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B+W Dune

Photographs of a speeder on railway tracks, the Pacific Great Eastern train, Nita Lake, Jordan's Lodge, the Toad Hall back door covered with snow, the Toad Hall woodshed, Whistler Mountain, a stove at Toad Hall called 'Master Climax'...

Bear Essentials

A 3 minute film directed by Rebecca Wood Barrett as a youth entry for the 2009 Whistler Film Festival. Bear Essentials is a song about how to protect bears in the Whistler area and avoid problematic interactions with humans.

Bear statue

Photograph of 2 women standing in front of bear statue in roundabout area. Glass slide framed with green tape.

K. C. Smith

Photographs depicting paintings by K. C. Smith. These may have been a submission to Millennium Place.001: Painting of a house in a snowy landscape on a moonlit night. Caption reads: "16" x 20" / KC Smith".002: Painting of a lon...

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