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Photographs including but not limited to Whistler Mountain; Blackcomb Mountain; Whistler Village development; skiers; portraits; golfing; Alta Lake Community Club; logging; cycling; running; baseball; soccerMyrtle Philip; Toni Sailer; Matt White; Mark Angus; Dave Murray; Miss Pemberton Princess Parade; lakes; rivers; Creekside; Town Centre Construction; Great Earth Snow Water Race; Construction; Roundhouse; Pierre Elliott Trudeau; Grouse Mountain Vancouver; freestyle skiing; World Cup of Downhill; Skiing; Podborski; Weasel Workers; Winterhawks Hockey Team; Slush Cup; Rotary Club; Myrtle Philip Elementary School Christmas Party; Gondola Barn; Alpine Building Whistler Mountain; South Face of Whistler Mountain; roads; Lift Evacuation Practice; car accidents; Schmuck Pictures; Fashion Show Ski; Ski Swap; Garibaldi Building Supplies; Mayor Pat Carleton; windsurfing; Alta Lake; kayaking; Lift Installation - Whistler Mountain; Eldon Beck; Slalom Pro Race; Myrtle Philip School; running; town planning; firemen; Jim McConkey; Motor Racing; Curling; Fire Hall; Cross-Country Skiing; Whistler Creek Lodge; Snowblowers; Karate; Basketball Team; Cheerleaders; Ski Racing; Bill Vandersam; Gary Watson; Pat Carleton; Green Chair; Green Lake; Seaplane; Halloween; Church on the Mountain; Nairn Falls; Town planning and construction of Whistler; Windsurfing; Squamish Loggers' Day; Wayside Park; Bikers; Brandywine Falls; Cheakamus Challenge; Lorne Borgal; weddings; Half Marathon; Fall Festival; Midsummer Festival; car accidents; snowmen; Myrtle Philip Elementary School; Highway 99; pub; Don MacLaurin; Sid Young; Paul Burrows; Gary Athans; Alpine Meadows; Nordic; Creekside; Pemberton; Rotary Club; pub nights; drinking; musicians playing; Christmas; Halloween; Easter

Week of September 27, 1978

Photographs including but not limited to Garibaldi construction; chairlift construction; Orange Chair on Whistler Mountain; 19 Mile Creek bridge work; "Little Red" Chair construction; Blackcomb Mountain access road
02-036-09. pg.5. Caption: Top drive station of the new "Little Red" chairlift being built at the top of Whistler Ski area.

Week of July 9, 1981

Photographs including but not limited to canoeing Alta Lake; construction; windsurfing; driving; Pat Carleton; restaurant; chefs; music; musicians; Stanley Lake; Daisy Lake; Village Stroll; Stoney's; Whistler Village; birds
02-175-44. Pg. 1. Caption: One of the government's new warning signs posted at Stanley Lake.
02-175-48. Pg. 3. Caption: Picnic site at Daisy Lake -- soon to be one of the many recreational facilities closed by the provincial government.
02-175-9. Pg. 4. Caption: [top] Paving helps smooth things out in the Village entrance
02-175-13. Pg. 4. Caption: [bottom] and Sunshine Place.
02-175-38. Pg. 6. Caption: Ted Nebbeling surveys his new satelitte receiving antenna.
02-175-21. Pg. 8. Caption: [windsurfers]
02-175-22. Pg. 9. Caption: [top] The first Miss Bikini of Whistler, Keli Johnston, 19, of Whistler won herself a crips[sp.] $100 bill in the Mountain House's first bikini contest held July 6.
02-175-14. Pg. 9. Caption: [bottom] Florence Corrigan, Whistler's new pharmacist.
02-175-24. Pg. 10. Caption: SUN! and its followers were out in full force on Sunday, July 5. These found a spotnear Whistler Mountain Lodge.
02-175-16. Pg. 10. Caption: Chef Michel and Pascal of Stoney's [advertisement]
02-175-12. Pg. 13. Caption: [Mayor Pat Carleton] photo repeats in July 16, 1981 issue on pg. 13.
02-175-28. Pg. 15. Caption: Diver leaps from 'swinging tree' at Lost Lake.
02-175-55. Pg. 17. Caption: [top] Jacquie Cherot, Nobby Yashime and Michel Bertholet.
02-175-65. Pg. 17. Caption: [bottom] Never let a government agent get your goose! Doug Wilson of the Fish and Wildlife Branch shows one of the 75 Canada Geese being transferred from Stanley Park to the Pemberton Valley.
02-175-19. Pg. 18. Caption: [top] Stuart McNeill and 16 of his sunny students take to the shade on the first day of Camp Rainshine. McNeill is assisting Susie McCance in supervising the program.
02-175-61. Pg. 18. Caption: [bottom] Looking like the stark rib cage of a whale, the support beams to the roof of the Resort Centre are put in place.
02-175-29. Pg. [20]. Caption: The sunworshippers poured out of the shadows and on-to the wharf of Lost Lake on July 5 to enjoy a bit of Old Sol, whom some believe to be on the endangered species list.

Week of July 19, 1982

Photographs including but not limited to housing interiors; construction; outdoor patio; Al Raine; Chamber info book; Blackcomb summer operations; chairlift; gondola; mountain views; bridge; Wedgemount; Garibaldi Provincial Park; Camp Rainshine
Appears in July 22, 1982 issue:
02-277-145. Pg. 1. Caption: [right] Twelve months later, window washers shine up the building for its July 23rd opening.
02-277-150. Pg. 3. Caption: [top] Workers repair damage done to the Lillooet bridge, which received unwanted alterations Tuesday from a truck too tall for a bridge too small.
02-277-46. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom] Debbie Cliffe, Whistler's new postmistress, has a smiled that would send any mail happily on its way. Cliff was formerly the assistant postmistress in Field, B.C. She has been handling her Majesty's Royal Mail since 1975.
02-277-139. Pg. 5. Caption: Halt! A barrier blocks the drive of an Alpine Meadows residence after ditching crew passed by.
02-277-144. Pg. 7. Caption: Hanging high, window washers polish up the Delta Mountain Inn for its July 23rd opening.
02-277-35. Pg. 8. Caption: [bottom] Executive Chef David Hammonds readies his kitchen in preparation for the opening of Twigs, the casually elegant new restaurant in Delta Mountain Inn. Hammond, received his trainging in England, has had the opportunity to serve royalty, including Queen Elizabeth.
02-277-73. Pg. 9. Caption: [bottom left] Not sculpture, but the art deco upholstered chairs in Twigs' holding bar, a spider-like perspective of a chandelier and and eight-armed oak hanger ready to hold your coat.
02-277-79. Pg. 9. Caption: [bottom middle] See caption above
02-277-66. Pg. 9. Caption: [bottom right] See Caption above.
02-277-147. Pg. 10. Caption: Rotarians enjoy their Bravery Luncheon July 16. They were guests of Delta Mountain Inn, which was giving its Twigs Restaurant staff a taste of the dining room in action.
02-277-57. Pg. 11. Caption: Whistlerites enjoy some of the gourmet treats served by the Gourmet, which recently completed its patio eating area outside in the Rainbow building in Sunshine Place.
02-277-55. Pg. 12. Caption: [left] Lance Fletcher, Co-owner of Stoney's, Fitzsimmons Building.
02-277-49. Pg. 12. Caption: [middle] Keith Inkster, Manager Blackcomb Lodge, Blackcomb Lodge.
02-277-47. Pg. 12. Caption: [right] Don Beverley, Public servant, Alpine Meadows.
02-277-132. Pg. 14. Caption: Virginia Meachin enjoys an early morning cup of java with two hikers who joined her Saturday hike down Whistler Mountain.
02-277-136. Pg. 18. Caption: Fresh off the assembly line is the Municipality's 4x4 multi-purpose truck. Among other chores the vehicle will tackle the job of plotting Whistler streets this winter.