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Sara Jennings
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Anti-Olympic Movement

Materials gathered by Sara Jennings which oppose the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, including a Whistler Watch pamphlet titled "Whistler Welcomes the World But ... at what cost?", an AWARE pamphlet titled "THESE GAMES ARE NOT GREEN!", and a poster for an "Inside the Olympics Industry" talk given by Dr. Helen Lensky of the University of Toronto. The material is intended to spread awareness of the environmental, financial, and social costs of the Olympic Games, and to encourage changes to be made by the International Olympic Committee.

Inside the Olympics Industry - Whistler Watch Poster

Poster produced by Whistler Watch and The Council of Canadians, advertising a talk called "Inside the Olympic Industry" by Dr. Helen Lensky on the negative aspects of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. A list on the poster argues these negative impacts include the destruction of natural habitat, the forced removal of residents of East Vancouver, the harassment of Olympics critics by the police, and the creation of long-lasting debt. Olympic supporters, critics, VANOC staff, athletes, ISU, and the "curious" are all invited to attend. The talk was held at the Whistler Public Library on Saturday, September 12th [2009], at 6:30 pm.

Myrtle Philip's "What's New" Newsletter No. 23 - 1986

"Myrtle Philip's What's New?" Newsletter No. 23 from Myrtle Philip Elementary School, dated June 24, 1986. This one-page newsletter was issued at the end of the 1985/86 school year and contains a thank-you to parents and friends, an overview of plans for the next year (including a projected number of students and class sizes), an announcement about upcoming French classes, a note about changes in staff, a date for the intermediate awards ceremony, a staff list, and a reminder of the school start date in September.

Sara Jennings

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Materials gathered by Sara Jennings, incuding a Myrtle Philip Elementary School newsletter from 1986, and two pamphlets and a poster representing the anti-2010 Olympic Games perspective.

These Games are Not Green! Booklet

Booklet produced by AWARE entitled "THESE GAMES ARE NOT GREEN!". It contains information about the negative environmental impacts of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games, including loss of biodiversity, destruction of natural habitats, energy and water demands, mass transportation, increased greenhouse gas emissions and waste production, and a lack of institutional accountability. It also lists potential solutions to these problems, such as reusing pre-existing Olympic facilities, eliminating or restricting sliding sports, making the Games spectator-free, and holding host countries to high environmental standards.

AWARE (Association of Whistler Area Residents for the Environment)

Whistler Welcomes the World But ... at what cost? Pamphlet

Whistler Watch pamphlet entitled "Whistler Welcomes the World But ... at what cost?" produced during the lead-up to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. It details the environmental, social, and democratic costs of the Games, including habitat loss due to construction, pollution caused by transportation, increased energy and water usage, generation of waste, shortage of housing, financial costs, erosion of the civil liberties of those opposing the Games, violence against women, the heightened nationalism of sport, and the use of unceded First Nations territory. It also includes a list of proposed changes for future Olympic games and ways that people can take action.

Jennings, Sara