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Croton Studio

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  • 1947 - no end date available

Croton Studio was a commercial photography firm located in New Westminster and Burnaby, and the official municipal photographer for New Westminster. They had a variety of clients including CKNW Radio, the Finning Tractor Company and the Vancouver Sun Newspaper.

The publication "Guide to Canadian Photographic Archives" (published 1984) lists the studio as starting business in 1947, but provides no end date, or owner name. In the 1961 and 1969 directories, Croton Studios is listed as Croton Studios (D F Le Blanc), indicating that Le Blanc operated/owned the studio at that time. In the 1969 directory, Le Blanc is listed as the proprietor and this carries through until the 1973 directory when Robert Dibble is listed as the owner. Dibble was the owner of the studio until his death in 1979.


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Harrop, Agnes

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In the early 1920's Bert Harrop and his wife Agnes began to search for property along Alta Lake, eventually purchasing a point of land south of Rainbow Lodge. Bert, who was a cabinet maker by trade, built a tea room with a large porch that projected out over the water. Harrop's Tea Room became a community gathering point as well as a tourist attraction for many years. His wife, Agnes, told fortunes by reading tea leaves and Bert added a cottage available for rent as well as a workshop in which he built furniture.

Newall, David

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  • fl. 1920s

Owner of a lodge in Canim Lake

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