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Garibaldi Camp

  • WA_2013_026-01-01-002
  • Dossier
  • [1929]
  • Fait partie de Brooks fonds

Photographs of Camp Garibaldi (at Garibaldi Lake), Alpine Club of Canada camp, tent camping, Sphinx Bay, The Table, Garibaldi Meadows, female mountaineers, Hiking, mountaineering, summit cairn of Castle Towers, Castle Towers, Black Tusk, a picnic during a climb, and Emmie Brooks.

Week of March 9, 1981

Photographs including but not limited to helicopters; car accidents; hot tub; music show in school setting; kayaking; motorhome; mountaineering; snowy mountain peaks; party; competitive skiiers
Appears in March 12, 1981 issue:
02-133-50. Pg. 5. Caption: [top] The Alpha Lake Aggregate pit shows no evidence of campers ....
02-133-47. Pg. 5. Caption: [centre left] ... while there are crowds at Whistler Mountain ...
02-133-44. Pg. 5. Caption: [centre right] ... the club cabin area ...
02-133-41. Pg. 5. Caption: [middle left] ... the schoolyard ...
02-133-42. Pg. 5. Caption: [middle right] ... the town centre ...
02-133-46. Pg. 5. Caption: [bottom] ... and at the gondola base ...
02-133-73. Pg. 8. Caption: B.C. Disabled Ski Team member Ron Backie heads through the Molstar course.
02-133-101. Pg. 12. Caption: [top] The crowd gets out onto the dance floor at Club 10.
02-133-34. Pg. 12. Caption: [bottom] Mayor Pat Carleton (centre) congratulates Michel Segur (left) and Jean-Jacques Aaron on the opening of their new club.
02-133-43. Pg. 17. Caption: Early Sunday morning inspection tour of the Resort Centre left this 4X4 well stuck in the mud!
02-133-65. Pg. [20] or back cover. Caption: You can't see the tracks, but you can see the judges (lower left) and the competitors (upper right under the rocks) at the Figure 8 contest held in the Blackcomb Bowl on Sunday (story on page 3).
02-133-97. [Jane Burrows, Maureen [?], Kathleen Lazzina, and unknown woman]

Slides 11

Photographs of a helicopter in a meadow and in a construction site, a pitched tent, a hiking trail, people melting snow on a rock into cups, Garibaldi Lake in the winter, discoloured snow, an aerial view of Brohm Ridge, a provincial park restrictions sign including 'no picking wildflowers' and 'no cutting trees', a train station, a house in a forested area, a meadow and trees with forest fire smoke in the background, hikers on a mountain with Table Mountain in the background, a helicopter taking off in a meadow, 3 people sitting in a meadow that is covered with wildflowers, a hiker above a lake, a hiker on a slope, and 2 people collecting samples.

FEN_02_02_008 and 014 labelled "[Brohm?] Ridge".

Prints 20

Photographs of a camp in a meadow, a group carrying shovels, 2 men chopping wood, and working on a campsite.

List of initials on back of FEN_03_02_020_01: "T.B."
List of initials on back of FEN_03_02_020_02: "W.F. | L.M. | C.P. | B.M. | C.M. | R.W. | R.S. |D.B. | G.W."
List of initials on back of FEN_03_02_020_04: "L.M. | G.W. | C.P. | C.M. | D.B. | R.S. | T.P."

Garibaldi Park booklet

Booklet from January 1960 by the Department of Recreation & Conservation on Garibaldi Park with information - split into northern and southern Garibaldi - on its history, specific areas (Black Tusk Meadows and Diamond Head Chalet), seasonal weather, attractions, camping information, terrain, wildlife, access, and use.

Arrowsmith Trip - May 23 [19]54 - Shots on return from Peak - 5 neg[ative]s - Supreme Norm[adol] Aug[ust] 31 [19]54

  • WA_2019_030-01-071
  • Dossier
  • May 23, 1954
  • Fait partie de Dick Chambers

Photographs of climbers on a mountaineering trip on Mt. Arrowsmith on Vancouver Island, May 23, 1954.

001-005: "[Mt] Arrowsmith Trip - May 23 [19]54 - Shots on return from Peak - 5 neg[ative]s - Supreme Norm[adol] - Aug[ust] 31 [19]54".
006-017: "Shots taken on [Mt] Arrowsmith Trip - 11 neg[ative]s - Supreme Norm[adol] Aug[ust] 31 [19]54"

[Normadol refers to Ansco Normadol fine grain developer, used to develop the photos. The second date in the caption refers to the date the photo was developed. The second date is likely the date the photos were developed.]

[Mountain campsite 1954] - Supreme Norm[adol]

  • WA_2019_030-01-095
  • Dossier
  • [1954?]
  • Fait partie de Dick Chambers

Photographs of hikers at a mountain campsite, a woman drinking from a creek, tents, mountain views, and a woman [likely Doris Chambers] painting a mountain view in a meadow. Caption reads: "Supreme Norm[adol]". [Normadol refers to Ansco Normadol fine grain developer, used to develop the photos.]

Lions Trip - July 6-7, 1957 - Ekt[achrome] 2

  • WA_2019_030-01-214
  • Dossier
  • July 7, 1957
  • Fait partie de Dick Chambers

Photographs of climbing the Lions and a tent at Lions Beach near Vancouver on July 6-7, 1957.

001: "Lions Beach - John Holmes Tent - July 6, 1957 - Ekt[achrome] 2"
002: "Lions Trip - Lockie at Notch - July 7, 1957 - Ekt[achrome] 2"

[Ektachrome refers to the type of film used.]

Mt Welch + Mile High Camp - July 2, 1960

  • WA_2019_030-01-230
  • Dossier
  • July 2, 1960
  • Fait partie de Dick Chambers

Photographs of climbers coming down Mt Welch and a tent in the snow at Mile High Camp on July 2, 1960.

001: "Climbers coming down on Mt Welch - July 2, 1960"
002: "Tent - Mile High Camp - Lock Four Group - July 2, 1960"

Miscellaneous Mountaineering

  • WA_2013_026-01-03-005
  • Dossier
  • [1927-1928]
  • Fait partie de Brooks fonds

Photographs of Indian Chief, picnics, hiking, a summit cairn, camping, seagulls, Lake of the Hanging Glaciers, the Purcells, Earl Grey Pass, the Bugaboos, Washmawapta Snow Fields, Helmet Mountain, Isaac Creek, Twin Creek, dogsledding, waterfalls, and Habrych Mountain.

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