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Contact Sheet 18

Contact sheet depicting a snowplow, children's ski lessons, skiers, cars and a bus in a parking lot, and groomers.

Dave Murray Summer Ski Camp 1988

Video contains footage of weeks 1-6 of the 1988 Dave Murray Summer Ski Camp with background music. This includes footage of campers skiing, riding the chairlift, t-bars and gondola, disembarking the bus, windsurfing, long jumping, canoeing, playing tennis and volleyball, going down waterslides, enjoying a barbecue, and participating in games such as obstacle racing, egg toss, three-legged races, tug of war, and human pyramids.

Olympic Games Planner

A daily calendar and planner entitled "A Local's Guide to the 2010 Olympic Games". It includes tips for planning around the Olympic Games, as well as information on how access the events and torch relays, with a focus on February and March of 2010. It also includes maps and information on what's happening in and around Whistler is 2010, a short history of the Olympic journey, and interesting facts. The planner is divided into Live, Work and Play sections to provide locals with helpful information.

Table of Contents:
4-9 Journey to the Games: A Dream Realized
10-11 January Tips
12-13 February Month at a Glance
14-69 February Day-by-Day
70-71 March Tips
72-73 March Month at a Glance
74-92 March Day-by-Day
93-104 Live: Living the Dream, Local Tips, Top 3 Q & A, The Important Stuff, The Ultimate Daypack, Transportation
105-114 Work: Living the Dream, Local Tips, Top 3 Q & A, The Important Stuff, Transportation
115-147 Play: Living the Dream, Local Tips, Top 3 Q & A, The Important Stuff, Local Involvement, Torch Relays, Other Cultural Events, Transportation.
148-153 Maps
154-156 Details (Useful phone numbers, websites and glossary.

Prints 005-008

4 photographs that show a large amount of snow on a garage and on a bus, one of Green Lake and Blackcomb Mountain and one from the Great Snow Earth Water race.

Summer 1979 people in camp

Photographs of campers at Toni Sailer Summer Ski Camp in 1979 playing volleyball, having a BBQ beside Alta Lake, on a bus, swimming in a pool, and relaxing on Whistler Mountain in summer.

Identification according to ADOUGLAS-03-011:

  • 001 (73-14) – June 1979, “Scotty and his size 16s.”
  • 002 (75-1) – June 1979, “Children’s Camp Beach Barbecue.”
  • 003 (75-2) – June 1979, “Children’s Camp Beach Barbecue.”
  • 004 (75-4) – June 1979, “Greg (white shirt), Nick Adler background.”
  • 005 (75-5) – June 1979, “Jon [Grim?], Donny.”
  • 006 (75-8) – June 1979, “Hoggy.”
  • 007 (75-12) – June 1979, “Mini and Martha Ward, Nick and Tom back seat.”
  • 008 (75-14) – June 1979, “Jeff and Andrew, Bestsy.”
  • 009 (75-19) – June 1979, “Dana Baum.”
  • 010 (77-7) – mid-July 1979, “What’s Steve doing to Pam.”
  • 011 (77-9) – mid-July 1979, “Pam doing a flip.”
  • 012 (77-10) – mid-July 1979, “Me doing an [omobrius?] flip off diving board at Whistler Inn.”
  • 013 (77-11) – mid-July 1979, “Me doing an [omobrius?] flip off diving board at Whistler Inn.”
  • 014 (77-13) – mid-July 1979, “Tom [Chemis] and a Canadian.”
  • 015 (78-5) – July 1979, “Nini sister picking blue berries.”
  • 016 (78-21) – July 1979, “Allan White, Nole, Rocky, Bill, Steve, Chad, Nancy, Linda.”

Douglas, Alex 'Axel'

Week of December 17, 1979

Photographs including but not limited to Whistler Mountain views; skiing; dinner event; lodge construction; buses; winter; skiing; dinner; drinking; dancing
Appears in December 19, 1979 issue:
02-066-28. Pg. 1. Caption: The ruler measures 28 cm! After the storm on Thursday, December 13, before it turned to rain.
02-066-49, 52. Pg. 3. Caption: At the Ski Club Benefit Evening a smiling group enjoy themselves (above) and auctioneer Paul Burrows looks for bids on a Salomon cap.
02-066-50. Pg. 6. Caption: Hilda McLennan, Richard Heine and Eleanor Bishop at the Ski Club Benefit Dinner.
02-066-31. Pg. 8. Caption: Mechanical failure causes the School Bus to go off the road last week - there were no children on board.
02-066-12. Pg. 9. Caption: Tow truck removes car from the Wosk lot
02-066-11, 9, 2. Pg. 9. Caption: The view from Whisky Jack showing the regular lot full and the Wosk lot almost deserted.
02-066-27. Pg. 10. Caption: Snowy scene on an Alpine Meadows railing.
02-066-22. Pg. 11. Caption: 4:30 P.M. at the Husky intersection on a busy, snowy evening.
02-066-14. Pg. 15. Caption: One of the Snowgoose Transportation Co.'s 44-passenger buses.
02-066-40. Pg. 18. Caption: Roger McCarthy gets into some deep snow on the side of Dad's Run on December 13.
02-066-42. Pg. 21. Caption: The new ice rink takes shape on the grounds of the Myrtle Philip School.
02-066-19. Pg. 22. Caption: The new temporary dock on the concrete bridge over Fitzsimmons Creek servicing the Blackcomb Ski Area.
02-066-39. Pg. [24] Caption: Roger McCarthy in the deep on Dad's.

Week of December 6, 13, 1978

Photographs including but not limited to Alpine Building at Whistler Mountain; Skiing; Chairlifts; Lodge; Myrtle Philip School; dinner event; Squamish RCMP; T-bar bowl; Red Chair; car accident; Ridge Run; Pat Carleton; logging truck accident; municipal skating rink;
Photographs 040-056 show the Citizen of the Year ceremony with Drew Meredith, Wendy Meredith, Pat Carleton, and Grace McCarthy present.

December 13, 1978 issue:
02-028-20. Pg. 1. Caption: New Whistler Council elect share a joke with Judge S.M. Toy. Alderman Horsey, Judge Toy, Mayor Carleton, Alderman Young, and Alderman Raine. Missing was Alderman Watson.
02-028-11. Pg. 3. Caption: Only at Whistler -- local top-hatted chimney sweep at work in the snow!
02-028-24. Pg. 4. Caption: The new municipal skating rink recently constructed adjacent to the school.
02-028-22. Pg. 8. Caption: New district staff members of the Squamish R.C.M.P. detachment, Cst. C. Doherty and Cst. R.W. Krenz.
02-028-26. Pg. [12] or back cover. Caption: Whistler skiing December, 1978 style. Making a few turns at Rainbow!
December 6, 1978 issue:
02-028-08. Pg. 1. Caption: The T-Bar bowl with the "Little Red" Chair in the foreground. Saturday Dec. 2/78.
02-028-42. Pg. 3. Caption: Municipal 4X4 tries to get motorist out of ditch on Thursday.
02-028-02. Pg. 3. Caption: The new service building on the top of Whistler Mountain. The "Little Red" Chair runs past it.
02-028-06. Pg. 6. Caption: The Rotary Exchange students on the steps of the Roundhouse.
02-028-60. Pg. 8. Caption: All smiles! John Howells (left) receives the Citizen of the Year award from Paul Burrows while Drew Meredith looks on.
Pg. 9-10 are missing.
02-028-37. Pg. 11. Caption: Low cost housing! The Blue Goose now located in Whistler Village!
02-028-43. Pg. 13. Caption: Thursday was not a good day for some! On the left, Squamish Freightways truck tangles with the school sign.
02-028-35. Pg. 13. Caption: While the concrete curbing on the right was taken out by persons unknown early on Thursday morning.
02-028-27+38. Pg. 14. Caption: Mrs. Lawrence presents awards to Shylo Mekerson (left) and Andy Naylor while they proudly display their posters.
02-028-05. Pg. [16] and back cover. Caption: The Way It Is -- View from the Roundhouse looking towards a rather bare Ridge Run on Whistler. Saturday, Dec. 3/1978.

Week of January 28, 1982

Photographs including but not limited to buses; shoveling snow; dogs; skiing; hockey on outdoor rink; ski gear; Blackcomb Mountain; restaurant; musician playing; Lottery; election; watching the superbowl at The Brass Rail; telemark race winners;
Appears in January 28, 1982 issue:
02-224-47. Pg. 1. Caption: (L to R) Jack Cram, Ruth Lotzkar, Terry Rodgers and Russ Shepherd discuss the issues during the recent all candidates meeting.
02-224-104. Pg. 7. Caption: Get Lucky! Take a chance like Vicki Larson-Rodgers and Susan Gestrin are! Get your Lot-tery ticket from Rita Knudson who will be selling them in front of the Grocery Store Fridays and Saturdays 2-6p.m. and Sundays 1-4p.m. All proceeds go to the Whistler Health Care Society -- and you might win a $100,000 lot in Whistler Cay Heights.
02-224-92. Pg. 8. Caption: [top left] Coral Robinson, Office Manager, Resident of Emerald Estates
02-224-99. Pg. 8. Caption: [top middle] Debbie Welder, Drugstore Clerk, Whistler Cay Resident.
02-224-88. Pg. 8. Caption: [top right] Mogul Monahan, Lift operator, Gondola Area Resident.
02-224-90. Pg. 8. Caption: [bottom left] Jerry Hartford, Carpenter, Tamarisk resident
02-224-96. Pg. 8. Caption: [bottom middle] Laura Snetsinger, L.U.S.H. Tiling, Alpine Meadows resident.
02-224-94. Pg. 8. Caption: [bottom right] Robin Des Jardins, Machine Operator, Resident of Alpine Meadows.
02-224-105. Pg. 10. Caption: A confident McChance
02-224-28. Pg. 11. Caption: Brian Kutyn tries out the natural ice surface in the Recreation Centre. The rink is open 4 p.m. - 9 p.m. Mon-Fri and from 1 p.m. on weekends.
02-224-34. Pg. 12. Caption: The Brass Rail packed them in for Sunday's Superbowl presentation. Two extra T.V. Screens were installed specially for the occasion.
02-224-20. Pg. 13. Caption: Two contestants head down the dual slalom course on Blackcomb on Saturday's Pacific Telemark Series race.
02-224-26. Pg. 14. Caption: Top finishers in the telemark race held at Blackcomb Mountain Sunday, Jan. 24. (L-R) Peri Howlett - 2nd (women); Joh Anderson - 2nd (men); Finn Saarinen - 1st (men); Eileen Pursell - 1st (women).
02-224-78. Pg. 15. Caption: Dogs have been sprouting up all over the place -- including this planter at Tapley's.
02-224-19. Pg. 17. Caption: Looking as though he is kneeling on his skis, a racer heads through a gate during the recent telemark dual slalom on Blackcomb. For every gate that the racers pass through when not in the telemark position, they are assessed a penalty point.
02-224-16. Pg. 18. Caption: Supervised by a watchful dog, this Alpine Meadows resident shovels an accumulation of over one metre of snow off a shed roof on Saturday.
02-224-43. Pg. 20. Caption: Jan Holmberg and Ted Nebbeling keep the dough moving at the new Chef & Baker.

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