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Photographs depicting Winterfest, including images of Whistler Village, a clown making balloons, a hot air balloon, a pig roast, and Mayor Pat Carleton.


  • GRI-01-59-007
  • Bestanddeel
  • March 1982 - December 1984
  • Part of Greg Griffith

Photographs of The Keg and Whistler Village Inn, Hearthstone Lodge with Blackcomb Mountain in the background, people enjoying apres ski at the base of Whistler Mountain with Fitzsimmons Express Chair in the background, a chef cooking at the base of Whistler Mountain with crowds of skiers and Fitzsimmons Chair (Blackcomb) in the background, and crowds of people in Village Square near Blackcomb Lodge and Fitzsimmons Lodge.


Photographs of skiing, adaptive skiing on Blackcomb Mountain, ski racing, awards, group portraits of ambulance and emergency services, search and rescue, Red Chair, the Gondola Barn, Whistler Mountain, Creekside, Fitzsimmons Chair on Blackcomb Mountain, the wedding of Lorne Borgal and Nancy Borgal (nee Treiber) on Whistler Mountain, the Fireman's Ball and group portraits of firefighters, Whistler Village, docks on Alta Lake, Whistler Golf Course, Whistler Resort & Club tennis courts, marathons, advertising shots taken for the Whistler Resort Association, Village Stroll, shops and restaurants in Whistler, hotel swimming pools, freestyle skiing and awards at the Labatts World Cup Freestyle Championship on Whistler Mountain, Santa Claus visiting Myrtle Philip School, the demolition of the Cheakamus Inn, the opening of The Keg restaurant, chefs from one of Umberto Menghi's restaurants, opening night at Trattoria di Umberto, cabins, sunbathing, Nita Lake, tennis, Whistler Creek Lodge, portraits of Garry Watson, ski school, paintings by Germaine Degenhardt, the Crazy Canucks, Ken Read skiing with Joey Gibbons, Richard and Julianna Heine, weightlifting in a gym, municiapl council, Jim McConkey, ski camps, Bob Dawson and Rolf Gunther holding a marlin at the Rimrock Cafe, dining, and Umberto Menghi.


Photographs of people in swimming pools and one photograph of a chef cooking on a grill.

Week of October 28, 1979

Photographs including but not limited to Smitty's Restaurant; Rainbow Ski Village; evening event; roads; car accidents; construction; helicopters
Appears in November 7, 1979 issue:
02-074-38. Pg. 1 [bottom] .... while so does the new maintenance building recently constructed at the base of Blackcomb Mountain.
02-074-44. Pg. 18 [top]. Caption: The growth of a parking lot- H.B. Volvo earth mover moves out through the mud last week...
Appears in October 31, 1979 issue:
02-074-26. Pg. 1 [top]. Caption: The giant tent goes up for the Country Hoedown...
02-074-28. Pg. 1 [bottom]. Caption: ... and Helene Allan and T.J. Pronker lead off the dancing to the strains of "Blue Northern".
02-074-8. Pg. 6 [left]. Caption: Molson's Brian Hunter and Dave Murray at the media reception on October 26.
02-074-34. Pg. 6 [right]. Caption: The new official accommodation and restaurant logo identifying the Whistler Inn on Highway 99.
02-074-29. Pg. 7. Caption: Chris Speedie and friends at the Truckers Ball.
02-074-25. Pg. 8. Caption: Tilt! Cat sinks into the ground over the sewer line near Blackcombe Condos.
02-074-21. Pg. 10. Caption: The Burritt logging truckas it was hauled up from the Cheakamus River 160 ft. below.
02-074-16. Pg. 11. Caption: Part of the line-up caused by the removal of the truck from the Cheakamus River on October 27.
02-074-46, 47. Pg. 12. Caption: Two of the new buildings - the Public Safety Building (above) and the B.C. Tel building (below).
02-074-37. Pg. 13. Caption: Okanagan's Jim Logue puts beams in place at the new condo site on Nesters Road.
02-074-39. Pg. 14 [top]. Caption: The new maintenance buildingat Blackcomb - minus the roof.
02-074-41. Pg. 14 [bottom]. Caption: View of the new Fitzsimmons bridge with the Town Centre in the background.
02-074-12. Pg. [16] or back cover. Caption: A smiling trio at the Grouse Mountain Ski Team Benefit. left to right: Dave Murray, Dave Simie, & Bill Murray.

Prints 1-3

  • WA_2015_024-01-01
  • Bestanddeel
  • [ca. 1990]
  • Part of Wohlgemuth

Photographs of women posing in traditional European costumes, baking in a kitchen, and setting up Myrtle Philip School's gym for the European Dinner Dance.

Val's notes for each photo:
WA_2015_024_01_01_01: "1 - Angela + Hanne[?] Steine[?] - Val"
WA_2015_024_01_01_02: "2 - Val, Hanne[?] - preparation"
WA_2015_024_01_01_03: "3 - Myrtle Philip School set-up"

Prints 13-15

  • WA_2015_024-01-05
  • Bestanddeel
  • [c. 1990]
  • Part of Wohlgemuth

Photographs of Robbie Burns Day celebration: Dave Torrance reading a Robbie Burns poem, men standing in a row in aprons presenting haggis they've made, and a man playing bagpipes in Scottish garb.

Val's notes for each photo:
WA_2015_024_01_05_01: "Robbie Burns Poem Dave Torrance - Bob Miller"
WA_2015_024_01_05_02: "Bill Damm, Jan Forsyte, Bob Miller, Dave T[orrance], Terry Hale, Sam Tiyla, Bill McNeney, Jim Wyse, [?] in the Haggis"
WA_2015_024_01_05_03: "Jim Wyse, Bill McNeney"

Girl Guides Fonds

  • WA_2016_061
  • Archief
  • 1986

Photographs of Girl Guides at Halloween decorating cookies and posing with decorations.

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