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Bishop, Bob

  • CA-BC-BB013
  • Pessoa
  • fl. 1975-2009

Bob Bishop was originally from Squamish. He developed Whistler Cay, Whistler Cay Heights, and the first Whistler golf course. He was elected to the first RMOW Council in 1975. Married to Eleanor, he fathered four children. Bob was a founding member of the Squamish Rotary Club, acting as its first president. He later moved to Kelowna and died in 2009.

Watson, Garry

  • fl. 1975-2011

Member of the first Council of the Resort Municipality of Whistler.

"For forty years, Garry Watson has been an integral part of Whistler's community. He is a man whose efforts have enhanced the experience of Whistler as a place to play, and a place to reside. Considered a founding father of Whistler, Garry Watson served three terms as a councilor, as well as on the Board of the Squamish - Lillooet Regional District, the Whistler Health Care Foundation, the Community Foundation of Whistler, the Board of Variance and the recent School Tax Initiative. Garry has been part of every Whistler Olympic bid committee since 1961. Garry continues to serve with energy and distinction for positive change in the resort community of Whistler."<sup>1</sup>

Tapley, J.P.

  • Pessoa
  • fl. 1919

Lobb, Jim

  • Pessoa
  • fl. 1925

Jim Lobb was at Rainbow Lodge for his health -- winter season, 1925

Gorrie, Angus

  • Pessoa
  • [1890 - 24 Aug 1960]<sup>4</sup>

Originally from Scotland, Angus Gorrie ran a small business selling items like chocolate, icecream and home brew. He lived at the northernmost part of Green Lake.<sup>1</sup>

Bob Williamson remembers "It was more of a summer place for him there, he came up fishing, he was up there a lot in the winter time. I used to meet him up on the railway track on skis when I was coming along there but he was a kind of a loner he never was much around people...I don't know what his job was in Vancouver, he was a Scotsman and he used to come dressed, not in a kilt but in the tam o'shanters and all that kind of stuff. I think maybe like the rest of us a up there he was a bit eccentric."<sup>2</p>

Jenny Jardine remembers "[He] lived at Green Lake across from Parkhurst in a huge building full of second hand articles sent up for safe keeping from his brother at Hawkins and Gorrie Auctioneers of Vancouver. Angus had been a prisoner of war in 1914 for a number of years and was forced labour in Austrian salt mine, he used to visit me when I lived at Parkhurst one winter - he was a bit disturbed."<sup>3</sup>

Gordon, Lena

  • fl. 1935

Helena, known as "Lena" was the wife of George who worked at Parkhurst Mill. She used to paint and she also did several paintings on fungus.

Payne, Alan

  • fl. 1935

Alan worked at Parkhurst, he had a slightly senior position such as sawyer or the planer man. He worked at Parkhurst for "quite a while".

Barr, Gladys

  • CA-BC-BG002
  • Pessoa
  • fl. 1936

Gladys Barr lived with her family on the shores of Green Lake, in the former logging town, Parkhurst.

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