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Whistler's Finest Pensions Pamphlet

Pamphlet titled "Whistler's Finest Pensions" published by the British Columbia Registered Pensions (B&B) Association, advertising accommodation approved by Tourism British Columbia for the 1987-1987 season. The pamphlet includes advertisements and rates for Haus Heidi (in Nesters), Chalet Luise (in White Gold), Bridge House (in Alpine), Alpine Lodge (in Alpine), and Pension Edelweiss (in White Gold).

Whistler Real Estate Newspaper

Whistler Real Estate Newspaper advertising properties for sale in Whistler and Pemberton by MacGregor Pacific Realty and realtors Arv Pellegrin, Jan Simpson, Pat Kelly, Norm Trottier, Nanette Walton and Chris Moore. Listings include private homes and condos in a variety of Whistler neighbourhoods.

Whistler Real Estate

Whistler Real Estate Newspaper advertising properties for sale in Whistler and Pemberton by MacGregor Pacific Realty and realtors Arv Pellegrin, Jan Simpson, Pat Kelly, Norm Trottier, Nanette Walton and Chris Moore. Listings include private homes and condos in a variety of Whistler neighbourhoods.

Whistler - The Magazine, Winter 1983

Whistler-themed magazine, published by Paul Burrows, containing the following articles:
"From the Bottom of our Heart: Is there a life after centralization?" by Glenda Bartosh
"Dave Murray: Nice Guys Finish First: Insights into this young ski racer who believed winning wasn't everything" by Anita Webster
"Wesman: A splash of color...a dash of design - unorthodox ski impressions by Whistler's newest resident artist, ken Wesman" by Glenda Bartosh
"Searching Out the Lost Souls: When man tangles with nature and loses, it's Whistler's search and rescue team that does the bailing out" by Craig Spence
"Best of Whistler: A few good laughs at Whistler under the sacrosanct magnifying glass" by B. Turner
"Warm it up this Winter: Foxy furs a la West Coast still hold their own against Whistler's wintery nip"
"Whistler Valley Map & Service Guide: To put you on the spot"
"How To Find It: From dog catchers to babysitters...a comprehensive service directory guaranteed to put you in touch"
"Top of the Table: Whistler offers you the fairest of dining fare"
"A Parting Note: Mountains wrapped in ermine all begins with a first frost" by John Bartosik

Whistler - The Magazine, 1989

Whistler-themed magazine, published by Paul Burrows, containing the following articles:

"Whistler: A Resort for the 90s" by Larry McCallum
"Mountain Homes: Comforts of the high life" by Leanna Rath
"Night Life: Whistler is alive apres apres ski"
"Where to Turn: A guide to the challenges of dual mountain skiing" by Doug Sack
"Heli-Skiing: A new world of powder adventure beyond the lifts" by Brian Smith
"A Taste of Whistler: a gastronomic tour" by Leanna Rath
"Whistler Vision: a gallery of resident photographers"
"Off Season? What off season? : Whistler activities throughout the year"
"Summer Fun: A guide to Whistler's summer adventures"
"Dining Guide: A directory to 18 of Whistler's finest restaurants"
"Business and Health Directories"
"Potpourri: a selection of Whistler collectables"

Week of September 13, 1984

Photographs including but not limited to pouring cement; baseball; firefighters; construction; drinking; Brummet modelling t-shirt; portraits; Birthday party; Whistler Conference Centre
Appears in September 13, 1984 issue:
02-417-B-17. Pg. 1. Caption: [top left] John Johnston, deputy minister, Lands, Parks and Housing.
02-417-A-2. Pg. 1. Caption: [right] Sunday morning the Whistler fire dept. cut a hole in a burning Alpine Meadows house, attempting to release combustible gas.
02-417-A-32. Pg. 1. Caption: [bottom left] WLC director Wendy MacDonald shared the story of her successful career Sept. 7 with Women of Whistler, a group established for professional and business women in the community. MacDonald is president of B.C. Bearing Engineers Ltd. and was recently named Canadian Businesswoman of the Year.
02-417-C-3. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom] Conference Centre worker Helene Patenaude was de-shingling its roof Monday, while elsewhere dormers were in the first stages of construction. See Conference Centre special report, page 12.
02-417-A-10. Pg. 7. Caption: Dr. Peter Oberlander, winner of the Rotary Club of Whistler lottery for a lifetime dual mountain pass, was presented his prize Friday by Lorne Borgal, president of Whistler Mountain Ski Corporation, and Hugh Smythe, president of Blackcomb Skiing Enterprises. Oberlander, a University of British Columbia professor and director of human settlement for the United Nations, spoke to Rotarians at their weekly luncheon, on his own experiences in this area since he first visited Diamond Head at Easter, 1950. Oberlander recalled the trip by water to Britannia Beach from Horseshoe Bay, and from Britannia to Sqaumish by jeep. In the 1960's, Oberlander assisted Keg owner George Tidal in laying out his restaurant on Alta Lake. Later, Oberlander helped plan what was to be the Olympic townsite, and has since then been a frequent and enthusiastic weekender here. Winning the lifetime pass, he said, is "in many ways a crowning achievement" to his three decade-long familiarity with the area.
02-417-A-5. Pg. 8. Caption: Umpire Jerry Kazman keeps a close eye on all plays as Team Gangrene outfielder hits a long drive to left field in the Longhorn slo-pitch tournament Sunday.
02-417-B-12. Pg. 9. Caption: Whistler residents Lee MacLaurin and Ian Mounsey were wed Saturday in a ceremony at Tyrol Lodge. Lee is the daughter of Isobel and Don MacLaurin of Whistler, and Ian is the son of Ken and Sylvia Mounsey of Galiano Island. Best man at the wedding was Jim Lang, while Lee's sisters Sue and Jill were bridesmaids. Marriage Commissioner Joan Hinds of Squamish performed the ceremony and guests at the Tyrol Lodge reception were treated to a topographic wedding cake sculpted in the form of Whistler Mountain and decorated with a pair of "ski-niks" and candy trees. Lee started a family tradition by wearing the same dress mother Isobel wore at her wedding 26 years ago.
02-417-B-24. Pg. 12. Caption: Tony Brummet, Land, Parks and Housing minister, officially opened the Black Tusk Village subdivision Saturday. The 94 strata-lot subdivision was built to provide a new home for former residents of Garibaldi, which in 1981 was declared hazardous because of the Barrier, a rock face nearby. Brute, centre, was assisted by LPH regional director Al Rhodes, left, and Nelson Bastien, chairman of the Garibaldi Ratepayers' Association.
02-417-D-9. Pg. 17. Caption: The summer students hired by Whistler Resort Association said goodbye last week following a season-long series of performances in Whistler Village. (From left to right) Rob McQuaid, Mike McQuaid, Karen Overgaard and Rick Johnson were four of the university and community college students who helped create a festive atmosphere in the village this summer. WRA summer students who were absent include Kimberley Paulley, David Lyford, Paul Ciechanowski, Kristine Keil and Susan Mathew.
02-417-D-15. [Around the table from left to right: Pat Hocking, Jane Burrows, unknown, Pauline Wiebe, Ray Wiebe, unknown, unknown, Glenda Bartosh, unknown, Paul Burrows, and Ken Pope]
02-417-D-016. [From left to right: Sue Neilson, unknown, Tim [?] (chef at Araxi), Pauline Wiebe, and Ray Wiebe]

Week of October 4, 1982

Photographs including but not limited to Whistler Village; tractor; exercises; Brownies; children's activities; mountain views; Whistler Conference Centre; awards; building a boat; The Downhill Shop; Valley Inns; signs; medical clinic; Niels Petersen Band
Appears in October 7, 1982 issue:
02-301-27. Pg. 1. Caption: Whistler's Brownies rekindled the campfire spirit Oct. 4 when they gathered at Myrtle Philip School for the first meeting of the year.
02-301-121. Pg. 2. Caption: Parking problems -- is there light at the end of the tunnel?
02-301-126. Pg. 2. Caption: See caption above.
02-301-129. Pg. 2. Caption: See caption above.
02-301-6. Pg. 3. Caption: [top] Municipal crews levelled out the roller-coaster surface of the former construction campsite to ready it for winter parking. Administrator Geoff Pearce reported that the work was done at minimal cost. A decision has not yet been made as to whether the site will be used for free parking, pay parking or employee parking.
02-301-10. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom] The winning team (minus one key player -- Mick Maloney), who put together Whistler's weekly miracle, the Question, which was judged top in its class by B.C. and Yukon Community Newspapers Association Oct. 2.
02-301-72. Pg. 5. Caption: T'is the season to get sawing and chopping. These Alpine residents seem well prepared for winter's onslaught.
02-301-93. Pg. 6. Caption: [top left] Terry Rodgers, Alderman, White Gold Estates.
02-301-31. Pg. 6. Caption: [top middle] Don Biggar, Consulting Engineer, Alpine Meadows.
02-301-91. Pg. 6. Caption: [top right] June Paley, WMSC Hostess, Whistler Cay (MDC)
02-301-112. Pg. 6. Caption: [bottom left] Parts of the old ventilation system from Peter's Underground, which were removed by workmen Oct. 3.
02-301-109. Pg. 6. Caption: [bottom right] Staff member at Peter's Underground shows the newly installed pizza oven, which is part of the renovations Peter Skoros plans for the winter season.
02-301-117. Pg. 8. Caption: Members of the Niels Petersen Band. Niels Petersen (lead vocals), Connie Lebeau (base guitar), Christopher Allen (Harp) and Gary Petersen (drums) warm up an act that will be entertaining Whistlerites all winter. The band will be appearing at Tapley's and at the Brass Rail throughout the ski season.
02-301-78. Pg. 9. Caption: A crew of landlubbers helped hoist the deck onto the sleek craft which Cress Walker and Paul Clark have been building all summer long in the driveway of their Alpine Meadows home.
02-301-21. Pg. 10. Caption: Dryland downhill training -- Dave Murray takes Blackcomb and Whistler Ski club members through some of the exercises that helps limber up skiers for the season opening.
02-301-105. Pg. 12. Caption: [bottom] Dennis and Judy Waddingham display the new sign painted by Charlie Doyle, which hangs outside their store in Whistler village. Opening day will be before the mountains begin their season.
02-301-102. Pg. 16. Caption: Mac Pac Ad left Adventures West
02-301-98. Pg. 16. Caption: Mac Pac Ad Right Whistler Vale

Week of October 25, 1984

Photographs including but not limited to portraits; Paul Burrows; David Murray; Felix Belychek; Gary Athans; Glen Wurtel; Lorne Borgal; Gondola Village Construction; helicopter; mountain views; fire; firefighters; waterfall and river rapids; small airplane crash; Rotary Club; Susan Musgrave poetry reading
Appears in October 25, 1984 issue:
02-411-B-2. Pg. 1. Caption: Burning debris coming out of a chimney at this Drifter Way house started a fire that caused an estimated $50,000 damage according to Whistler's fire chief Lindsay Wilson. The blaze was reported at 9 p.m. Monday and was brought under full control within 45 minutes. At the time, no one was in the house, which belongs to Kelly Fairhurst.
02-411-A-32. Pg. 5. Caption: The Canadian National Ski Team added $2,500 towards training more World Cup Winners through funds raised at Whistler Mountain's Mouton Cadet Spring Festival this year. Dave Murray, director of skiing for Whistler Mountain, presents the cheque to (l-r) national team members Felix Belzyck, Chris Kent and Gary Athans. New men's coach Glenn Wuertele was also on hand at the Vancouver Ski Show where the cheque was presented. National team members such as Todd Brooker, Dee Dee Haight, Rob Boyd, Mike Carney, Wade Chritie, as well as Belzyck and Athans will also be at the Oct. 31 ski team benefit at Dusty's in Whistler.
02-411-C-14. Pg. 6. Caption: The water looks frozen but that's still a few weeks away. It's a long exposure that fools the eye in the photo taken Saturday on the Cheakamus River just north of the Cheakamus Canyon. But winter is coming, and on the top of nearby mountains over a metre of snow has fallen and shows no signs of melting.
02-411-B-25. Pg. 7. Caption: The Baxter Group's condole development in the gondola area is just the beginning, and planners are now deciding how work in the rest of the area will proceed.
02-411-C-11. Pg. 8. Caption: Members of the Whistler Rotary Club are raising money for their programs this fall by selling firewood. Working Saturday to fill remaining orders are, left to right: Bill Wallace, Don MacLaurin, Bob Brown, Paul Burrows, Richard Heine, Brian Brown, Sid Young and a visiting Rotarian from New Zealand.
02-411-B-19. Pg. 11. Caption: Lorne Borgal, president of Whistler Mountain Ski Corporation, introduced a slide presentation celebrating the 20th year of incorporation for the firm at the Granville Island Hotel Thursday. A reception preceded and followed the catchy slide show attended primarily by members of the ski industry in Vancouver.
02-411-C-32. Pg. 15. Caption: [right] At right, Whistler Volunteer firemen prepare to enter a burning house in Alpine Meadows Monday night. It was also a test for the fire department's new command procedure, which chief Lindsay Wilson says worked well under pressure.

Week of October 12, 1981

Photographs including but not limited to construction; dinner; log bridge; hiking; peak antennae on Sproat Mountain with Whistler and Blackcomb in the background; Stoney's; school; search and rescue helicopters; drinking; playground
Appears in October 15, 1981 issue:
02-205-31. Pg. 1. Caption: The view from the top of Sproat Mountain. Photographer John Bartosik's picture shows the ski runs of Backcomb and Whistler behind the Whistler Mountain T.V. Society transmitting antennae. A work crew was up on the mountain last week to do some routine maintenance and remove the snow and ice buildup.
02-205-56. Pg. 3. Caption: Secretary Lewis Reinders, President Diane Eby and SLRD Chairman Dan Cumming at the Whistler Ratepayers meeting.
02-205-74. Pg. 4. Caption: [top] Going up! One of the Search & Rescue helicopters lift off as the other gets ready to follow.
02-205-72. Pg. 4. Caption: [bottom] Aircraft Commanders Pete Smith and Randy Price stand beside one of Squadron 442's Labrador Search & Rescue helicopter.
02-205-107. Pg. 5. Caption: Mrs. Burrows' kindergarten class poses in their new classroom's concealed closets.
02-205-60. Pg. 6. Caption: Mrs. K. Schanderl, Mrs. Strecker and Mrs. Schnetzler display the roses they were given at Macaulay Nicolls Maitland over the weekend.
02-205-48. Pg. 7. Caption: Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Jane Burrows plays a game with members of her kindergarten class.
02-205-23. Pg. 8. Caption: Now where did we park that car? Three travellers in Lost Lake Park must decide which trail to take.
02-205-6. Pg. 10. Caption: A B.C. Hydro truck awaits the return of power before gassing up on October 7. Power was shut off for three hours while hydro energized a new line of poles necessitated by the widening of Highway 99.
02-205-114. Pg. 11. Caption: [bottom] Public Health Nurse Marilyn McIvor with Marilyn and Ryan Willoughby, Brigitte and Bruce Richters and Tangachee and Mandu Goebl.
02-205-113. Pg. 14. Caption: [top] At the mother and infants class -- Marth Heintzman Beatty and Morgan, Darlena Osborne and Darryl, Marge Fox and Kathryn, Trudel Gunther and Bianca and Karen Patrick and Morgan.
02-205-89. Pg. 14. Caption: [bottom] Susan Forrest, the new Advertising Manager for the Whistler Question and Whistler Printing.
02-205-52. Pg. 16. Caption: Cinammon Bear grazes on the fresh grass under the Skidder lift at Backcomb Mountain.
02-205-21. Pg. 18. Caption: Three young fishermen test the waters from the new bridge which links Whistler Cay trail to Alpine Meadows.
02-205-55. Pg. 19. Caption: [left] Some of the Fire Prevention Week posters painted by the Myrtle Philip school students on display in the Hearthstone building.
02-205-42. Pg. 19. Caption: [right] Bruce Fox, the new General Manager of Stoney's restaurant, Bruce comes to Whistler after 12 years in the restaurant management business in Vancouver.
02-205-61. Pg. 20. Caption: Gotcha! Unsuspecting motorist has his car towed away from no parking zone in Sunshine Plaza over the weekend.
02-205-44. Pg. 21. Caption: [top] Paddling anyone! The scene in Busdon's front yard last week when Alta Lake rose due to seven days of heavy rain.
02-205-9. Pg. 21. Caption: [bottom] Brian McIntosh takes over Whistler GBS operation.
02-205-64. Pg. 24. Caption: Four players enjoy a game of Hi Ball in the Village Square on Monday, October 12.
02-205-101. [Children in their coats in a line. Michael Wood is the blonde boy leaning forward in the centre]

Week of November 29, 1982

Photographs including but not limited to Granny's Food Emporium; evening event; drinking; cars; swimming nude; skiing; chairlift; Blackcomb Mountain; school bus; Sandy Boyd; Hugh Smyth; Pat Carleton; Sid Young; Dr. Christine Rodgers; Peter Alder; Pat Carleton's goodbye party; Mark Angus's victory party
Appears in December 2, 1982 issue:
02-291-23. Pg. 1. Caption: A dozen of the finest roses is presented to Kay Carleton, the woman behind the man during Pat Carleton's seven-year term as Whistler's mayor. One of the municipality;s first aldermen, Garry Watson, presented the gift to Mrs. Carleton during a surprise party held at the Delta Mountain Inn Nov. 29 for the retiring mayor.
02-291-75. Pg. 2. Caption: Ahoy there mate! Nov. 27 was moving day for the sailboat being built by Cress Walker and Paul Clark in Alpine Meadows. Her maiden voyage took her to a new berth in Whistler's Industrial Park.
02-291-133. Pg. 3. Caption: [top] Whistler's newest citizens join their moms for a well-baby clinic with Public Health Nurse Marilyn McIvor. From left to right in the front row are Brock Crofton and mom Evan, Jaclyn and Suzi McCance, Andrew and Lee Bennett and Alexandra and Donna Liakakos. Behind are Robin and Tam Sin Miller, Marilyn McIvor and Trevor and Jean Dally.
02-291-8. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom] Superset for a super skier. Blackcomb's Hugh Smythe sits in 'the chair' at the Downhill Shop while skithodics expert John Colitis fits him out with a pair of Superset footbeds.
02-291-28. Pg. 5. Caption: Mayor Pat Carleton modestly enjoys a rousing round of applause at his surprise good-bye party Monday, Nov. 28 at Stumps lounge.
02-291-123. Pg. 5. Caption: Jensen Automotive Ad
02-291-86. Pg. 6. Caption: Diane Smith, left and Karen Benoit smile from their ticket wickets where they offer new two-mountain passes for $20/day. Youth can ski both mountains for $15/day and children for $5. These tickets are also available in two, three and five-day packages.
02-291-131. Pg. 8. Caption: Rosaire Gauthier and Pascal Tiphine, proprietors of Sundial Restaurant, indulged friends and patrons with their French style of hospitality at the opening of their restaurant Tuesday, Nov. 23.
02-291-142. Pg. 9. Caption: The latest in top-of-the-head fashions is modelled here by the illustrious John Pope, general manager, of Delta Mountain Inn, who will soon be leaving these snowy mountains for hill of Toronto. Pope was one of the many fans attending the opening of Beau's Restaurant Wednesday, Nov. 24.
02-291-136. Pg. 11. Caption: Betty Jarvis greets visitors Rich, Robin and Tam Sin Miller to the opening of Beau's Restaurant Wednesday, Nov. 24.
02-291-82. Pg. 14. Caption: [left] Claire Kinglet, Part Owner -- Going Nuts, Whistler Cay.
02-291-78. Pg. 14. Caption: [middle] Pat Parker, Bartender -- Stoney's, Adventures West.
02-291-81. Pg. 14. Caption: [right] Greg Carlberg, Manager -- Carlberg's, West Side Road.
02-291-104. Pg. 16. Caption: [top] What's new in ski wear this season? Whistle rites got a chance to find out Nov. 26 at the Winter What to Wear fashion show, held at Delta Mountain Inn. Above Andrea Maw and Nigel Woods -- a dazzling duo --- show off the latest show in winter wear, while below Kelly Maxwell preps star of the show, Feona Maxwell to display what's in the younger set.
02-291-92. Pg. 16. Caption: [bottom] See caption above.

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