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Blabcomb - Vol. IV, Issue 7 - April 6, 1991

  • YANISIW-01-02-005
  • File
  • April 6, 1991
  • Part of CJ Yanisiw

Issue of Blabcomb - Blackcomb Mountain's staff newsletter - from April 6, 1991. Articles include:

  • Blackcomb's Employee of the Year
  • Challenge!
  • Instructor Exchange Program a huge success
  • Another Blackcomb Employee receives praise from our guests
  • Careers Expo '91
  • Industrial First Aid Course
  • T-Shirt Design Contest
  • Benefit Eligibility
  • The summer season is just around the corner....and so are the summer jobs!
  • Dear Blabby
  • Personals
  • Gossip
  • Blackcomb Deadlines
  • For Sale

Jenny Bett's Writings - Memoirs

Memoirs written by Jenny Betts (nee Jardine) recounting her life, starting from her birth in 1912 and finishing with entries written in 1982 celebrating Lizzie Neiland's 100th birthday. Jenny recounts her family's many moves, the death of her father, her mother's remarriage to Thomas Neiland, the logging operation and daily life in the Whistler Valley (at Mons, Alpha Lake, 34 1/2 Mile [Function Junction area], and Nita Lake), the birth of her brothers Robert and Thomas, her Uncle Jim Laidlaw's time in the valley, meeting and marrying Wallace Betts, logging work at the Alaric operation at Parkhurst, tobogganing, raising her children, flooding in the early 1940s, her brothers' service in World War II, the family's time at Port McNeill on Vancouver Island living at a work camp Wallace was working at, her appendicitis operation and hemorrhages which required a blood transfusion from Wallace, Thomas Neiland's passing and the selling of the 34 1/2 Mile property in the 1950s.

After many blank pages, there is an entry from December 19-28, 1981 recounting a large holiday get-together with the extended Jardine family in the Lower Mainland (each couple travelling from several places in BC to join). The following page is an entry written by Jenny on February 22, 1982 describing another large family get-together with the Jardine clan at a nursing home to celebrate Lizzie Neiland's 100th birthday with some champagne.

Marcus Culver

  • MCUL
  • Fonds
  • 2010

Materials donated by Marcus Culver from his employment on the Transportation Parking and Permit Crew for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Whistler, including Olympic postcards, a training manual, Team pocket guide, and dining vouchers.

Photocopy of some of Wallace Betts' memoirs, dictated to & written by Jenny Jardine

A short memoir of Wallace Bett's life before marrying Jenny Jardine c. 1920s-1930s, dictated to Jenny by Wallace Betts and handwritten by her. The account mostly details the may jobs he had working in BC, Saskatchewan, Washington, and Ontario, as well as the ailments of his parents which required care by his family and friends. The end of the memoir mentions how he arrived to 34 1/2 Mile and married Jenny Jardine.

Tara Duncan Fonds

  • WA_2000_031
  • Fonds
  • 1991 - 2000

Whistler and Blackcomb Mountain Employee Handbooks from 1991-2000.

001: Blackcomb Employee Handbook 1993 / 1994.
002: Blackcomb at Whistler Employee Handbook 1991 / 1992.
003: Whistler Mountain Employee Handbook 1996 / 1997
004: Whistler Blackcomb Employee Handbook 1999 / 2000.
005: Whistler Blackcomb Employee Handbook 1998 / 1999.
006: Whistler Blackcomb Employee Handbook 1997 / 1998.
007: Blackcomb Employee Resource Guide 1995 / 1996.
008: Blackcomb Employee Resource Manual 1994 / 1995.

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Transportation 100: Basic Training - 2010 Winter Olympic Parking & Permit Crew booklet - Marcus Culver

Booklet titled "Transportation 100: Basic Training" given to Marcus Culver during his employment with the 2010 Winter Olympic Parking & Permit Crew in Whistler. The book goes over the skills required to perform the job and has a pocket in the back cover which contains a Uniform Issuance Form signed by Marcus.

Table of Contents:

  • Welcome
  • Service Excellence
  • Accreditation
  • Security Procedures
  • Safety and Wellness
  • Workforce Policies
  • Communication
  • Sustainability
  • Privacy Awareness
  • Useful Information

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games

Materials donated by Marcus Culver from his employment on the Transportation Parking and Permit Crew for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Whistler, including Olympic postcards, a training manual, Team pocket guide, and dining vouchers.

Whistler Business Directories

Four paper business directory booklets printed for the Whistler Chamber of Commerce dating from 1994, 1996, and 1999. There are two of the 1999 directories (one is a duplicate). Each directory has the same cover image of a log cabin created by local Whistler artist Isobel Maclaurin. The 1994 cover image is blue, the 1996 cover image is red, and the 1999 cover image is gold. The directories list all Whistler businesses breaking them down by service sector, as well as providing an alphabetical list.

Tables of Contents includes:
Amusement and Recreational Services
Business Services
Communications and Other Utility Industries
Construction Industry
Education Services
Finance and Insurance
Food and Beverage
Health and Social Services
Logging and Forestry Industry
Manufacturing Industry
Personal and Household Service
Other Service Industries
Real Estate
Retail Trade Industries
Transportation and Storage Industries
Wholesale Trade Industries

Whistler's Vital Signs - Uncovering Whistler Booklet - 2016

"Uncovering Whistler 2016" Booklet [Item 002] for the Community Foundation of Whistler program, Vital Signs. A letter is also included [Item 001], addressed to Brad Nichols (Whistler Museum & Archives Executive Director) from Carol Coffey (Community Foundation of Whistler Executive Director, presenting the booklet to the Whistler Museum & Archives and stating its purpose.

Table of contents:

  • About Vital Signs
  • Whistler Vital Signs
  • Community Survey Results and Whistler Community Profile
    Issue Areas:
  • Housing
  • Gap Between Rich & Poor
  • Work
  • Getting Started in our Community
  • Health & Wellness
  • Environment
  • Getting Around
  • Safety
  • Learning
  • Arts & Culture
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Belonging
  • Highlights & Trends
  • Acknowledgements