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Week of June 27, 1983

Photographs including but not limited to Willie Whistler; singers; hot tub; swimming pool; swimming
Appears in June 30, 1983 issue:
02-343-11. Pg. 5. Caption: Long-time Whistler residents Paul Mathews and Margot Sutcliffe shared a smile on their wedding day Saturday, June 25 at Whistler. Over 150 guests joined the celebration at the Sundial Restaurant.

Week of March 31, 1981

Photographs including but not limited to construction; Olga Tomlinson; Alpine Lodge; school show; freestyle skiing; dinner; drinking; hot tub; swimming pool; school activities
Appears in April 2, 1981 issue:
02-136-63. Pg. 1. Caption: Between the storm and the skiers! Whistler's Harmony Bowl after a new storm last week.
02-136-36. Pg. 3. Caption: [top] Tongue in cheek signs at Garibaldi -- Alpine Lodge signs Northbound (top)
02-136-38. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom] [...] and Southbound.
02-136-13. Pg. 6. Caption: At the party -- Anne Cassidy, Mike Collins, Jani Sutherland and Shelley Wilson.
02-136-16. Pg. 8. Caption: The Resort Centre gears up for the summer -- complete with H. Haebler's sign on it.
02-136-44. Pg. 9. Caption: The 90 members of the Squamish Youth Chorale as they performed 'The Witness' at the Myrtle Philip School.
02-136-53. Pg. 13. Caption: [top] Dave Wallin in flight off the Blackcomb jump.
02-136-49. Pg. 13. Caption: [middle] A competitor exhibits fine style doing a spread-eagle during the freestyle aerials.
02-136-5. Pg. 13. Caption: [bottom] Grand Prix & overall Sr. Men's winner Dave Phillips gets his 'award' from Lee Parsons representing the CSA.
02-136-18. Pg. 15. Caption: [top] The first pour of the Mountain Inn slabs that was done on March 30.
02-136-22. Pg. 15. Caption: [bottom] Stevenson's Mountain Inn crew take a break -- (from left to rear) Al Frumento (foreman), Dave Nickerson, Angelo Formolo (foreman), Sisto Marini, Don Shaw, Angelo Scopazzo and Gerhard Klein (superintendent). Seated are Marcel Richoz and Jim Crichton.
02-136-57. Pg. 16. Caption: Candy Rustad is presented with a giant birthday cake at her recent birthday party.
02-136-56. Pg. 17. Caption: CGOT officials and Resort Association members enjoy a dinner in the Hunting Room at Stoney's.
02-136-88. Pg. 18. Caption: Loader gets stuck last week after attempting some tree farming in the Garibaldi Building Supplies yard!
02-136-54. Pg. [20]. Caption: More air! One of the jumpers at the Canadian Freestyle competition on Blackcomb last weekend. (Story on page 13).

Week of March 9, 1981

Photographs including but not limited to helicopters; car accidents; hot tub; music show in school setting; kayaking; motorhome; mountaineering; snowy mountain peaks; party; competitive skiiers
Appears in March 12, 1981 issue:
02-133-50. Pg. 5. Caption: [top] The Alpha Lake Aggregate pit shows no evidence of campers ....
02-133-47. Pg. 5. Caption: [centre left] ... while there are crowds at Whistler Mountain ...
02-133-44. Pg. 5. Caption: [centre right] ... the club cabin area ...
02-133-41. Pg. 5. Caption: [middle left] ... the schoolyard ...
02-133-42. Pg. 5. Caption: [middle right] ... the town centre ...
02-133-46. Pg. 5. Caption: [bottom] ... and at the gondola base ...
02-133-73. Pg. 8. Caption: B.C. Disabled Ski Team member Ron Backie heads through the Molstar course.
02-133-101. Pg. 12. Caption: [top] The crowd gets out onto the dance floor at Club 10.
02-133-34. Pg. 12. Caption: [bottom] Mayor Pat Carleton (centre) congratulates Michel Segur (left) and Jean-Jacques Aaron on the opening of their new club.
02-133-43. Pg. 17. Caption: Early Sunday morning inspection tour of the Resort Centre left this 4X4 well stuck in the mud!
02-133-65. Pg. [20] or back cover. Caption: You can't see the tracks, but you can see the judges (lower left) and the competitors (upper right under the rocks) at the Figure 8 contest held in the Blackcomb Bowl on Sunday (story on page 3).
02-133-97. [Jane Burrows, Maureen [?], Kathleen Lazzina, and unknown woman]

Week of May 11, 1981

Photographs including but not limited to hot tub; party; tour; baseball; Men's Fast Ball League; The Cookhouse; tennis; construction; cars; Great Snow Earth Water Race; dinner
Appears in May 14, 1981 issue:
02-185-19. Pg. 1. Caption: [top] The work proceeds - crew works in the centre of the river (above)...
02-185-18. Pg. 1. Caption: [bottom]...while Dawson's Norm Wilson explains the project to the school students (below).
02-185-1 Pg. 3. Caption: Nine kids in a tub. Mini-Whistlerites enjoy a whirl in the pool during the Mother's Day Party for the Tuesday Ski Club at the Maxwell residence in Whistler Cay.
02-185-68. Pg. 5. Caption: [left] Slugger Dawson works it out at home plate.
02-185-32. Pg. 5. Caption: [right] The racey A's: back row (L to R) Brian Funk, Chris Jacob, Bob Taylor, Brent Grimm, Dave Paterson, Kirk Sudds. Front Row (L to R) Scotty Hurren, Gary Jones, Neil Mawdsley, Ken Hall, Bob Dawson, Missing: Frank Switzer, Bob Griffiths, Brent Harley.
02-185-53. Pg. 6. Caption: Highland Lodge
02-185-88. Pg. 7. Caption: [top] Community Club Mother's Day Pancake Breakfast -- Neil Roberts and Rick Valleau serve up the goodies to Suzanne Wilson.
02-185-92. Pg. 7. Caption: [bottom] While the Willoughby family enjoys the pancakes and sausages.
02-185-38. Pg. 9. Caption: June 19, 1978 ... Day One of the Cookhouse featuring Rod McLeod, Bruce Moon, Rich Miller, Geoff Power and Don Willoughby on deck for a 35 cent coffee.
02-185-56. Pg. 16. Caption: Raising a racquet at the Inside Out Club is Stephen Vogler of Whistler.

Week of September 29, 1983

Photographs including but not limited to hockey; portraits; golf; art; chairlift on Whistler Mountain; helicopter; aerobics; biking; hot tub; meeting; wedding; flowers and gardening; roads and bridges; Club Cabin development
Appears in October 13, 1983 issue:
02-354-174. Pg. 9. Caption: [top] Tom Barratt inspects one of the specimens from the municipal nursery.
02-354-181. Pg. 9. Caption: [bottom] Karen Edwards perches in front of miniature salal.
Appears in October 6, 1983 issue:
02-354-35. Pg. 6. Caption: [middle] Doug Barr, Carpenter, Emerald Estates.
02-354-49. Pg. 8. Caption: Giles Dufort, fresh from the Piedmont Golf Club north of Montreal, takes a few practice shots on the Whistler golf course. Dufort is join Paul Dellanzo, club professional in the position of assistant gold professional. Dufort says that when he heard about the course, he was interested immediately. "It's a very professional course. It's unique and beautiful with the mountains around." Dufort has played extensively in Florida and will be spending this winter there before returning in May to begin his duties.
02-354-58. Pg. 9. Caption: Germaine Degenhardt's Dawn Breaking over the Snowcamp on Singing Pass is but one of 62 paintings on display at the Sundial Restaurant. Degenhardt, 51, was born in Vancouver and attend the Vancouver School of Art. The Pemberton artist, who lived in Whistler for 12 years, also studied in Paris before returning to the West Coast where she learned silk screen printing. What are her favourite subjects? "Whatever turns me on," she says.
02-354-33. Pg. 10. Caption: John Hunter Trucking goalie Steve Brunn misses a shot that grazes the post in Saturday's Howe Sound Hockey League game opener against Tapley's Winterhawks. Brunn was pestered with shots from Winterhawk forwards and defencemen all game long. A porous John Hunter defence coupled with fast skating Winterhawk players proved too much for the Squamish team as they went down to defeat 6-3.
Appears in September 29, 1983 issue:
02-354-225. Pg. 1. Caption: [left] Greg Lee, new head skiing coach at Blackcomb, gets a head start working out with local girls and boys Sunday morning. Lee, a former World Pro Skiing Circuit skier, also does colour commentary for CBC Sports. Before Sunday's soccer game Lee showed kids how to take their heart rate for better fitness.
02-354-145. Pg. 1. Caption: [right] Roy Ferris, head of new indoor tennis court development.
02-354-129. Pg. 3. Caption: [top] Jackson Davies, one of the stalwarts of the long-running Kitsilano spoof Talking Dirty and well-known Vancouver comedic actor, take his eyes of Chris Myles during taping of a Whistler Resort Association promotional film in Delta Mountain Inn Monday. The film being produced by Chris Petersen and Michael Robison of Petersen Productions, should be completed by the end of October.
02-354-190. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom] Brownies Karen Kogler, Sonja RIckli, Madeleine Domries, Sara Jennings, Marika Richoz, Jessica Wilson, Adrienne Richters, Joanne Denduyf, Jessica Humphrey, Melanie Busdon, Leah Wuolle, and Heather Paul listend attentively to leader Brown Owl (alias Bettina Weidemann) at the first meeting of the season at Myrtle Philip School, Wednesday, September 21. Brown Owl say that Brownies meet once a week, from 6:30 to 8p.m. at the school, and are open to girls aged six through nine.
02-354-162. Pg. 5. Caption: Two long-time Whistler residents, Pauline and Ray Wiebe, enjoy their sunny wedding day Sept. 24 in Vancouver. After a splendid ceremony, Mr. and Mrs. Wiebe headed off on their honeymoon for even more sun in Southern California.
02-354-226. Pg. 6. Caption: [middle] Brenda Davison, Village Store employee, White Gold.
02-354-105. Pg. 6. Caption: [right] Jeff Wuolle, Owner/Manager Twin Peaks Property Management, Whistler Village.
02-354-89. Pg. 6. Caption: [bottom] Travel agency managers enjoy the view from the Whistler Mountain Roundhouse. Here to experience Whistler before promoting it, the managers spent their five days at the Whistler Village Inn.
02-354-151. Pg. 7. Caption: [top] Out for a postprandial training ride, cyclist Todd McPhalen coasts down Village Gate Boulevard. Not seen are Dave MacPhail, Don Barr and Murray Sudden, nuclei of the soon-to-be Team Whistler.
02-354-123. Pg. 7. Caption: [bottom] Getting' down is the way to get in shape at Bodyworks. Workouts will be moving to Myrtle Philip School starting Monday.
02-354-192. Pg. 9. Caption: [right] Alpine Paving workmen roll along Mountain Lane and put the finishing touches to the route. With Village Stroll paving now complete all that remains is completing Whistler Way from Tantalus Lodge to the underground parking entrance.
02-354-98. Pg. 12. Caption: The skiing never stops for Philippe Lavoie and Brentt Wood, seen here atop Whistler Mountain Sunday before boot-skiing on remaining snow.
02-354-220. Pg. 14. Caption: "Dorfmusik" players entertain village crowds Sundays. Group carries on Swiss tradition of a village band.

Whistler Traveller Winter/Spring 2009/10

Tourism magazine providing information on the many amenities Whistler has to offer for the Winter and Spring seasons.

Table of Contents:

p. 16: Whistler - welcome to sea to sky country!
p. 52: Squamish - the outdoor adventure capital of Canada
p. 70: Pemberton - the fertile valley to the north

p.8, 10: Local Vibe - Whistler style
p.12: Local Raves & Faves - Lauralee shares her Whistler favourites
p. 14: Why Don't You - try this!

p. 24: Eternal Flame - the story behind the Olympic torch
p. 28: Olympic Mascots - the characters of the games
p. 74 - Proud To Be Canadian - Hosting the 2010 Winter Games
p. 78 - Gold Rush - Paralympic Profiles

p. 58: Dining & Entertainment - an array of culinary delights
p. 60: What's Hot
p. 65: Chef Profile
p. 68: Liquid Dessert - Icewine
p. 70: Choose Wisely - Oceanwise

p. 96: Eastern Therapy - shiatsu healing
p. 100: Heavenly Soak - hot tub etiquette

p. 56: The Vanished Village - what lies beneath

p. 42: Ski Trail Map
p. 44: Cross-country Ski Map
p. 108: Local Maps

p. 80: Shopping - take home a local treasure
p. 88: Native Arts - priceless tradition

p. 30: Things To Do - plan your adventure
p. 36: Backcountry Adventures - adrenaline pumping fun
p. 46: Winter Wonderland - off the slope adventures
p. 52: Lost & Found - the call of the brave

p. 106: Whistler Events - what's happening during your stay

p. 86: Cougars - what you need to know if you encounter this local resident