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Bruce, Jeanette

  • CA-NL-BJ001
  • Pessoa
  • 1987-

Jeanette Bruce is a librarian/program coordinator at the Whistler Public Library. Originally from St. John's, she studied Marine Biology at Memorial University before moving to the West coast of Canada to pursue Masters work at Simon Fraser University. Upon moving to Whistler, she began working at Armchair Books before becoming Program Coordinator at the Whistler Public Library. She is the conductor of the Whistler Children's Chorus, and began a roll and roll choir called Barbed Choir, which sings popular songs from many decades.


Brundage, Avery

  • US-MI-BA001
  • Pessoa
  • September 28, 1887 - May 8, 1975

Avery Brundage was the fifth President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), from 1952 to 1972. The only American to attain that position, Brundage is remembered as a zealous advocate of amateurism and for his involvement with the 1936 and 1972 Summer Olympics, both held in Germany. Brundage was born in Detroit, MI on September 28, 1887 to a working-class family. When he was five years old, his father moved his family to Chicago and subsequently abandoned his wife and children. Raised mostly by relatives, Brundage attended the University of Illinois to study engineering and became a track star. He competed in the 1912 Summer Olympics, where he participated in the pentathlon and decathlon, but did not win any medals. He won national championships in track three times between 1914 and 1918 and founded his own construction business. He earned his wealth from this company and from investments, and never accepted pay for his involvement in sports.

Following his retirement from athletics, Brundage became a sports administrator and rose rapidly through the ranks in United States sports groups. As leader of America's Olympic organizations, he fought zealously against a boycott of the 1936 Summer Olympics, which had been awarded to Germany before the rise of the Nazi regime and its subsequent, escalating persecution of Jews. Brundage successfully prevented a US boycott of the Games, and he was elected to the IOC that year. He quickly became a major figure in the Olympic movement and was elected IOC president in 1952. As President of the American Olympic Committee, Brundage fought strongly for amateurism and against the commercialization of the Olympic Games, even as these stands increasingly came to be seen as incongruous with the realities of modern sports. The 1972 Summer Olympics at Munich, West Germany were his final Games as president of the IOC. The event was marred by tragedy and controversy when eleven Israeli team members were murdered by Palestinian terrorists. At the memorial service, Brundage decried the politicization of sports and refused to cancel the remainder of the Olympics, declaring "the Games must go on." Although those in attendance applauded Brundage's statement, his decision to continue the Games has since been harshly criticized, and his actions in 1936 and 1972 sometimes seen as evidence of anti-Semitism. In retirement, Brundage married his second wife, a German princess. He died on May 8, 1975 at age 87.

Brown, Ross C.

  • CA-BC-BRC001
  • Pessoa
  • [fl. 1960s-]

Ross C. Brown was a chairperson for School District No. 39 in Vancouver and a board member for the Garibaldi Olympic Development Association (GODA) in the 1960s.

Brown, Fred B.

  • CA-BC-BFB001
  • Pessoa
  • [fl. 1940s-1960s?]

Fred B. Brown was an Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel of the 43rd Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, RCA 1949 and board member of the Garibaldi Olympic Development Association (GODA).

Brown, Buda Hosmer

  • US-WA-BBH001
  • Pessoa
  • June 10, 1894 - August 12, 1962

Buda Hosmer Brown was a Social Credit Party politician representing Vancouver-Point Grey in the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia. She was born Buda Hosmer Jenkins on June 10, 1894 in Bellingham, WA to William D. Jenkins. She served eight years as a Vancouver Parks commissioner and married Donald Cameron Brown. Brown ran unsuccessfully as a Progressive Conservative candidate in the federal riding of Vancouver—Burrard in 1953 before being elected to the provincial assembly as a member of the Social Credit Party. Brown served in the provincial cabinet as minister without portfolio. She died in office at the age of 68.

Broadbent, Joseph F.

  • CA-BC-BJF001
  • Pessoa
  • [fl. 1960s-]

Joseph F. Broadbent was a board member of the Garibaldi Olympic Development Association (GODA) in the 1960s in support of the effort to have the Garibaldi area bid to host the 1968 Winter Olympic Games.

Britton, Frank

  • CA-BC-BF009
  • Pessoa
  • [fl. 1960s-]
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