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Brian Money Fonds
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Blackcomb Mountain Guide

Blackcomb Mountain guide from the 1989-1990 season. The front cover has a coloured image of a people skiing on the mountain. The guide has a map of Blackcomb Mountain as well as a legend and information about the the mountain.

Brian Money Fonds

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  • Fonds
  • 1960-1990

The fonds contains a mixture of brochures and pamphlets related to Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain, as well as ski magazines and guides.

Ski Magazine January 1979

January 1979 Ski Magazine featuring "Secrets of the Pros: How they make Every Turn Look Good, Understanding Ski Performance Lingo." The front cover has a coloured image of a woman skiing and the text is coloured white and yellow.

Skier's Guide to the West Magazine

The magazine is titled "Skier's Guide to the West". It features articles on where to ski, planning skiing vacations, and mountain artwork. The front cover has a coloured image of a man skiing in deep snow and surrounded by snow covered trees.

Skiing Guidebook, Penny Pitou and Egon Zimmerman

The document is a skiing guidebook by Penny Pitou and Egon Zimmerman. It provides skiing tips and information about basic skiing techniques for beginners. The front cover has an image of skiers and the back cover has an image of Penn and Egon with a short biography about them. The guidebook is coil-bound.

Tantalus Resort Condominium Lodge Pamphlet

Tantalus Resort Condominium Lodge pamphlet that provides information about amenities at the Lodge, location, making reservations, activities, and entertainment. There is a cartoon image of people in a bunk bed.

Western Canada Skier, Almanac 1978

The magazine is titled "Western Canada Skier, Almanac 1978". The front cover has a coloured image if a man skiing on a mountain. In the magazine there are different articles about where to ski, as well as other ski-related topics.

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