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Whistler's Finest Pensions Pamphlet

Pamphlet titled "Whistler's Finest Pensions" published by the British Columbia Registered Pensions (B&B) Association, advertising accommodation approved by Tourism British Columbia for the 1987-1987 season. The pamphlet includes advertisements and rates for Haus Heidi (in Nesters), Chalet Luise (in White Gold), Bridge House (in Alpine), Alpine Lodge (in Alpine), and Pension Edelweiss (in White Gold).

Whistler Area Information Office

Documents collected and created by Sonya McCarthy through her work at the Whistler Area Information Office, including pamphlets, booklets, correspondence, business cards, and other promotional items.

Week of September 7, 1981

Photographs including but not limited to Whistler Village; construction; rollerskating; water aerials at Alta Lake; gondola; Whistler Mountain; Alpine Lodge
Appears in September 10, 1981 issue:
02-212-71. Pg. 1. Caption: Garibaldi Lodge Owner Ian Barnet (left) and Alpine Lodge owner Doug McDonald stand between the government sign and some of their own at the resident's protest on September 12.
02-212-53. Pg. 3. Caption: B.C. Hydro crew getting all wired up moving power poles and lines back 50 feet from Highway99. Arrow indicates original poles off to the left.
02-212-41. Pg. 4. Caption: Workmen take a walk across the Bailey bridge which will detour traffic across the River of Golden Dreams while work goes
02-212-33. Pg. 6. Caption: Skier coming off the 4 metre ramp at Lost Lake demonstrates his walking-on-water technique for an appreciative audience.
02-212-63. Pg. 8. Caption: Everybody nearly went nuts during the opening of Whistler's newest confectionary -- Going Nuts, on Saturday, September 5. With such delectable as Armenian Baklava, Belgian chocolate and Jelly-Bellies, who wouldn't go a little you-know-what?
02-212-64. Pg. 9. Caption: [top] Whistler's newest policeman. RCMP Constable Dan Gadabout who is replacing Constable Fred Pinnock.
02-212-63. Pg. 9. Caption: [bottom] The sign on the front of this wagon says PRESS -- and obviously someone did just that, resulting in a crumpled front end.
02-212-38. Pg. 20. Caption: No... Sno Blo Enterprises is not digging up bargains at the ski sale. Work is underway on the new 13 x 40 foot expansion of Beau's holding bar, scheduled for completion in early November. Until then, the restaurant will be closed.
02-212-34. Pg. [24]. Caption: Competitor exhibits fine form off the Lost Lake Air Ramp at the Championships held on Sunday, September 6.

Week of March 31, 1981

Photographs including but not limited to construction; Olga Tomlinson; Alpine Lodge; school show; freestyle skiing; dinner; drinking; hot tub; swimming pool; school activities
Appears in April 2, 1981 issue:
02-136-63. Pg. 1. Caption: Between the storm and the skiers! Whistler's Harmony Bowl after a new storm last week.
02-136-36. Pg. 3. Caption: [top] Tongue in cheek signs at Garibaldi -- Alpine Lodge signs Northbound (top)
02-136-38. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom] [...] and Southbound.
02-136-13. Pg. 6. Caption: At the party -- Anne Cassidy, Mike Collins, Jani Sutherland and Shelley Wilson.
02-136-16. Pg. 8. Caption: The Resort Centre gears up for the summer -- complete with H. Haebler's sign on it.
02-136-44. Pg. 9. Caption: The 90 members of the Squamish Youth Chorale as they performed 'The Witness' at the Myrtle Philip School.
02-136-53. Pg. 13. Caption: [top] Dave Wallin in flight off the Blackcomb jump.
02-136-49. Pg. 13. Caption: [middle] A competitor exhibits fine style doing a spread-eagle during the freestyle aerials.
02-136-5. Pg. 13. Caption: [bottom] Grand Prix & overall Sr. Men's winner Dave Phillips gets his 'award' from Lee Parsons representing the CSA.
02-136-18. Pg. 15. Caption: [top] The first pour of the Mountain Inn slabs that was done on March 30.
02-136-22. Pg. 15. Caption: [bottom] Stevenson's Mountain Inn crew take a break -- (from left to rear) Al Frumento (foreman), Dave Nickerson, Angelo Formolo (foreman), Sisto Marini, Don Shaw, Angelo Scopazzo and Gerhard Klein (superintendent). Seated are Marcel Richoz and Jim Crichton.
02-136-57. Pg. 16. Caption: Candy Rustad is presented with a giant birthday cake at her recent birthday party.
02-136-56. Pg. 17. Caption: CGOT officials and Resort Association members enjoy a dinner in the Hunting Room at Stoney's.
02-136-88. Pg. 18. Caption: Loader gets stuck last week after attempting some tree farming in the Garibaldi Building Supplies yard!
02-136-54. Pg. [20]. Caption: More air! One of the jumpers at the Canadian Freestyle competition on Blackcomb last weekend. (Story on page 13).

Week of June 2, 1980

Photographs including but not limited to town planning; Singing Pass Trail; logging; car accidents; music; band; Myrtle Philip and baby; dancing
Appears in June 5, 1980 issue:
02-112-13,14. Pg. 1. Caption: [top left and right] The area affected by the Order in Council. Insets show two of the lodges that may be expropriated; Alpine Lodge (left) and Garibaldi Lodge (right).
02-112-9. Pg. 1. Caption: [bottom] Lower photo a lowered Daisy Lake reservoir with the Rubble Creek Valley leading to the Barrier in the background.
02-112-80. Pg. 2. Caption: Heather Muir and Morag Marshall with 'Safety Bear' Hansen at the school.
02-112-28. Pg. 3. Caption: [top] Logging truck and cargo lies strewn along the highway...
02-112-36. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom] after sliding over 150 yards around a corner only 1/2 mile south of the Gondola area.
02-112-25. Pg. 4. Caption: A crew of workers prepares the Blackcomb access bridge over Fitzsimmons Creek.
02-112-61. Pg. 7. Caption: [top] (left to right) Kelly Fairhurst, Carol Fairhurst, Dick Fairhurst and Sue Theissen at Pemberton High School graduation celebrations.
02-112-56. Pg. 7. Caption: [bottom] Mayor Carleton addresses the Pemberton HIgh School graduates while principal Mike Dennison and Pemberton Mayor Shirley Henry listen in the background.
02-112-112. Pg. 8. Caption: Doug McDonald of Garibaldi (centre) discusses the Barrier report with SLRD chairman Dan Cumming while GRA vice-president Nelson Bastien looks on.
02-112-50. Pg. 9. Caption: Big office -- small desk! Blackcomb's accountant Larry Osborne sits behind his temporary desk in a deserted Blackcomb trailer.
02-112-69. Pg. 10. Caption: [bottom] Whistler Parlour Group ... (left) Beth Pipe, Diane Smith, Candy Rustad, Brenda Dunbar and Pat Beauregard.
02-112-93. Pg. 10. Caption: [top] Whistler Parlour Group.
02-112-19. Pg. 13. Caption: The trailer camp now in place in front of the Public Safety Building near the Town Centre.
02-112-86. Pg. 16. Caption: [left] Myrle Philip, the valley's long-time resident, met Dana Parker-McLain, one of the valley's newest at the Community Club's Potluck dinner.
02-112-21. Pg. 16. Caption: [right] Construction worker clambers over Resort Centre foundation preparations. As the building rises from the ground it will hide the rest of the Town Centre from the view of motorists on Highway 99.

Ski Whistler Pamphlet

A Ski Whistler pamphlet from 1970. The front panel has the Ski Whistler logo and a photograph of skiers riding a chairlift. The back panels contain a Whistler accommodation guide, a listing of dining facilities, a map of how to get to Whistler and instructions for access via road, rail, ship, air, bus and car rental services. An inside spread is a map of Whistler Mountain's ski runs which indicates the difficulty of each run. In the middle of the pamphlet is a large Ski Whistler spread that gives an overview of Whistler Mountain's ski facilities and village amenities, and 12 photos of skiers and locations on the mountain.


5 group portraits of the 'Alive' fitness club (from Vancouver), and the Forbes at Alpine Lodge, other cabins, Black Tusk Village, and Garibaldi Station between 1945 and 1979.


Photographs including but not limited to Whistler Mountain; Blackcomb Mountain; Whistler Village development; skiers; portraits; golfing; Alta Lake Community Club; logging; cycling; running; baseball; soccerMyrtle Philip; Toni Sailer; Matt White; Mark Angus; Dave Murray; Miss Pemberton Princess Parade; lakes; rivers; Creekside; Town Centre Construction; Great Earth Snow Water Race; Construction; Roundhouse; Pierre Elliott Trudeau; Grouse Mountain Vancouver; freestyle skiing; World Cup of Downhill; Skiing; Podborski; Weasel Workers; Winterhawks Hockey Team; Slush Cup; Rotary Club; Myrtle Philip Elementary School Christmas Party; Gondola Barn; Alpine Building Whistler Mountain; South Face of Whistler Mountain; roads; Lift Evacuation Practice; car accidents; Schmuck Pictures; Fashion Show Ski; Ski Swap; Garibaldi Building Supplies; Mayor Pat Carleton; windsurfing; Alta Lake; kayaking; Lift Installation - Whistler Mountain; Eldon Beck; Slalom Pro Race; Myrtle Philip School; running; town planning; firemen; Jim McConkey; Motor Racing; Curling; Fire Hall; Cross-Country Skiing; Whistler Creek Lodge; Snowblowers; Karate; Basketball Team; Cheerleaders; Ski Racing; Bill Vandersam; Gary Watson; Pat Carleton; Green Chair; Green Lake; Seaplane; Halloween; Church on the Mountain; Nairn Falls; Town planning and construction of Whistler; Windsurfing; Squamish Loggers' Day; Wayside Park; Bikers; Brandywine Falls; Cheakamus Challenge; Lorne Borgal; weddings; Half Marathon; Fall Festival; Midsummer Festival; car accidents; snowmen; Myrtle Philip Elementary School; Highway 99; pub; Don MacLaurin; Sid Young; Paul Burrows; Gary Athans; Alpine Meadows; Nordic; Creekside; Pemberton; Rotary Club; pub nights; drinking; musicians playing; Christmas; Halloween; Easter

Garibaldi Park booklet

Booklet from January 1960 by the Department of Recreation & Conservation on Garibaldi Park with information - split into northern and southern Garibaldi - on its history, specific areas (Black Tusk Meadows and Diamond Head Chalet), seasonal weather, attractions, camping information, terrain, wildlife, access, and use.

Garibaldi Park booklet

Booklet from September 1960 by the Department of Recreation & Conservation on Garibaldi Park with information - split into northern and southern Garibaldi - on its history, Black Tusk Meadows, Diamond Head Chalet, accommodation, seasonal weather, attractions, camping information, terrain, wildlife, access, and use.

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