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Alta Lake School Board fonds

  • CA WMA 1987_003
  • Fonds
  • 1930-1980

Records of the Alta Lake School Board including:

'The Alta Lake School Gazette' photocopied editions from 1939.

Folder 1 - School District #48 miscellaneous correspondence regarding history and potential shut down in 1971 - British Columbia Department of Education Annual Reports for Alta Lake School (1934 to 1936).

Folder 2 - Alta Lake School insurance policies (1930s) - PGE Railway and Alta Lake School land lease agreement (1933) - Myrtle Philip school board insurance correspondence.

Folder 3 - 'Philosophy and Organization of Secondary Education in the Howe Sound Secondary School' presentation report (1968) - Miscellaneous correspondence - School board minutes (1976/77) - Thank you cards.

Folder 4 - 'Squamish Ethnobotany' report (1972) - Teachers and principals Bulletin No. 1 School District #48 (1973).

Folder 5 - High school graduation ephemera.

Folder 6 - British Columbia Department of Education Alta Lake School inspection reports (1930s) - Myrtle Philip correspondence regarding Alta Lake School (1930s).

Folder 7 - British Columbia Department of Education Alta Lake School inspection reports (1930s) - Teacher reports and salary contracts concerning Miss Margaret Partridge (1930s) - Medical inspections of Alta Lake School (1930s) - Bookstore and miscellaneous receipts - Alta Lake School textbook usage reports. Various correspondence.

Folder 8 - Receipts and correspondence pertaining to the building and foundation of Alta Lake School.

Folder 9 (Envelope 1) - Photograph of declaration to Myrtle Philip in recognition of pioneering and settling.
'Informational Report prepared for Howe Sound School District #48: Secretarial and Clerical Help [and] Auxiliary School Personnel' (1969).
Copies of The Alta Lake School Gazette (1939).

Alta Lake School

Community Work

Documents relating to Sonya McCarthy's work in the community through clubs, charities, committees, and event planning.

Hospitality Certificate Course

Items related to Sonya McCarthy's completion of the Province of British Columbia's Hospitality Course, including a Hospitality Course Certificate, an accompanying letter from Minister Claude Richmond, a congratulatory Tourism Canada coin embedded in a letter from the federal government, and Sonya's written test taken to prove completion of the course.

Myrtle Philip's "What's New" Newsletter No. 23 - 1986

"Myrtle Philip's What's New?" Newsletter No. 23 from Myrtle Philip Elementary School, dated June 24, 1986. This one-page newsletter was issued at the end of the 1985/86 school year and contains a thank-you to parents and friends, an overview of plans for the next year (including a projected number of students and class sizes), an announcement about upcoming French classes, a note about changes in staff, a date for the intermediate awards ceremony, a staff list, and a reminder of the school start date in September.

Nancy Greene papers

Folder 1 - 'A Recreation Master Plan for the Resort Municipality of Whistler.

Folder 2 - 'Whistler Advisory Parks and Recreation Commission' Referendum Records (Chairman's Copy).

Folder 3 - Education taxation and funding documents.

Folder 4 - Education taxation and funding documents.

Folder 5 - Highway's Lobby.

Folder 6 - (Envelope 1) Vanderzalm Cartoon Poster.

Folder 7 - Myrtle Philip Elementary School location land swap.

Folder 8 (Envelope 2) - Thank You card to Nancy Greene.

Folder 9 - Whistler Mountain summer ski camp.

Folder 10 - Miscellaneous correspondence regarding unfair school taxation.

Folder 11 - Miscellaneous information regarding KOA campground, Expo '88 (Australia), and the Canadian National Sportsmen Show.

Folder 12 - BC Hydro Whistler (Kelly Lake Study).

Folder 13 - Resort Municipality of Whistler newsletter 19th ed. February 1980 and March 21 1981.

Folder 14 - Vancouver/Garibaldi Olympic Development Association correspondence and committee information.

Folder 15 - Circle route (Duffy Lake Road) lobby information.

Folder 16 - Whistler Municipality parks and recreation plan information.

Folder 17 - Information regarding parks, wilderness, and Garibaldi lobby.

Folder 18 - Landline information between Howe Sound School Board (#28) and the Resort Municipality of Whistler.

Folder 19 - Olympic Lodge Sketches and Vancouver 1988 Olympic bid book.

Sara Jennings

  • SJEN
  • Fonds
  • 1986-[2010]

Materials gathered by Sara Jennings, incuding a Myrtle Philip Elementary School newsletter from 1986, and two pamphlets and a poster representing the anti-2010 Olympic Games perspective.

Whistler's Vital Signs - Connect + Engage 2018

"Connect + Engage 2018" Booklet for the Community Foundation of Whistler program, Vital Signs.

Table of Contents:

  • Whistler's Vital Signs
  • Introduction to the 2018 Vital Signs report
  • Getting Started in our Community
  • Gap Between Rich & Poor
  • Housing
  • Work
  • Health & Wellness
  • Connect and Engage survey: Highlights and Trends
  • Environment
  • Getting Around
  • Learning
  • Safety
  • Arts & Culture
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Belonging and Focus Group Feedback
  • Acknowledgements

Whistler's Vital Signs - Uncovering Whistler Booklet - 2016

"Uncovering Whistler 2016" Booklet [Item 002] for the Community Foundation of Whistler program, Vital Signs. A letter is also included [Item 001], addressed to Brad Nichols (Whistler Museum & Archives Executive Director) from Carol Coffey (Community Foundation of Whistler Executive Director, presenting the booklet to the Whistler Museum & Archives and stating its purpose.

Table of contents:

  • About Vital Signs
  • Whistler Vital Signs
  • Community Survey Results and Whistler Community Profile
    Issue Areas:
  • Housing
  • Gap Between Rich & Poor
  • Work
  • Getting Started in our Community
  • Health & Wellness
  • Environment
  • Getting Around
  • Safety
  • Learning
  • Arts & Culture
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Belonging
  • Highlights & Trends
  • Acknowledgements