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# BGR 43

Photograph of a family camping beside a forest in Garibaldi Park.Labelled on back as "# BGR 43" and has Fenner's address at the time stamped: "1010 Keith Road West Vancouver, B.C.".

8. Mt Dickson

Photograph of 3 people at campsite on hill at Mt Dickson. Glass slide framed with red tape labelled: "8. Mt Dickson 10/4/49".

Album K

  • WA_2013_026-01-01
  • Subseries
  • [1924-1929]
  • Part of Brooks fonds

Photographs of Mt. Assiniboine; West Summerland Valley; Chain Lake; Kettle Valley Railway; Penticton; Big Trestle K.V.R.; West Kootenay Power Point, Bonnington BC; Nelson; Kootenay Lake; Kootenay Landing; The Great Divide, Crow's Nest Pass; C...

Album M

  • WA_2013_026-01-03
  • Subseries
  • [1922-1929]
  • Part of Brooks fonds

Photographs of mountaineering; female mountaineers; hiking; climbing; Luxor; Pitt Valley; Sphinx; Garibaldi Lake; crevasse; Garibaldi; Gentian Ridge; Black Tusk; alpine flowers; Sentinel; Castle Towers camp; The Table; cross-country skiing; Hollyb...

Album N

  • WA_2013_026-01-04
  • Subseries
  • [1928-1929]
  • Part of Brooks fonds

Photographs of the Alpine Club of Canada camp, Rogers Pass, the Rocky Mountains, Swiss Peak, Sir Donald, Selkirks, a cabin, camping, hiking clothes, a glacier, climbing, mountaineering, female mountaineers, hiking, Black Tusk, Garibaldi Lake, Cast...

Aug[ust] 7 [19]54 - [Mt] S[c]haffer + O'Hara Camp

Photographs of Hungabee Mountain from [Mt] Schaffer, John Booth at [Mt] Schaffer Lookout, and tents at O'Hara Camp from August 7, 1954.Captions:001: "Aug[ust] 7 [19]54 - Hungabee [Mountain] from [Mt] S[c]haffer"002: "Aug[ust 7 ...

Brooks fonds

  • WA_2013_026
  • Fonds
  • 1922-2003

Photographs of Vancouver to Calgary by rail, ski mountaineering with Mt. Norquay Ski Camp, Camp Garibaldi (at Garibaldi Lake), Alpine Club of Canada camp, camping, female mountaineers, hiking, mountaineering, summit cairn of Castle Towers, Black T...

Cairn Needle Trip - June 30, 1968 - Ekt[achrome] X

Photographs of the view South to Mt Breakenridge from above Stokke Creek, a peak above a camp on Stokke Creek, Dave Boyd in the couloirs on the Cairn Needle trip, and Cairn Needle from the ridge on June 30, 1968.Captions:001: "View South to [...

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