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Bush, Michelle

  • CA-BC-BM029
  • Persona
  • fl. 1987-2018

Michelle Bush is a longtime figure in the Whistler arts scene, having worked as a stand-up comedian, actress, writer, columnist, filmmaker, producer, retailer, playwright, performance artist, chef, decorator, event organizer, impresario, bartender, village host, and food van driver. She is also known for founding the Association of Whistler Area Residents for the Environment (AWARE) in 1988.

Her performances include "By The Time Cupid Got To Whistler He Was Drunk," "Scrooge Was Right!" and "Maxine and Blair's High School Reunion."

Butler, Todd

  • CA-BC-BT012
  • Persona
  • fl. 1993-2017

Todd Butler is a musician, songwriter and comedian with over 20 years of experience in musical theatre, comedy clubs, street performance, and special events. He is the head of the Butler Brothers Band, formerly known as the Todd Butler Band, whose diverse musical style includes blues, bluegrass, country swing, funk, R+B, and reggae. They performed at the Whistler Country and Blues Festival at least three times.