains glass slides, slides, transparencies, negatives, and a print related to the photography career of Clifford Fenner and his travels across British Columbia and the United States. Most activities and landscapes portrayed are mountaine...


Photograph of mountain climber in foreground looking at mountain peaks. Glass slide is framed with blue tape.


Photograph of mountain climber sitting with gear on slope looking at side of mountain. Glass slide is framed with blue tape labeled with number 5.

Lake and mountains

Photograph of mountains reflecting in lake. Glass slide framed with blue tape.


Photograph of mountaintop partially covered in snow with person standing at base. Glass slide covered in blue tape.

Camping by lake

Photograph of campsite on shore of lake in [Garibaldi Park]. Glass slide framed with blue tape.

Group sitting near lake

Photograph of 4 people sitting near lake with mountains in background. Glass slide framed with blue tape.

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