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Photographs of steep skiing, freestyle skiing, snowboarding, freestyle snowboarding, Whistler Mountain, Blackcomb Mountain, the inukshuk on Whistler Peak, Harmony Bowl, Symphony Bowl, Ziggy's Bowl, Bagel Bowl, Sun Bowl, Black Tusk, Whistler Village in winter and at dusk, cross-country skiing, Glacier Creek Lodge, Roundhouse Lodge, Birkenhead Peak, Ipsoot Mountain, condminiums, Chateau Whistler Resort, the Westin hotel, chairlifts, the Whistler backcountry, mountaineering, sunsets, alpenglow, mountain views, 7th Heaven, Horstman Glacier, Blackcomb Glacier, Slush Cup on Blackcomb Mountain, storms, Flute Bowl, Village North, Upper Village, Meadow Park Sports Centre's swimming pools, and Alta Lake.


Photographs of Whistler Mountain, Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler Village, gondolas, chairlifts, mountain biking on Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, various golf courses in the Sea to Sky area, Symphony condominium on Northlands Boulevard, Village North, Alta Lake, water skiing on Green Lake, canoeing, people windsurfing in Howe Sound, Singing Pass, Garibaldi Provincial Park, 7th Heaven, hiking, hang gliding, kayaking, the Wedge Mountain hike, whitewater rafting on the Elaho-Squamish River, freestyle skiing, skiing, Brandywine Falls, aerial photography, Cheakamus Lake, a cycling race in Whistler, whiskey jack birds, the Valley Trail, the Sea to Sky Highway, a train on the Pacific Great Eastern Railway, Symphony on the Mountain, snowboarding, the Inukshuk on Whistler Peak, Lillooet Lake, windsurfing in Hawaii and Nitinat Lake on Vancouver Island, hot tubs, bears, fishing, Mongolie Grill, Earl's Restaurant, a graffitied sign, Anderson Lake, Symphony Lake in Symphony Bowl, Harmony Lake in Harmony Bowl, mini putt at the base of Whistler Mountain in Creekside, weightlifting and exercising, rollerskating, sunrises and sunsets, Slush Cup near Glacier Creek Lodge on Blackcomb Mountain, the Telemark World Championships, the Labatts World Cup Freestyle Championships, Xhiggie's Meadow, Musical Bumps Trail, a beach on Howe Sound, heli-skiing on Powder Mountain, horseback riding, Zenith Lake and Zenith Peak, Chateau Whistler Resort and Golf Course, Mt Weart, Peak Chair, T-bars, climbing in the Tantalus Range, a vacation to Victoria and Mexico, Blackcomb Lake, and glacial ice in the Coast Range.


Photographs of chairlifts on Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain, Symphony on the Mountain on Blackcomb Mountain, hot air balloon launching, fishing, fly-fishing, hiking on Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain, swimming in the lakes, hang gliding, ice-fishing, whitewater kayaking, canoeing, mountain views, a concert on Blackcomb Mountain, Rendezvous Lodge, sunsets in the mountains, Brandywine Falls, windsurfing, aerial photographs of the valley, golf courses, Black Tusk, horseback riding, Chateau Whistler Resort, Whistler Village, Wedgemount Trail, whitewater rafting, skiing, helicopters, a clown, and alpine areas.


Photographs of ice fishing, kayaking, golfing, sunsets, Green Lake, Black Tusk, hiking on Blackcomb Mountain, canoeing on Lost Lake, waterfalls, Whistler Valley from afar, panoramic views, Alta Lake, canoeing the River of Golden Dreams, hiking on Whistler Mountain, Brandywine Falls, beaches, coastline, farms in Pemberton, Peoples Drug Mart, cabins, lakes, mountain views, a barbecue buffet, Whistler Golf Course, Chateau Whistler Resort, golf courses, Whistler Village, tennis, aerial photography, Lost Lake, rock climbers, swimming in the lake, Pemberton meadows, windsurfing on Alta Lake, night photography, swimming in a pool at a hotel, Blueberry Hill, views from the chairlift, Peak Chair, Garibaldi Lake, Howe Sound, the Stawamus Chief, Whistler Village development, wildflowers, flags in Whistler Village, hiking Singing Pass, heli-skiing, glacier lakes, a logging truck, mountain biking on Blackcomb Mountain, people eating on cafe patios, and Araxi restaurant.

8. East Ridge, Mt Hozomeen

Photograph of rock climber near top on East Ridge at Mt. Hozomeen. Glass slide framed with yellow tape labeled: "8. East Ridge Mt. Hozomeen July 4th 1950".

9. Glissade, Mt Dickson

Photograph of man glissading in snow on Mt Dickson. Glass slide framed with red tape labelled: "9. Glissade Mt Dickson 10/7/49".

Arrowsmith Trip - May 23 [19]54 - Shots on return from Peak - 5 neg[ative]s - Supreme Norm[adol] Aug[ust] 31 [19]54

Photographs of climbers on a mountaineering trip on Mt. Arrowsmith on Vancouver Island, May 23, 1954.

001-005: "[Mt] Arrowsmith Trip - May 23 [19]54 - Shots on return from Peak - 5 neg[ative]s - Supreme Norm[adol] - Aug[ust] 31 [19]54".
006-017: "Shots taken on [Mt] Arrowsmith Trip - 11 neg[ative]s - Supreme Norm[adol] Aug[ust] 31 [19]54"

[Normadol refers to Ansco Normadol fine grain developer, used to develop the photos. The second date in the caption refers to the date the photo was developed. The second date is likely the date the photos were developed.]

Aug[ust] 4 [19]54 - Opabin Pass

Photographs of Opabin Pass, Opabin Lake, climbers above Moon Lake, climbers in Opabin Pass, Winwaxy Peaks, and Lake O'Hara.

001-002: "Aug[ust] 4 [19]54 - Climbers above Opabin Moon Lake - 2 neg[ative]s"
003: "Opabin Lake - Aug[ust] 4[19]54 - Taken on trip up to [Opabin] pass"
004: "Aug[ust] 4[19]54 - Climbers on snow in Opabin Pass"
005: "View north from Opabin Pass - Aug[ust] 4 [19]54"
006-007: "Aug[ust] 4 [19]54 - Opabin Lake - 2 neg[ative]s"
008: "Aug[ust] 4 [19]54 - Opabin Pass over Opabin Lake from Yuckness [Mountain] ledge"
009: "Aug[ust] 4 [19]54 - Winwaxy Peaks from Opabin Pass trail"
010: "Aug[ust] 4 [19]54 - Lake O'Hara from Opabin Pass trail"

Aug[ust] 5 [19]54 - Winwaxy Trail

Photographs of climbers on Winwaxy Trail, Lake O'Hara, a chipmunk, and Opabin Pass on August 5, 1954.

001: "Aug[ust] 5 [19]54 - Lake O'Hara from Winwaxy Trail"
002-003: "Aug[ust] 5 [19]54 - Climbers on Winwaxy [Trail]"
004: "Lake O'Hara + climber from Winwaxy Trail - Aug[ust] 5 [19]54"
005: "Aug[ust] 5 [19]54 - Chipmunk on Winwaxy [Peak]"
006: "Aug[ust] 5 [19]54 - Climbers on Winwaxy [Peak]"
007: "Aug[ust] 5 [19]54 - Opabin Pass from Winwaxy [Peak]"

Aug[ust] 6 [19]54 - Cathedral Mountain

Photographs of Cathedral Mountain, climbers and mountaineers, Paul Binkert, Helga Bading, a breakfast stop on the trail, Odaray Mountain, and Linda Lake.

001: "Aug[ust] 6 [19]54 - Cirque on west side of Cathedral [Mountain]"
002-003: "Aug[ust] 6 [19]54 - Tower at col. Cathedral [Mountain]"
004: "Aug[ust] 6 [19]54 - Mt Stephen from col. Cathedral [Mountain]"
005-008: "Aug[ust] 6 [19]54 - Climbing on Cathedral [Mountain] - 4 neg[ative]s"
009: "Aug[ust] 6 [19]54 - Paul [Binkert] alone on col. Cathedral [Mountain]"
010: "Aug[ust] 6 [19]54 - Helga Bading at col. Cathedral [Mountain] Trip"
011: "Aug[ust] 6 [19]54 - View North from col. between Cathedral [Mountain] + Cathedral Crags"
012: "Aug[ust] 6 [19]54 - Breakfast rest on way to Cathedral [Mountain]"
013: "Aug[ust] 6 [19]54 - Odaray [Mountain] from ridge above Linda Lake"

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