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Whistler Question

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  • 1977-1996

Photographs taken for use in the weekly Whistler Question newspaper between 1977 and 1996.


Photographs taken for the Whistler Question newspaper from 1986 to 1996.

In-depth catalogue available for perusal at the Whistler Museum - please contact staff for viewing.


Photographs including but not limited to Whistler Mountain; Blackcomb Mountain; Whistler Village development; skiers; portraits; golfing; Alta Lake Community Club; logging; cycling; running; baseball; soccerMyrtle Philip; Toni Sailer; Matt White; Mark Angus; Dave Murray; Miss Pemberton Princess Parade; lakes; rivers; Creekside; Town Centre Construction; Great Earth Snow Water Race; Construction; Roundhouse; Pierre Elliott Trudeau; Grouse Mountain Vancouver; freestyle skiing; World Cup of Downhill; Skiing; Podborski; Weasel Workers; Winterhawks Hockey Team; Slush Cup; Rotary Club; Myrtle Philip Elementary School Christmas Party; Gondola Barn; Alpine Building Whistler Mountain; South Face of Whistler Mountain; roads; Lift Evacuation Practice; car accidents; Schmuck Pictures; Fashion Show Ski; Ski Swap; Garibaldi Building Supplies; Mayor Pat Carleton; windsurfing; Alta Lake; kayaking; Lift Installation - Whistler Mountain; Eldon Beck; Slalom Pro Race; Myrtle Philip School; running; town planning; firemen; Jim McConkey; Motor Racing; Curling; Fire Hall; Cross-Country Skiing; Whistler Creek Lodge; Snowblowers; Karate; Basketball Team; Cheerleaders; Ski Racing; Bill Vandersam; Gary Watson; Pat Carleton; Green Chair; Green Lake; Seaplane; Halloween; Church on the Mountain; Nairn Falls; Town planning and construction of Whistler; Windsurfing; Squamish Loggers' Day; Wayside Park; Bikers; Brandywine Falls; Cheakamus Challenge; Lorne Borgal; weddings; Half Marathon; Fall Festival; Midsummer Festival; car accidents; snowmen; Myrtle Philip Elementary School; Highway 99; pub; Don MacLaurin; Sid Young; Paul Burrows; Gary Athans; Alpine Meadows; Nordic; Creekside; Pemberton; Rotary Club; pub nights; drinking; musicians playing; Christmas; Halloween; Easter

Week of December 5, 1979

Photographs including but not limited to Whistler Mountain; Blackcomb Mountain; Construction.
002-01-36 caption: Blackcomb Mountain pictured from 12,500 feet taken November 27, 1979; appears on page 1.
02-01-10 appears on page 4. Construction.
02-01-22 appears on page 8. Caption: Another view of the Town Centre with the Blackcomb access road in the background.
02-01-35 appears on page 11. Caption: The runs of Whistler as they appear from the air.
02-01-16 appears on page 12 Caption: The new snow and sunshine shows to advantage on Blackcomb Mountain.

Week of July 4, 1979

Photographs including but not limited to skiing; roads; logging truck accident; Pemberton Princess; track competition; bus transport; snakes; school.
02-02-28 appears on page 15. Caption: A freestyler shows his form off the jump under the watchful eye of Wayne Wong.
02-02-19 on pg. 15. Caption: Bob Dufour & Toni Sailer riding up.
02-02-04 on pg. 15. Caption: Looking down the camp T-Bar from the top.
02-02-41 on pg. 1. Caption: The logging truck that didn't make it around the curve at Emerald Estates on Friday, June 29.
02-02-57 on back cover. Caption: Miss Pembeton, Sylvia Gilmore, flanked by 2nd Princess Shirley Walker on the left and 1st Princess Naomi Bertoia.
02-02-59 on pg. 6. Caption: The Miss Pemberton contestants: (back row) Lea Blundell, Denise Allen, Cathy Fraser, Sheila Gilmore, (front row) Shirley Walker (2nd Princess), Miss Pemberton Sylvia Gilmore, Naomi Bertoia (1st Princess).
02-02-60 on pg. 3. Caption: The way it was this weekend -- barbecuing in the rain!
02-02-65 on pg. 3. Caption: The new ski runs on Blackcomb start to appear after the July 1 snowstorm!
02-02-71 on pg. 10. Caption: Laura McGuffin gives her talk to the West Vancouver bus tour group.
02-02-43 on pg. 12. Caption: Building "A" of the new Whistler Village parking garage as it appeared on June 29.
02-02-100 on pg. 13. Caption: Two proud mothers -- Eva Beleznai and Joanne Kirkwood with their babies.
02-02-85 on pg. 14. Caption: Myrtle Phillips hands Chris Carson his certificate while Alexis Turner looks on.

Week of June 27, 1979

Photographs including but not limited to strawberry picking; partying; Miss Pemberton Princess Parade; Construction; boating, barbecues at Alta Lake; trailer camping; Toni Sailer; Dave Murray; drinking.
02-003-17 on pg 1. Caption: Toni Sailer, Wayne Booth, Ron Johnson, Greg Moyls & Al Turner sample a special oyster drink at the summer ski camp opening party.
02-003-6 on pg. 5. Caption: Jan Naylor and others gather in her strawberry patch in Pemberton.
02-003-51+53 on pg. 3. Caption: The two new bridges being completed at Rubble Creek (left) and Brandywine.
02-003-61 on pg. 4. Caption: Myrtle Philip School students enjoy their barbequed lunch at the Outdoor School farm on Friday, June 22.
02-003-63 on pg. 15. Caption: Young David Valleau all dressed up for the Pemberton Parade.
02-003-68 on pg. 15. Caption: The winning float entered by the D'Arcy 4H Club and entitled the D'Arcy 4H Ark.
02-003-71 on pg.15. Caption: Part of the crowd assembled outside Priest's new drugstore to watch the parade.
002-003-88 on pg. 16 or back cover. Caption: A logger shows fine form in the power saw bucking competition at the Pemberton Loggers Sports on Sunday.

Week of June 20, 1979

Photographs including but not limited to Rotary Club; music; musicians; dinner buffet; construction.
02-004-8 on pg. 11. Caption: Past President Bob Bishop (right) gives last year's president Graeme O'Neill his lapel pin. (Rotary Installation)
02-004-11 on pg. 11. Caption: Gordie Forrest chats with Liz Carpay at the Rotary dinner.
02-004-1 on pg. 1. Caption: The first concrete is poured--cement truck works on Heine's Package #11 site on Wednesday, June 13.
02-004-24 on pg. 3. Caption: The Whistler I.S.S. Club tourney being played on the rinks by the school.
02-004-17 on pg. 8. Caption: Ann, Meg, & Shelley prepare the strawberries for the "Strawberry Social".
02-004-18 on pg. 8. Caption: Jimbo serves himself from the buffet at M&A's.
02-004-12 on back cover. Caption: Debbie Bishop an Myrtle Philip at the Rotary President's Ball on Saturday, June 16.

Week of June 13, 1979

Photographs including but not limited to dinner buffet; speeches; lodge; windsurfing - Alta Lake; Alta Lake; dumpster; bears; barbecue; tennis.
02-005-45 on pg. 1. Caption: Hey you guys! Look what I've found! Three cubs and a mother head for the garbage.
02-005-31 on pg. 3. Caption: Mrs. Margaret Fougberg chats with Kelly Maxwell with Slim Fougberg and Mrs. Myrtle Philip in background.
02-005-36 on pg. 5. Caption: Leslie Roberts gives tennis instructions to Scott Logue, Doug Smith and Steven Beauregard.
02-005-04 on pg. 8. Caption: Diane and Dave Valleau with Rick King at the Pemberton School banquet.
02-005-07 on pg. 8. Caption: Guest speaker Jim Spencer addresses the Pemberton grads.
02-005-02 on pg. 9. Alex Marshall, Lexi Ross and his daughter, Cindy at the [Pemberton] school banquet.
02-005-10 on pg. 12. Caption: One of the new lawns at Whistler in front of the house of Klaus and Joan Gross.
02-005-09 on pg. 12. Instant Gardens! With the finished produce in the background in preparation for placing the sod piled in the foreground.
02-005-41 on pg. 13. Caption: Kim and Ann's greenhouse by the Gondola.
02-005-38 on pg. 15. Caption: Linda Satre sits in front of the new Telex machine at the Whistler Information Centre.
02-005-01 on back cover pg. [16]. Caption: All smiles! Mrs. Jan Logue and her oldest son, Jim, pictured at the Pemberton Grade 12 banquet. Story & more pictures on pages 8 & 9.

Week of June 6, 1979

Photographs including but not limited to views of Whistler Mountain; Construction; motorcycles; car accident; firemen; lake views; school events
02-006-26 on pg. 1. Caption: An idyllic scene - the north side of Whistler is reflected in the still waters of Green Lake.
02-006-32 on pg. 3. Caption: Mr. Marshall accompanies his class on the guitar as they perform on recorders and percussion.
02-006-08 on pg. 8. Caption: none...See story next to photograph and answer is provided in ...
02-006-11 on pg. 9. Caption: Some of the piles in the town centre parking structure that were driven down over 100 ft.
02-006-28 on pg 9. Caption: The 'Blackcomb Bog' claims a victim. Sabre's Cat gets into difficulty.
02-006-04-05 on pg. 10. Caption: Another view of the logging slash in front of Whistler taken from the road with 200 mm lens.
02-006-25 on pg. 10. Caption: The view of the north end of Green Lake at Soo Valley - a popular camping spot.
02-006-38 on pg. 11. Caption: Top - Andy Munster and friends watch as the firemen start their practice.
02-006-47 on pg. 11. Caption: Centre - Firemen Ike Elboin lights a copy of the Whistler Question so that he can set fire to his cabin.
02-006-48 on pg. 11. Caption: Below: Up she goes 0 the end of the Diversion creek residence.
02-006-09 on pg. 12. Caption: The testing rig being used in the town centre to test the loading of the foundation piles.
02-006-14 on pg. 14. Caption: Some of the motorcycles parked outside the Whistler Inn on Sunday.
02-006-51 on pg. 15. Caption: Lonnie Wray, Pierre Friele, Chuck Hustins and Cal Logue ham it up in a scene from the P.S.S. production 'Timber'.
02-006-07 on pg [16] or back cover. Caption: Whistler Mountain as seen from the southern boundary of the municipality showing the logging slash on the west ridge.

Week of May 30, 1979

Photographs including but not limited to town planning in 1978; Whistler Village construction
02-007-03 on pg. [16] or back cover. Caption: The precast concrete at the Town Centre gives the appearance of a small town.
02-007-02 on pg. 7. Caption: Someone important must have fallen in the ditch! There are now concrete curbs by the Mons garbage bin entrance.
02-007-12-13 on pg. 8. Caption: The view from Mr. Saunders condominium on Drew Drive showing the outline of the new Whistler Creek Hotel.
02-007-17-18 on pg. 15. Caption: Looking south down Pinecrest Lake with Cloudburst Mtn. in the background.
02-007-15 on pg. 15. Caption: Pinecrest Lake - a natural setting presently being developed into recreational parcels.

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