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Accola, Paul

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  • February 20, 1967 -

Paul Accola is a Swiss former professional alpine skier. He came in first in the overall World Cup in 1992, and won a total of four medals at the Winter Olympics and World Championships in the combined event. By the end of his career, he won seven World Cup victories and was on the podium 26 times, the last time being in 2000. In 2002, Accola suffered a serious ankle injury, breaking both of his talus bones. In February 2005, on his 38th birthday, Accola announced that he would retire from alpine skiing after nearly two decades in the sport.

Achenbach, Ken

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  • 1960s

Ken Achenbach is widely considered as one of the forefathers of snowboarding. He grew up skateboarding and riding BMX, eventually turning attentions to the young sport of snowboarding. In the early 1980s, as a 16-year-old, he founded The Snoboard Shop in Calgary, Alberta, the first snowboard retail space in Canada. In the 1980s he rode for Barfoot, helping design the first twin tip snowboard along with Neil Daffern. He was a key contributor to International Snowboard Magazine (ISM), the world's first snowboarding magazine, and inspired the younger Whistler rider Devun Walsh. Along with others, he played a central role in establishing an organization providing qualifications to teach snowboarding, the Canadian Snowboard Instructors Alliance, first given the opportunity to teach at Sunshine Village resort in Alberta, then Lake Louise, then Norquay. Achenbach ran Camp of Champions on the Blackcomb Glacier in Whistler for 25 years, its last season being 2017. Camp of Champions graduates have nearly swept the podiums at the X-Games and each Winter Olympics since freestyle snowboarding was brought in as a sport. He also runs Powder Mountain Cat Skiing in Whistler.

Ackery, Ivan

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  • October 30, 1899 - October 29, 1989

Ivan Ackery was born Ivor Frederick Wilson Ackery in Bristol, England in 1899. He attended the Duke of York Military School in Dover, before leaving school at 14 to go to work. On October 14th, 1914, he left Liverpool to make the journey to Canada, which was sponsored by his mother, who had already been living in Canada for several years.

A year after arriving and working as an elevator operator and bellboy at the Grosvenor Hotel, he went into the Vancouver Army Recruiting office and lied about his age. He was accepted as a recruit for the 102nd Canadian Expeditionary Forces Battalion on Christmas Eve, 1915. However, he was discharged less than a year later when his age was discovered, on September 18, 1916.

He returned to Vancouver and to work as an elevator operator at the Hudson's Bay Store, although this only lasted a few short months. On November 29th, he enlisted a second time, and got away with lying about his age. He joined up with the 143rd Battalion, and proceeded to fight at Vimy Ridge. One of the lucky ones who returned, Ivan came back to Canada in July, 1919.

After a number of other odd jobs in Vancouver, Ivan began working as an Usher at the Capitol Theatre in Calgary, a new theatre that had been opened by Famous Players. He managed several theatres in Vancouver and Victoria before he became the manager of the Orpheum Theatre in 1935, where he continued to work until his forced retirement at age 65.

Ivan was a friend of Alex Philip's, and spent a great deal of time visiting Rainbow Lodge. A small article in "Box Office" from September 7th, 1940 mentions that Ivan had just returned from his favourite vacation spot, Rainbow Lodge. His friendship with Alex is evidenced in the fact that in 1933 Canada's first "talkie," based on Alex's novel "The Crimson Paradise," enjoyed a debut run at the Capitol Theatre in Victoria due to Ivan's promotional efforts.

Ackhurst Consulting

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  • fl. 1960s-present

Ackhurst Consulting is a consulting firm run by Peter Ackhurst. With a background in forestry and environmental management Ackhurst Consulting has been credited on many projects in Whistler, including the Whistler Interpretive Forest/Cheakamus Community Forest.

Ackhurst, Jill

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  • 1946 - December 27, 2003

Jill Ackhurst was Chair of Whistler Community Services and an active Rotarian. She worked on tobacco reduction programs, Indigenous health care initiatives, and issues affecting youth. Together with her husband, Peter, she planned a home for street children in Tanzania. Jill is the founder of Welcome Week festivities in order to introduce seasonal workers to the community. Jill had an idea to create a “welcome to the community” dinner for the new workers that arrive in town each November. The “Jill Ackhurst Welcome Dinner” mixes newcomers with locals and has become an annual tradition in Whistler and has grown into Welcome Week. Jill died of cancer at age 57, on December 27, 2003. The Jill Ackhurst Social Action Fund at the Community Foundation of Whistler was created in her memory.

Ackhurst, Peter

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  • [1940s?]-

Peter Ackhurst grew up in Beaconsfield, QC and moved to Vancouver to attend UBC. His wife, Jill, passed away from cancer in 2003. He later became the Chairman of the Cheakamus Community Forest in Whistler. He is a member of the Rotary Club of Whistler and through the organization, is involved with community development projects in African nations.

Acton, Lise-Marie

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  • [c. 1970-1980s?]-

Lise-Marie Acton came from a skiing family and grew up in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. She participated in ski racing along with her sister and two-time Olympian, Brigitte Acton. She works as a doctor in Canmore, Alberta.

Adachi, Futa

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  • November 1, 1982-

Futa Adachi is a professional Japanese snowboarder that is known for his appearances in the Heart snowboarding films.

Adam, Neil

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  • fl. 1950s

Neil Adam participated in hiking trips in Washington in the 1950s, along with Dick Chambers.

Adams, Bob

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  • [1950s?]-

Bob Adams met his Australian wife, Sue, in 1967 while he was working in social work and she as an occupational therapist. They purchased The Grocery Store in Whistler Village in 1988. They sold the business to one of their long-time employees, Mike Groot, in 2016. They also opened the Upper Village Market, Pemberton Valley Supermarket, and later Delish Cafe and Catering in Function Junction. Bob and Sue won Business Person of the Year for their small business efforts. Bob has been president and director of the Whistler Chamber of Commerce, chair and director of Community Futures, co-chair of the Leadership Sea to Sky program, director and life member of the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers, and a fixture at almost every public meeting held to discuss the future of some aspect of Whistler.

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