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Winlow, Fred

  • Pessoa
  • fl. 1940

Inspector of Fisheries

Kent, Brian

  • Pessoa

McConkey, Jim

  • Pessoa
  • 12 Jun. 1926 -

Jim McConkey was once described by the legendary Austrian skier, Ernst Hinterseer, as the "Best all-round skier in the world." There is no doubt that he was one of the first of the "extreme skiers" honing his considerable skills in the 1960s.

Frank, Leonard

  • Pessoa
  • b. 3 July, 1870, Berne, Germany d. 23 February, 1944, Vancouver, Canada

Son of one of Germany's earliest professional photographers, Leonard Frank was born in Berne, Germany in 1870. In 1892 he was struck with gold fever and emigrated to San Francisco, moving to Alberni on Vancouver Island two years later intending to prospect for gold. Frank never discovered gold, but by chance won a raffle prize of a camera which sparked his lifelong passion. While managing a general store and continuing to prospect, Frank took pictures of the surrounding country until photography became his chosen profession.

In 1917, Frank moved to Vancouver and quickly became the leading commercial / industrial photographer in the city. Frank 's photographs form a unique document of Vancouver and British Columbia's history between the wars. Whether in woods, shooting the activities of the lumber industry, or on Vancouver's waterfront, recording the contents of warehouses, Frank invariably managed to produce photographs which not only included the required factual information, but also the most exquisite natural light effects. He was frequently commissioned to photograph for both the provincial and federal governments, as well as being the official photographer for the Vancouver Board of Trade. Frank was an associate member of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain, the first in Vancouver to receive the coveted award.

After Frank's death, his photographic studio was purchased by Otto Landauer.

Baervoets, Guy

  • CA-BC-BG001
  • Pessoa
  • 1936-1990 fl. 1971

Guy Baervoets was known as one of the best Canadian ski instructors from the Laurentian mountains, in Quebec. He began his ski career at Gray Rocks resort in the Laurentians alongside the famous skier, Réal Charette. Baervoets moved to Whistler, BC to become vice-director of the Garibaldi Ski School. He was inducted to the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame posthumously in 2004.

Forst, Alex

  • Pessoa

Trudeau, Margaret

  • Pessoa
  • 10 Sep. 1948 -

Born Margaret Joan Sinclair, Margaret Trudeau is the former wife of the late Pierre Trudeau. She was born in Vancouver, British Columbia to Doris Kathleen and James Sinclair, who was a former Liberal member of the Parliament of Canada, and worked as Minister of Fisheries and Oceans.

She attended Simon Fraser University (SFU), where she pursued studies in English Literature. When she was eighteen and vacationing in Hawaii she met Pierre, who was then Minister of Justice. He was taken with her, and began to pursue her.

After being elected Prime Minister in 1968, he astonished the county by marrying Margaret on March 4th, 1971, when she was only twenty-two years old. She converted to Roman Catholicism since Pierre was a Catholic. The couple proceeded to have three children: Justin, Alexandre and Michel.

Due to Pierre's constant work-related absences, their marriage began to deteriorate, and Margaret separated from Pierre in 1977. They officially divorced in 1984, and shortly after Margaret went on to marry Ottawa real-estate developer Fred Kemper, with whom she had two more children: Kyle and Alicia.

In 1998, her youngest son by Pierre, Michel, was killed in an avalanche at Kokanee Lake. Margaret suffered a mental breakdown which led to her second divorce. In 2000, when Pierre passed away, Margaret was at his bedside.

In 2006, Margaret announced that she suffers from Bipolar Disorder and that she will write a book on the subject, to be published in 2010.

Lorimer, Hugh

  • Pessoa
  • fl. 1916

Hugh Lorimer had a cabin between Alta and Green Lakes where he hired out packhorses to trappers, prospectors and hunting parties.

Baird, Janet

  • CA-BC-BJ002
  • Pessoa
  • fl. 1971-1974

Janet Baird was a friend of Myrtle Philip, active in Whistler during the 1970s. She was a part of Supper's Ready Kitchen Service.

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