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Smith, Jan

  • Pessoa
  • fl. 1976

Jones, Russ

  • Pessoa
  • fl. 1920s

Rainbow Lodge guest

Harrop, Bert

  • Pessoa

In the early 1920's Bert Harrop and his wife Agnes began to search for property along Alta Lake, eventually purchasing a point of land south of Rainbow Lodge. Bert, who was a cabinet maker by trade, built a tea room with a large porch that projected out over the water. Harrop's Tea Room became a community gathering point as well as a tourist attraction for many years. His wife, Agnes, told fortunes by reading tea leaves and Bert added a cottage available for rent as well as a workshop in which he built furniture.

West, John

  • Pessoa

LeBourdais, Louis

  • Pessoa
  • fl. 1940

Writer and MP

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