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The Whistler Museum & Archives Society Second Annual A.G.M. held on January 26, 1989. It includes a call to order, acceptance of agenda, acceptance of previous minutes, President's Report, grants received, treasurer's report, committees, election of officers, announcements and other business. A few small handwritten are added.

Board Meeting Agenda Sept. 27

5 pages of handwritten and photocopied notes from the Board Meeting Agenda of the Whistler Museum and Archives Society from their meeting on September 27, 1989. The agenda included a Challenge '89 Report, Municipal Grant-in-Aid Report, Craft Fair - Home Bake Stall Update, Note Cards, and revised opening hours. The notes on subsequent pages touch on the the need to add to the Ski and Nature rooms, questions about changing the layout of the gallery, advertising for the donation of glass cabinets, coffee and tea for visitors, items to sell to visitors, filling up empty space in the pioneer room, membership sign-up desk at the Bake Sale, more items to display at the Bake Sale table or a theme, having some of Florence's cards on sale at the Bake Sale, contacting Anne Poole at Pemberton Secondary to bring her students to the museum, getting Jim Budge to do a video of the museum's slide show to sell in the future, slides for the Dual Mtn. Program. The Society also discussed ideas for more awareness, including contacting the Chamber of Commerce, inviting the front desk staff of hotels and management for a Wine and Cheese event, allowing small groups to use the Pioneer Room for meetings, have the Whistler Arts Council put on a showing in the museum, setting up a photo taking corner in the museum, having mountain bike tour operators stop at the museum on their valley tours, contacting both mountains about having their staff training include the museum and the museum's slide show, hosting a Chamber of Commerce meeting at the museum and getting the Japanese winter visitors from Delta and CP to see the slide show and museum.

Board Meeting Summary, September 27

A two page typed summary of the Whistler Museum and Archives Society Board Meeting held on September 27, 1989. It lists members who attended and the following points that were discussed: Municipal Grant in Aid, the Challenge '89 Report, Craft Fair Home Bake Stall, Notecards, Opening the Museum in October and the Ministry of Highways. The document is signed by the President Florence Petersen and the Secretary Kris Shoup.

Correspondence to Mary Collins, MP Capilano-Howe Sound re: Challenge + duplicate, June 3

Two letters between Mary Collins, MP for Capilano-Howe Sound and Florence Petersen of the Whistler Museum and Archives Society. The first letter is from Florence Petersen to Mary Collins thanking her for her congratulations on funding from the Challenge '89 program and letting her know what would be useful in the future. The second attached letter is from Mary Collins to Florence offering congratulations for the Challenge '89 funding. The first letter is duplicated.

President's Report

A President's Report for the Whistler Museum and Archives from January 26, 1989. The report covers various topics including upgrades to the museum space, new staff, an Exhibit Design workshop, ordered photographs and photographs taken of museum artifacts, fundraising nights, newspapers being collected in the archives, donations and written accounts from early settlers received by the museum, an Open House at the museum, the arrival and work of summer student Sally Mitchell, a display at the Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner, grants received by the museum, memberships sold, and the Society of the Whistler Express official opening, as well as a thank you to the board members. The report is singed by the President Florence Petersen.